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EllaBella1 has 8 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. Just tell your employer and bring the RX information. It's not wise to hide that you are taking meds. If you get injured on the job the first thing they will do is drug test you, and it will be a lot harder to explain everything after the fact than i...
  2. Doc Won't See Me Because I Treat Covid Patients

    Yes, my dentist refused to see me until it had been 14 days with no covid patients... which hasn't happened since March, and hence I haven't been back since. ? Since then I stopped telling people, honestly. I just answer no. With the exception o...
  3. I wasn't responding to you. My post was in response to the OP. I didn't even read your post until I just went back and found it. I agree with what you said, a family member should not have been told that, and the physician should have been upfront w...
  4. I don't mean this to be rude, but do you even care for intubated patients? Your username includes 'tele', so I assume you are a cardiac tele RN, not one that works in ICU. The truth here is that unless you routinely care for vented patients, or...
  5. Med Surg nurse being given Tele Patients

    Honestly, I didn't read through all of these responses. I did however, read bits and pieces, and while I agree that it isn't a scope of practice issue, I do think it's an issue. You need to be trained or receive orientation on tele patients. As a med...
  6. COVID and Family

    I've been working covid ICU for 8 months now. I'll be honest with you- when it first started I was showering at work, changing into clean scrubs before driving home, and stripping down in my garage and going right to the shower. We weren't leaving th...
  7. Reporting a Patient to Police?

    I was kicked a few months ago by an alert and oriented adult male patient. Management encouraged me to file a police report. I have found that police might not always be willing to investigate though or file charges. We had a nurse who was punched i...
  8. KN95 mask?

    You should still be fit tested. If it doesn't fit you well and you fail the fit test then you need to talk to your manager and refuse to take covid patients until they provide you with a mask that protects you.
  9. KN95 mask?

    Were you fit tested for the mask? It sounds like it's not a good fit for you.
  10. Are there any on-campus Nurse Practioner programs out there?

    USF has on-campus programs.
  11. Have Not Worked Since Graduating Nursing School

    If its reasonable for you and your family, consider moving for a year to get experience. I moved from NYC to upstate NY and there were plenty of new grad jobs there in all specialty areas. That was before I had kids though, so I would understand if i...
  12. New RNs making more than experienced RNs

    This is why people job hop so much these days. The best way to move up the pay ladder is to stay at a hospital for a few years and then move on to the next. A lot of hospitals focus more on recruiting new talent than on retaining their current staff....
  13. working while at NYU for ABSN?

    I felt like it was way too expensive for what I was getting. Classes were huge and lecture style, with very little guidance. I initially went to NYU because I wanted to stay in NYC after graduation since I'm from there originally. I felt that going t...
  14. working while at NYU for ABSN?

    I went to the University at Buffalo and did their 12 month ABSN program. It was great. Prepared me well, and Buffalo is a cool city. I'm very happy with my decision to go there.
  15. Blood Bank Nurse as a New Grad?

    That sounds super boring. I would skip it.