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  1. OnMyWay2MSN

    I cannot STAND working in lab student discrimination!

    "i work at a hospital and you just know when someone prefers not to be friendly with you because of the color of your skin" This is the most ridiculous thing I have read on this site yet, if someone is not friendly?? You must think everyone is racist then, the guy who cuts you off on the road, someone who doesnt say hello back to you....time to put in check the race card once awhile...does it happen, yes, can minorities be just as racist as whites, of course....I think she needs to sum it up to him being a jerk and move on.
  2. OnMyWay2MSN

    reporting patient abuse

    I was refering more to the needle stick and the instructor not being present, then reporting patient abuse. From the above statement of "You need to report your instructor to her supervisor, the dean of your nursing program."
  3. OnMyWay2MSN

    reporting patient abuse

    As much as we dont think it doesnt happen, that could be a one way ticket out of the program
  4. OnMyWay2MSN

    ASN for a college grad?

    If you already have your degree why not skip both and look at an accelerated Masters Program..if you have one in your area of course. If you want to only just be a RN then your options are open, but if you want your NP or something else, then look at accelerated masters, that is the route I am taking. Save a lot of years and time now, then having to do it later..some states too BSN, MSN get paid more than ASN/ADN out of school
  5. OnMyWay2MSN

    Need some inspiration...can I still pass?

    Hang in there, you can do it! Just remember, it won't be forever
  6. OnMyWay2MSN

    I cannot STAND working in lab student discrimination!

    He may just be a jerk, be carefully labeling someone as racist, unless you know for sure....i've known plenty of people who didnt like me, acted rude or excluded me, not just white, but black, hispanic, asian etc.... Hopefully he cleans up his act.
  7. OnMyWay2MSN

    burgled again!

    that sucks
  8. OnMyWay2MSN

    The economy bit me

    You don't get unemployment? I dont know about where you live, but here in CA pays $450 a week if you get the max, not too shabby
  9. OnMyWay2MSN

    Nursing Scholarships

    I've been looking..hard to find....almost everyone has to take loans, unless you really get some great scholarship...BOL
  10. Good for you, that sounds like a great voluteering job! I did it, I learned a lot, I couldnt do anything with the patients but got a great idea of the whole hospital setting....best of luck!
  11. OnMyWay2MSN

    Warning - excelsior students

    pedinurse05 is pretty much the only one who answered this in clear non-defensive manner who is an actual graduate of the school, so thanks for that....statements like "hmmm, maybe it time to start thinking of "traditional" programs as outdated and obsolete." is just emotional ignorance, but i'll overlook it. i understand peoples defensiveness on the school, since you dropped a lot of money into it, i would probably do the same thing, the state school route is what works best for me and luckily i am already in...hopefully ec can gain it's reputation back at some point in all states. ok off to other forums, retiring this one...too bad the guy who started it hasnt logged back in...
  12. OnMyWay2MSN

    Need help with transcript

    Ask the school what they want
  13. OnMyWay2MSN

    How did you find your nursing school?

    Look in this site for sure, just plug the name of the school in the search, or if you know a state, go to that state's forum and start a new thread asking about the schools of the state...for me i did all my research on the internet, then also looked up to make sure is accredited with the Board of Nursing...then plugged the school into google, typing things like review of nursing at university..etc...then sent off for info from the school. Good luck in your search!
  14. OnMyWay2MSN

    Warning - excelsior students

    Everyone is allowed their own opinions depending on their experiences, good or bad, dont take it so personally
  15. OnMyWay2MSN

    Unitek College LVN program... good or Bad??

    You see their NCLEX pass rate on the CA Board of Nursing website....horrible, 69%...i would look elsewhere before you drop a ton of cash on this school, they may be the worst in the entire state
  16. OnMyWay2MSN

    Warning - excelsior students

    something has to be up with this school when multiple states don't accept their degrees, california, georgia, florida..you don't ever see this with people who go through the state programs and many private standard universities, least not from what i have read. not blasting, just asking if you have insight on why...i also went to their website, they need to be much more open about the limitations of getting a degree in this program and then finding out you have states you can't even work in. also how can you do theory only in 4 months, when the rest of us have to take theory and clinicals for 2 years? for example at my school we have to get 1300 hours of clinicals even for accelerated programs like at oklahoma state university which is all online it takes minimum of 15 months. again just asking, just doesnt make sense to me...