burgled again!

  1. well, the thing I have been dreading has happened. I was burgled again. They took a old laptop(not good for much else except email), a PS2 and a PS3. oh, and a case of diet pepsi. cops said it's probably kids. I called the landlord, he wants to put bars on the windows, etc....and I'm going, well, you didn't make any improvements after the last time, so why now? I want out of there. Do not feel safe, do not feel like my property is protected, etc.
    I told him that I am going to be getting out of there, the only thing is working out the details.
    Thank the lord, it's only stuff. my girlfriend and her parents have offered to put me up for a few days while I figure out the path of action.
    Worst case, I'm going to ask the landlord about subleasing, transferring lease, etc. I just can't do it anymore. the neighborhood isn't the greatest, but I find it hard to believe that nobody saw anything. I quit.
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  3. by   OnMyWay2MSN
    that sucks
  4. by   caliotter3
    Better to move away, even if there are adverse consequences, than to live under those conditions. The next burglar could do you harm. No way to live, worrying about your personal safety all the time.
  5. by   rholman
    This really sucks,

    I feel your pain, my house was robbed yesterday as well. Thank GOD I did not walk in on them or my daugher was home. They took my daughters computer, DVD, digital camera and my cell phone. They didn't trash the house or take any of the TV's and the other computer in the garage.. dumbass robbers. Ironically I was starting to feel insecure so I brought a watchdog, however she is still a puppy and was in her crate in the garage. The officer probably thought I was crazy, as I was telling my puppy to pleasssssse hurry and grow up. I don't care about the material things but me and my daughters saftey is a concern. Unfortunately I own my home and can't just pick up and move. I have been there 8 years and the neighboorhood has been relatively safe but lately people are desperate and I knew it was a matter of time.

    Again, we have to be thankful that we weren't hurt.
  6. by   grandee3
    So sorry that has happened to you, be careful, you don't want to walk in on them.
    When I was in nursing school, I lived with my sister and we were robbed 3 times. The last time, they took a camera that my sis used to take pics at my pinning. About a month later, the cops show up at the school and wanted to know if anyone had been robbed recently. I told them that I had. After they caught the guys who did it, along with tons of stolen goods, they developed the pics and blew up the patch that we wore on our sleeve and it brought them to the school. There were 5 houses robbed that week, some of our stuff was recovered.
    It is a horrible feeling to get robbed, you almost feel like you have been raped. We did have some of my mom's jewelry taken. They even took our console tv during one of the thefts. Nobody saw a thing.
    My sis sold the house in 1997, and from what I here, it is still going on, especally after Katrina, the area was hit hard and the rebuilding brought out the thugs.
    Please be safe!
  7. by   Atheos
    Hope you had renter's insurance...
  8. by   locolorenzo22
    Got a call this morning, they came back, kicked in the front door, you can see where they tried to kick in the back....good thing I'd already took TV, guitar, etc...to my girlfriend's house. They just made a mess, nothing was really damaged, just did it to intimidate me. damn kids musta told their druggie parents.
    whatever, I refuse to let these #$@#$@# decide how I view any patient of a class or race. I will not let them win. thank you all for your wishes and prayers.
  9. by   rholman

    Glad you are safe, material things can be replaced. You really need to move asap.
  10. by   caliotter3
    Yes, get out of there.
  11. by   RN1982
    Tell your landlord that if he can't provide a security system then the lease is over. I really don't see why you should stay there. Apartment living isn't entirely safe either. When I move, I plan on getting an apartment on the second floor.
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  12. by   willitblend?
    If the landlord said he would make improvements for security purposes the last time, you have a police report for both (all three?) of the burgleries, and he did not make the improvements...

    I would get a lawyer and have the lawyer request that your landlord reimburse you for the stolen goods and shred the lease.

    If you had a verbal assurance from the landlord to make improvements and they did not.. hold them accountable.