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Hey! just wondered how your Christmas schedule looks? I dont have a Christmas this year. It totally isnt fair! My NM has me working Dec. 23,24,25. I am transferring to O.B. soon, so i guess i will... Read More

  1. by   mamabear
    First of all, I have to work (midnights) November 27th through December 1, so that's it for Thanksgiving. The head nurse took it upon herself to decide who worked which holidays: no requests for time off were honored.
    As for Christmas, I'm working (midnights) December 23rd, December 25th and December 27th. I don't know about the rest of you night nurses, but I'd rather work 6 or 7 in a row than have one on, one off, etc. It plays havoc with my aging body, and I can't sleep worth a damn.
  2. by   Harleyhead
    I will work 3-11 Thanksgiving and Christmas day because those are the only Holidays recognized and the only ones we are paid for. But you only get paid if you work.Only payroll gets all of the holidays as the post office and banks.Sorry I am a little sour about holidays.
  3. by   deespoohbear
    After reading all these replies, I guess we have it pretty decent at our hospital. We take turns working the holidays, does not depend on seniority. I have Thanksgiving off, so I work Christmas. We don't have to work both Christmas eve and Christmas day. If you work one, you get the other off. I have to work New Year's eve 3-11, but that is no big deal since we never do anything on New Year's anyway. I have tomorrow off (thanks to some nice co-workers who wanted to pick up hours) and don't have to be back to work until Monday. Leaving for my parents' tomorrow around noon and staying for the weekend. I am excited.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone....!!!!!
    Actually I'm very upset that I have to work all day on Thanksgiving and will miss dinner with my MIL.


  5. by   slinkeecat
    heather... you are so funny!!!! I work Turkey day and then I am off for Xmas 24th thru jan 1!!! I guess I suck too!!!! But Then I worked all holidays last year!!!! It does even out...
  6. by   lisamct
    We work 8 hr shifts and Im rota'd on right through from the 21st -27th working 2-10 on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. After the 27th I dont go back till the 3rd though so I suppose that kinda makes up for it.
  7. by   flowerchild
    3rd Shift Guy, I think you are awesome! How nice of you to volunteer to work the holidays so that the other nurses that have children can be with them on the holidays. You are my hero!

    I have worked my share of holidays in the past.
    This year, NONE! My clinic is also closed for the holidays!
  8. by   AmAnRN
    well, i think i am getting off Christmas day thanks to someone who wanted more hours and she said they do all their celebrating on christmas eve. but the only thing with that is that will prob. push my last day down there to either thurs. or fri . oh well. i guess i can be happy someone is nice enough to work my Christmas!
  9. by   JBudd
    We sign up for which of the holidays is our highest priority, and generally get at least the top one off. If you had to work a paricular one last year, you get first shot at having it off this year. Go Union contract!
  10. by   JBudd
    um, sorry, that's "particular"
  11. by   NativeButterfly
    We are also union here. However, we have a favorite nurse on our small peds unit and she gets all the holidays, at least for the past four years, off. She feels that she is entitled since she has children and most of us do not. The NM has allowed that. So, we get a new NM this year and I will be danged if it did not occur again!!! I asked my NM why-since she did not work last year and most of us worked two holidays-she told me she did not know how that happened. EXCUSE ME...Did you not make up the schedule. That was blown off. Anyway...sorry to vent about unfair schedules. I did at least get Christmas--about twelve days off!!!! I am counting them down too!!!
  12. by   extremebean
    in my dept we work every other holiday (those being= new year, memorial day, july 4, labor day, thanksgiving, christmas). it alternates each year (if you worked july 4, 2002 you're off july 4, 2003, ect.) it is an excellent system-IMHO. i was on thanksgiving, so will be off christmas day, then work new year's day. applying to christmas and new year= if you work the day, you're off the eve and vice-versa. also, on holidays you are given the option of working only 8h of your usual 12h shift- but it is at the final approval of the coordinator if you do the first or last 8h. sounds complicated, maybe, but keeps the majority happy d/t consistency,fairness.......
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  13. by   dstout-rn
    I got all the holidays off this year! I have newborn twins to take care of, BUT hey I'm off!!!