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  1. Joybug

    New Job

    I will work TCU - the "T" is transitional. Kind of a step down unit. The surgical floor required 6 weeks of full time orientation !!?! so I turned that down for now. I'm looking forward to it.
  2. Joybug

    New Job

    Hello Everyone I start a new job in October at the hospital and am just a little nervous. I've worked LTC and psych since graduating (96), but I'm so bored I just need a change. During the tour/ interview with the DNS, I heard "What are you doing here?", turned around and saw my favorite MD. He told the DNS I was "cool" and to hire me right away. Nice to have the recognition. Anyway 2 weeks until orientation.
  3. Joybug

    Survived the first round of cuts

    Why don't the politicians ever get sick and realise firsthand the errors of their ways? Let patients and families know that they can write to the newspapers and directly to the politicians. Sounds like Campbell won't be re-elected, given his "popular" decisions.
  4. Joybug


    Hello everyone. Ooops, the apricot jam was actually Summerland Sweets brand. I will stock up when I visit BC this summer.
  5. Joybug

    Canadian nurses in the US

    I responded to an ad in the Toronto Star. Every year in June there is a job fair in Toronto. Marskell marketing has been running them for years in Canada. You really do need to check it out before agreeing.
  6. Joybug


    Perogies... I had a Polish landlady for 2 years while in college for nursing. I helped her with ESL lessons and in return, she fed me. Often it was perogies stuffed with cheese and potatoes, boiled, then tossed with bacon and green onions. Im getting hungry... Thanks for reminding me. Paprikat did you attend Lakehead University? I went to Georgian College, and have been thinking of going there as Lakehead has an agreement or something with Georgian that makes it easier to transfer credits.
  7. Joybug


    Serious? How about Sun-Rype Apricot jam? I spent a summer in Chase/Salmon Arm couple years ago and got addicted to it. Most of what I crave is junkfood from Ontario. BTW, I loved your poem on apology a while ago, even printed it and took it to work.
  8. Joybug


    For all of us Canadians not living at home, I recently came across a website from which you can order all your favourite delicacies. mmhmm. It is canadianfavourites.com They have all kinds of junk food, montreal bagels, and even flour and canned salmon. I found it in Canadian Geographic magazine. Now I don't have to bug family and friends so much.
  9. Joybug

    Magnet Hospitals - Are they any different?

    That is cute. Why don't you switch to gold earrings, and avoid the problem? Seriously though, I do want some response as I am considering a job change. A hospital with magnet status is one of my options.
  10. Does anyone work at a "magnet hospital"? Is it any better than other workplaces?
  11. Joybug

    jt and non-nursing tasks

    You mentioned mopping the floor as a task belonging to nurses of yore; well, I do mop the floor about 2xweek, I also spread ice melt, stock the fridges, get linen and other supplies and many other tasks not directly related to nursing. I supervise in a SNF on night shift. Housekeeping leaves at 3pm. I mop the floor to pick up spills that I perceive as a safety hazard. Same with the ice melt. I try and do anything I can to make the building and staff and patients safe, I also do whatever I can to make the shift smooth. I do not resent doing any of these things because I beleive it allows the other (direct patient care) staff to function more efficiently. I do sometines wonder that I am paid to do these tasks.
  12. Joybug

    Overtime - When do you do it?

    Overtime - when do you do it? There is no mandatory overtime in my town, but everyone I know does work overtime RNs,LPNs, and CNAs. When you answer the phone, how do you decide whether or not to work?
  13. Joybug


    Actually Ocankhe, the management where I work were all restricted fewer hours per week while the floor staff were not and even overtime for floor staff was not questioned during a recent time of low census. So, it does happen to management as well.
  14. Joybug


    Hello I work in a non-unionized state. It seems to be the same all over with short staffing and overtime. However, I recently had 8 days scheduled off in a row - I work 12 hr shifts, and I was short a day's pay. I did not complain but instead was very happy and had a great time relaxing. I'm only sorry that I have to return to work tomorrow. But, if you want the hours, then speak up and talk with everyone you can including your union rep. I haven't heard much lately about too many nurses and not enough work. But But
  15. I have been thinking about travel nursing, but have never actually met a "travelling nurse". And all the ads seem the same. Please tell me about your experiences both good and bad. Is there a good agency to work for?
  16. Joybug


    I actually did not here about the flooding - my local news is quite insular. However, wow!! I hope that you have a very public thank you ceremony to which everyone in the community is invited, especially the media. Actually, 3 ceremonies - one for each shift!