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Not really posting anything, just wanted to see how silly this would look :rotfl: Can we stop with the comparison's now? :hatparty:... Read More

  1. by   nekhismom
    ok, ok what about new grads vs. seasoned nurses?
  2. by   warhawk
    hospitals v. hotels

    nurses v. waiters/waitresses

  3. by   warhawk
    ice cream vs. yogurt
    subway vs firehouse
    eye glasses v. contacts
    boxers v. briefs
    spring v. summer
    fall vs. winter

  4. by   tmiller027
    Rocky Balboa vs. Thunderlips
  5. by   CCU NRS
    Western V Drama
    Comedy V Action
    Romance V SciFi

    Love V Hate
    Right V Wrong
    Might V Right
    Good V Evil
    God V Devil
    Adam V Eve
  6. by   hitechlvn
    French (Freedom) Fries Vs.Tater Tots
  7. by   hitechlvn
    Hamburgers Vs. Hot Dogs
    Cucumbers Vs. Tomatoes
    French Fries Vs. Onion Rings
    Color Vs. Black and White
    Peanuts Vs. Popcorn
    Nestle Vs. Hershy's
    Jam Vs. Jelly
    Ketchup Vs. Mustard
    Jelly Beans Vs. Jelly Bellies
    Chicken Vs. Pork
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  8. by   CCU NRS
    Bulletin Board V Chatroom
    Website V webpage
    gateway V Dell
    Apple V McIntosh
    Clock V watch
    digital V analog
    Digital V Film
    Husband V Wife
    Son V Daughter
  9. by   CCU NRS
    Quote from tmiller027
    Rocky Balboa vs. Thunderlips
    Rocky Balboa VS Apollo Creed
  10. by   warrior woman
    Martina vs. Chris, or Connors vs. McEnroe.
  11. by   Nurse-o-Matic
    yellow marshmallow bunnies vs pink marshmallow chicks
  12. by   CCU NRS
    Quote from Nurse-o-Matic
    yellow marshmallow bunnies vs pink marshmallow chicks
    I hate marshmellows :angryfire

    Love chocolate tho

    Kisses V Nuggets
    Peanut cluster V almond clusters
    White chocolate V Dark chocolate (oops back to the original comparison)
  13. by   LPN4Life
    I like the paper vs plastic debate...........I do prefer plastic, those little bags are so handy, and we can always carry in our groceries in one trip even if we have 20 bags on each arm.......................
    Good thread, I almost started one recently when it was the same old lpn vs rn thread, I thought I would get everyone all rowled up though, lol