1. I would like to know if anyone out there is experiencing what I am. OR, if anyone can give advice. I have worked at my hospital for 4 months, the first 8 weeks as a New Grad as I waited for my boards and RN license. I used my LPN license in between, as I orientated.

    OK, I have been placed on 12 hr shifts, but the 12 hour people are getting cancelled a lot for the first 4 hours. This is because the Aft shift does not need us. I wrote a letter to my NM and explained that it is not fair for us to be the ones cancelled and they did not cancel me for awhile. BUT, the Charge nurse on AFT is given the responsibility, and could have someone go home at 7 when I come in. however, this is not what they do. The Policy says that cancellations should be in order of 1/ overtime status, 2/contingent, 3/ part time working over hours authorized, 4/ part time and lastly FULL time, which is what I am supposed to be.

    Part of the problem is that the schedule until next week just has too many persons on for aft shift with 12 hr persons- I told the NM I don't mind taking turns but it makes me mad to be the ones cancelled all the time.

    I don't know if I should just lie low until the schedule rights itself on the 30th or if I should make noise now.
    What I want to know is what would the rest of YOU do????
    I have a copy of the letter I gave the NM last time.
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  3. by   P_RN
    This is exactly the reason we went to 12 hour shifts for ALL. That way there was no afternoon shift to overlap, only days and nights.

    Cancels were agency, overtime, part then full time......UNLESS someone specifically requested then if no agency or OT that person would be considered. We hardly ever had cancels though...most of the time had not ENOUGH help.
  4. by   tiger
    our policy says first goes o.t., then agency, then perdium, then partitime, then full time on a rotation basis. we keep a list of the last date of call off and go by that. if someone tries to cancel me and it's not my turn i'll have the union step in.
  5. by   tonchitoRN
    I worked in a hospital where there was a lot of favoritism. So no matter what the policy said it seemed as if the same people were getting cancelled. Raise your voice. Usually it was those who did not complain that got cancelled. Remember the saying for patients : "the squeaky wheel gets the oil". Same for nurses. Don't let them take advantage of you.
  6. by   CEN35
    i split it all up. i would cancel some early birds, and other times send home some of the evening people. it hasn't bee much of a problem though, because there is always somebody that wants to leave early or come in late :d

  7. by   codebluechic
    At the hospital where I'm full time you cannot be cancelled unless you volunteer or are on OT. If there were no patients we could ALL still come in. Where I work PRN the staff can be cancelled anytime, sometimes twice in one week! I think if you are hired FT you should be able to get those hours every week.
  8. by   tiger
    nursetami-i think you jinxed me. lol. in my almost 11 years working at the hospital i am at i have never had an issue withcancellations being rotated. well, now that we have no boss(administration is acting until they hire a new one) and if you read my other post "control" about the charge nurse you'll understand. it was the charge nurses turn to be called off and she refused. so they called me. i came in anyway and after 4 hours the acting manager sent me home and said that the charge would not be rotating because we had no boss and she needs her there to see about things. i called the union when i got home and they are checking into it as it is a unique situation and maybe she can use that as an excuse because she (the charge) is the only one left that was actually hired for charge. they are trying to delete the position so everyone else who does charge is like fiiling in. to me that says they think nothing of these other acting charges. this acting man. is typical "no care" management and i had heard it from others before. there is no reason they need this charge on. anyone else that does charge that day could do exactly what she does and handle it better. this acting would not even discuss the situation. she doesnt want to have any dealings with anyone but the charge. (the charge of course always kisses her a**) and on top f that the charge does three 12 hr shifts and a 4hr shift. so what about the other 3 days. fill-in charge nurses are fine then. oh, well, i'll see what the union says. had to vent---AGAIN.
  9. by   CEN35
    called me today.......and said i didnt need to come in if i didn't want too......well????? i dont want to go in.......rather veg out today!!!!!! :d

  10. by   Joybug
    Hello I work in a non-unionized state. It seems to be the same all over with short staffing and overtime. However, I recently had 8 days scheduled off in a row - I work 12 hr shifts, and I was short a day's pay. I did not complain but instead was very happy and had a great time relaxing. I'm only sorry that I have to return to work tomorrow. But, if you want the hours, then speak up and talk with everyone you can including your union rep. I haven't heard much lately about too many nurses and not enough work.
    But But
  11. by   NurseTami
    We have no union.
    Thanks for all your replies- I would not mind so much except as a newer employee I have fewer "Smart time " hours banked to be used for this purpose and I am tr=ying to save some for use the week my DH goes hunting- I cannot leave my kids home alone at night!

    It irritates me because the Aft shift does not have to take turns- the 12 hr people do, and it is the NM fault that we are OVERSCHEDULED to begin with. And she is the one telling Aft to cancel the 12 hr people- I found out today.

    When my six month anniversary comes I'll be going!
  12. by   OC_An Khe
    Do any of you know any other profession that would accept a decrease in their pay because it was slow today? Professionals need to be treated as professionals and not as day laborers. We RNs need to demand to be treated with respect.
    Its hard to fathom in this day and age with everyone saying that we need to improve working conditions for RNs and yet hospitals continue to use this tactic.
    The hospital I work at can not cancel your base number of hours you were hired for, it is unionized.
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  13. by   tiger
    ocankhe-all nurses should be treated with respect and get their 40 hrs a week like other professions.
  14. by   debbyed
    Darn, I'd sure like to be cancelled some time but it never happens here.

    Actually THe policy for cancelling is pretty straight forward.

    2-OVertime people
    5-Voluntary fulltimers
    than if someone still needs cancelled (NOT) there is a cancellation list kept in the staffing office and it is rotated through the staff.