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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone here is a member of this nursing organization? If you are, I would love to know more about it and what has your experience with them been like. Thanks.... Read More

  1. by   colleen10
    Hi there,

    I just wanted to say that I thought there might be some confusion about Honor Societys and other organizations like ANA and State affiliated organizations. Most honor societys through colleges are really there for the purpose of getting college students to join and are geared for current college students. ie. the topics, activities, etc. are geared for college students not RN's who have allready completed their education.

    The honor societys concentrate on things that would be of interest to current students ie. resume writing, study buddies, how to land an internship, networking with fellow students and faculty, recognition of academic achievement, etc. If you are an RN that's allready working and gone through school an honor society probably wouldn't even accept you because you usually have to be a student to join anyway.

    So, to try to compare a nursing student and a mature RN with many years of experience and say what each would get out of an honor society isn't really a fair comparison because the Society is really geared for students anyway.
  2. by   passing thru
    An interesting thread....Lilmamita. Do come back . I like reading about sororities and what they do. I didn't join one in college...wasn't asked ....but I always enjoyed their Saturday night parties.

    Those were the days !!
  3. by   nursbee04
    Originally posted by liberalrn
    Building or repairing a home or providing meals for a family in need is laudable and admirable. My point was that there are many ways in which to do that, and I am frankly puzzled as to why it seems to count more when coming from a professional organization.
    I don't think anyone was saying that it counts more if it comes from an organization. A good deed is a good deed, whether or not it has a name attached to it. Organizations can sometimes just provide the vehicle to get started. No one said it doesn't count if you do it on your own. The point is you are doing something positive, not that you are doing something positive with <insert organization here>. I personally do not see anything wrong with being a part of or choosing not to affiliate with these groups. It doesn't matter HOW you volunteer, the point is that you are doing so.
  4. by   liberalrn
    I don't think that I am confusing honor societys with prof. orgs. If I were a member of a prof. org, I would be touting it's benefits and building it's member list for the good of the org and the prof. I did not and do not see that. So, my query remains: what is in it for nurses, how do they benefit and further the prof and how do they use their political clout (if any--I say that not to be snide, but because I am not aware of any). I go back to the example of my hubby. As soon as he passed the CPA (got credentialled) he was innudated w/ prof. org material and encouraged to join. true of my attorney friends, too and the docs.
    If that is not thier mission (and I don't know if it is or not), what is their mission? Do they have to have a mission? Again, to each his own. I'm just trying to figure out the incentive to join.
  5. by   colleen10
    I agree Lilmamita, this thread has been hijacked.

    I do hope you take my first response to heart because I feel that these type of honorary groups can really help out students in a number of ways. They can make a big campus seem smaller and I know that many members of my group helped me immensely when it came to tutoring and helping me get through some really tough classes. It also gave me an opportunity to meet many faculty members and network which gave me an in for summer internships, etc.

    Good Luck and please don't let all the negative posts get you down. come hang in the student section.

  6. by   liberalrn
    How is asking for more info a negative post?
  7. by   LuvaNurse04
    I was QUITE riled up yesterday. LOL.
    Liberal RN, I appreciate your post today. You were upset with someone else's post and then I was upset by your reply, go figure. I also appreciate your desire to understand why one may want to join an organization that is not "high profile" and doesn't do a basic recruitment. It's possible that you do not come in contact with these orgs. and that's why you don't know of them. I'm speaking in general again, not of any particular organization. Okay, makes sense. If they are not active in your community, of course you would question what are they are about. I'm trying to find out more about a particular one (the reason of this post ), so I'm not the one who can really give you a complete answer to your query. I am interested in Nursing orgs for my own reasons that I stated previously. I cannot speak for others, they will have to speak for themselves. Chi Eta Phi has chapters on the college level for student nurses, my particular one does not, and then city chapters on the graduate level open to all registered nurses. So, if you attend a university that has a chapter, then obviously you would be aware of recruitment activities. On the graduate level, I guess its by word of mouth and visually seeing them at your workplace/community. I'm not a part of them, so I'm not really sure what the recruitment procedure is. As I find out, I'll keep you posted.
    Nimbex, thank you for the support and positivity. I also I'm a member of Phi Theta Kappa (which is NOT, I repeat, is NOT a sorority/fraternity!)
    Enright, LOL, I was definitely not implying that yours was a negative post. I apologize if I made you think that. I answered your question to the best of my understanding. Hope it helped.
    Colleen10, thanks for your positivity on this thread. I DO hang out in the Student's Section. That's my home! I just haven't posted in awhile, but I'm there everyday I decided to expand and post over here and see what happens? LOL. See you there.
    NYNurse2B, always got my back NYC style! LOL
    BranRN, I TOO am perplexed that a MODERATOR would set the tone of this thread so negatively!

    I'm calm now and I must say, I'm happy to stick around for awhile.
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I am sorry lilmamita!!!!!. I do ask: Please do not let any of us discourage you in any way. I am sorry for the tone of this thread and anything I may have done to contribute .I certainly meant no offense. I wish you well and please don't be a stranger!
  9. by   liberalrn
    Thank you for those gracious words lilmamita. I apologize on my part too. Is this Chi Eta Phi a new org? I just have never heard of it! Best of luck to you in joining......
  10. by   newbsn
    Quote from liberalrn
    Thank you for those gracious words lilmamita. I apologize on my part too. Is this Chi Eta Phi a new org? I just have never heard of it! Best of luck to you in joining......
    Hi liberalrn...I am currently becoming a member of Chi Eta Phi. It is not a new organization, it was founded Oct 16, 1932 at Freedman's Hospital in DC. Yes, initially it began as an organization for women of color, and today it is still mostly Afr. American. It does not discriminate against persons of other a matter of fact we had a few white sorors cross last spring. We also have fraters (males). But you do have to maintain a certain GPA as an undergraduate (this depends on the schools criteria) and have a minimal number of community service hours. As you can see...on the website, the goals and ideals of this organization are listed as well as the history of the organization and its founders. This organization is not as large as some of the other professional organizations that you mentioned, but we are growing and have become international. As far as recruitment...some colleges have chapters and some don't. It is just the luck of the draw. Although, there are graduate chapters almost everywhere. I applaud lilmamita for getting out there and researching organizations. If everyone did that, there would be very little need for 'recruitment'. You see an organization you might like...take the time to see what it is about...JOIN. Plain and simple. Should you or anyone else have anymore questions...feel free to ask.
  11. by   newbsn
    Quote from Enright
    I only asked about the ethnic make-up of the group because there are many fine Greek organizations which are exclusive to African Americans. I thought this might be one. It wasn't clear from the web site.

    There are NO organizations that are EXCLUSIVE to African-Americans. That just appears to be the only group that want to join. There have been Caucasian members inducted to ALL of the organizations, they cannot discriminate b/c of color.
  12. by   2blessed2Bstressed
    I am a very proud member of Chi Eta Phi, Sorority, Inc. and because I am honored and humbled to be a part of not only a historical organization, but one that has strengthened not only my practice, but enriched all aspects of my life, I will not respond to any type of negativity in any form what so ever.

    Lilmamita, I will be glad to tell you about my sorority, the numerous activities we are involved in, the fellowship of sisterhood and how to ignore disrespectful comments and suggestions that bring forums down. Please PM me for a great discussion. Take care, God Bless and Peace.
  13. by   sunsg32
    Hello, I am new on this site but I would like to say that I am also a PROUD member of Chi Eta Phi Sorority , Inc. I know that this discussion is old, but I would encourage anyone that is interested in/or has comments to actually speak with a member. This organization really has helped in nursing school as well as learning to better myself and serve my community!!