Can I vent? Just a little... you can vent too if you want, I won't tell...

  1. So I had a career. A Good job, made descent money, stable...something was "missing" what did I do? I went and became a nurse. Cut down my hours at work, studied hard and then passed NCLEX and got my license. Yay for me right?? WRONG...

    Now I am underemployed, my old job is long gone and filled with someone new and I cannot get a nursing job to save my life. So Far NURSING SUCKS- I really want to make it work, I have a passion for nursing, but it is SO DEMOTIVATING to get this emails EVERYDAY that say We regret to inform you that we are not interested in interviewing you. I apply all over the country, every single day, my husband is down to move anywhere I find a job(what a guy)... and yet the same thing every single day "We regret to inform you"... u suck. I just do not get it, Do you want me to be more educated? then I would have my own practice... want me to be more eager? i can stalk u if u really want me to! ... Want me to sell myself better on my resume and cover letter? Well Ok just dont try and check any of those facts i made up...

    I know there are a lot of us New Grads, I am just one that could not go another day without venting this frustration. I know once I find a job, it will be better, but until then I really wish i would have become a nurse 10 years ago, or picked a profession that actually wanted new people.

    There is NO NURSING shortage, I am SO sick of hearing there is.

    Anyone else hating this whole Life as a New grad thing??
  2. Poll: What is your least favorite rejection email format

    • Although you are very qualified, we have decided to pursue candidates with similar goals and experience...Blah Blah Blah

      18.57% 13
    • We regret to inform you that you were not selected....Blah Blah Blah

      11.43% 8
    • We appreciate the time you spent applying, unfortunately other candidates profiles were better matched for our selection criteria...Blah Blah Blah

      40.00% 28
    • After careful consideration, we have decided not to advance you to the next phase of the application process... BLAHHHH

      20.00% 14
    • Some Other version of We are not Hiring You because You are a new grad and we dont want a NEW Grad, we want a New grad with experience.. ***

      24.29% 17
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  4. by   lawandaluxnurse
    Sorry you are having those issues. I know it is frustrating, I have been around the nursing block 15 yrs and I apply to a different job and have experience and still get the same email no letter. Don't give up. At some point the tides will turn and nursing will hire. Have you thought about volunteering somewhere, not just a hospital , I would also try a community agency or anywhere I could get in. Good Luck! Keep trying!
  5. by   netglow
    The idea of volunteering?! Don't understand that one at all. Volunteers are non-medical people in my area. These are not clinical positions and you are not eligible if you are an RN. Hospitals do not want volunteers around clinical areas for liability reasons - and if you are an RN your license will exclude you from the whole deal. Again it's about liability. The example being if you were getting magazines and cokes for family and the patient in that room coded and you did not recognize it, you would very likely legally be held responsible too, because you are a nurse. This is why nurses are not given volunteer positions. It clouds things. You can never say, "Oh, I wasn't working as a nurse" because if you are in a patient care area you will be held to your license.

    If you are referring to volunteering out in the community as a licensed RN say, at a sport event, or similar? Usually they do plan on qualified and experienced people being present for those. You will be held to the extent of your license. Nobody is gonna train you there. They'd rather have you be non clinical then and pass out water.
  6. by   HippyDippyLPN
    Are you only applying to hospitals? if so you may need to take a small detour to get where you want to be. I work in a family practice that has a pediatric office attached where most of the nurses are RN's. They are short on staff and they are having trouble finding RN's who want to work in a doctor's office because they would rather hold out for a hospital position. They are even open to hiring new graduates as long as they seem competent and fast learners. I would try applying for jobs out of the box like doctor's offices, home care, occupational health, jail/correctional facilities, long term care, that sort of thing. It will get you the experience you need so that eventually in a year or two you can land the job you want. Good luck to you, I had the same problem when I graduated with my LPN, it took me 1.5 years and I had even worked as an STNA for 3 year prior.
  7. by   Anna Flaxis
    I'm glad I'm not a new grad nurse at this time. When I graduated NS, I had no problem finding a job right away, and it was a job I wanted. Things sure have changed, but I am wholeheartedly convinced that the pendulum will swing the other way, and there will be an abundance of nursing jobs again one day.
  8. by   npkkt
    Keep pushing forward. The right door will surely open. Hopefully soon!
  9. by   SoundRN7
    Oh GonnaAmazeYou, I so so so feel your pain. I received my RN license a year ago after graduating with an ADN. I am currently in a BSN program with about 7 more months until completion. I have been applying for RN jobs since I received my license. I stopped counting applications/resumes that I'd sent out after the 100th one. I have applied numerous times at every local and not so local hospital, LTC center, doctors office, home health, hospice, outpatient clinic, dialysis center, psych unit, corrections, etc.....I have revamped my resume several times, even had a pro help with that, and I tailor each cover letter to the facility and position I apply for. In a years time, I have only landed two interviews and this was with the help of RNs that I know in these facilities. Both interviews went well and the interviewee told me that they would push me along to a second interview. After said interviews, I sent thank you cards and followed up by phone, where I was told that I was still going to be set up with a second interview. Well, second interviews never occured. After a couple of weeks, I called to follow up again and was never able to speak to the interviewee, and they would not respond to my phone calls. I even mailed letters telling them that I was still interested, and if they had chosen someone else if they could please give me feedback as to why I was not selected so I could learn and grow from that. No response to my letters either, nada, nothing, zilch. I have no clue why I did not get the second interviews that they told me I would get or what may have went wrong.

    Lately I have been applying for nursing assistant jobs and medical administration positions and still no luck. In my state it is legal to work as a nursing assistant/PCA but various facilities won't hire RNs for this position due to the liability issues. I've heard back from a few of the places I applied at for nursing assistant work and they told me I was over qualified. So, I haven't been able to get a job as a nurse because I have no experience and I haven't been able to get a job as a nursing assistant because I have too much experience. AHH!! This last year has definitely proven to be one of the most frustrating years ever! I consider myself a positive person but I definitely get down about this sometimes, I mean how can you not. I sometimes wonder how much more rejection I can possibly take before I curl up into the corner and have a crying fest and nervous breakdown. I have cried but no nervous breakdown. Yet, I keep on trying, I have to. I want to work as a nurse and I do not see myself giving up!
  10. by   Esme12
    ....I am so sorry. It does stink out there. Just keep plugging away something will give eventually. Have you tried Long Term Acute Care? or a LTAC
  11. by   Greymist
    have you tried place for applying for government jobs. You might also look at contracting companies which can get you the door for federal job...
  12. by   Rhythsetradio
    I graduated in May 09, got a job in March '10. I was a very very diligent prospect. Not only sending out resumes but I would find this nurse recruiters and call and email them... it wasn't fun. But I actually got my first job at a job fair. I went to a nurse week job fair, talked a lot... pushed my way through crowds. Met my future (now past) unit director for a small community hospital in a bad part of the city. Talked with her A LOT. Guess it worked? Because I got my job there and worked there for a good year and half, moved on to a better prospect. Where I work now, no one wants to leave... no one is nearing retirement. Stay in the game, go to job fairs...and talk your head off! smile, and show patient care and you can influence good HCAP scores. It's a business, got to know the business side when applying for these jobs.
  13. by   GonnaAmazeYou
    Thanks everyone. It really is frustrating, but I do know it will be worth it when it works out. For the time being I just have to laugh at the whole situation and wait, patiently. I have tried LTC, SNF, dialysis, hospitals, community hospitals. I have emailed every nurse manager I can get access to, I even emailed the CNO(I do not recommend doing that as the HR lady did call me, to tell me not to email the CNO) , I used all my networking potentials. Seriously I'm exhausted with applying. I got my ACLS, PALS, TNCC, EKG rhythm, and wound care certifications thinking that would give me a leg up, I enrolled in a BSN bridge program and still NADA. Luckily I do still have my old job, although I am in a much lower graded position that I was in before school, I do not know what I would do if I was completely unemployed. Thanks again for all the responses it is nice knowing it is not just me!!
  14. by   redhead_NURSE98!
    You mean you actually get REJECTION EMAILS? Contact?? Acknowledgement that you applied for a job there? Acknowledgement that you breathe?? I don't!
  15. by   GonnaAmazeYou
    The worst is when I get NOTHING and I go back online where I applied, log in and check my Status and it says Completed. I don't even check anymore.