Can I earn a Bachelor's in Biology at the same time as I earn an Associate's in Nursing

  1. I am very close to earning a Bachelor's in biological sciences. This current fall, I started my third year though it looks like it will take me a total of 5 years to get my Bachelor's degree. I still want the Bio degree but I am also heavily interested in nursing and the medical field in general. My question is, am I able to earn an Associate's degree while earning my Bachelor's degree, like a double major? Or will I have to wait until I graduate with a Bachelor's degree to go to nursing school?
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  3. by   AngelKissed857
    Hahaha! You're adorable! Nursing school is it's own special kind of beast. Seriously. You don't get a choice of class days and times, clinical rotations, skills labs, anything. They change schedules at the drop of a hat, and you have to confirm. There are very strict attendance rules. Show up late for clinicals, sim, or skills lab, and you're not allowed in. Miss more than a day or two a semester, you're kicked out. There's no way to understand the culture and restrictions till you're there. So, no unkindness intended- cannot imagine how you could schedule the other classes you have to take, and juggle nursing school. Might be smart to go meet with the director of the programs you're considering, and hear it from them. I totally support you going to nursing school, and hope you are very successful!
  4. by   smf0903
    You can if class schedules permit. I did the same thing but couldn't take classes toward the bio degree during the last 2 semesters of nursing classes, it literally was not feasible due to schedule conflicts. I took classes toward the bio degree along with nursing classes, so yes it is doable. A lot of work but doable.

    Good luck to you!
  5. by   remotefuse
    Good luck with that!
  6. by   EllaBella1
    Don't do that. If you really want the bio degree finish that, and then do an accelerated BSN program.
  7. by   mmc51264
    I had a Bio degree before nursing. finishing the Bio and then doing an ABSN is a good idea. If not, and you do both, doing an RN-BSN is MUCH shorter with a previous BS than traditional. I did my BSN in on calendar year.
  8. by   Jeanie the RN
    It would be extremely tough to do both at the same time. Nursing school is very demanding. If you're able to do both and can keep your GPA up, go for it. I wouldn't recommend it.
  9. by   kbrn2002
    You could do both, problem is most associate degree nursing programs are located at a community college setting rather than a traditional 4 year university. If the university you are getting the BS in Biology from offers an associate's in nursing by all means go for it. As long as both programs are at the same campus your counselor should be able to help figure out a class schedule that will allow for both degrees. For that matter, if you are so crazy motivated to try nursing as a part of a double major, why not just do the BS in nursing along with the biology major if that's an option?
  10. by   mhite226
    Okay so if I want to go the nursing route, am I able to get into a nursing program now as long as I have the pre-reqs done or would it just be smarter for me to finish my bachelor's and do an accelerated program afterwards?
  11. by   mhite226
    Am I able to get into an associate's nursing program now since I am so close to getting my BS? Or would it be wise for me to wait until I get my Bachelor's degree and then go into an accelerated nursing program?
  12. by   AnnieOaklyRN

    As the others have said nursing is no easy feat, and doing both and keeping a good GPA would be extremely difficult! Also as far as student loans go I doubt that you would be able to get loans or government backed money for both at the same time.

    As the others have said wait until you finish your bio degree and then either do an accelerated BSN or MSN, as you would have to go back for your BSN if you get an ASN.

  13. by   Ioreth
    I would strongly recommend against this. I have a prior bachelor's degree and when I went back for nursing I was disqualified from financial aid. I can still get loans but I cannot get grants or scholarships. Just get through your nursing classes and then do the ASN to BSN bridge. The BS in Biology just isn't worth it if it can potentially mess up financial aid.