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In the name of nursing week I will defend our profession. I'm not trying to stir up controversy, but lets admit nurses perpetuate myths about their own profession and injure nursing's rep way more... Read More

  1. by   Jon_RN
    1. I like the part where "nurses eat their young".. the younger, the better... especially if dipped in wasabi or hot sauce....hmm yummy! makes my nose run..:roll :chuckle

    2. Oncology and ICU wards are the "Gateways to Heaven" and the nurses
    there are the gatekeepers..just kidding guys:lol_hitti ya!!
  2. by   CHATSDALE
    cna't eat anymore young, am on a diet and i have to be trim in order to reinforce dietary instructions that the dietitian breezed through and left them some printouts

    there are a few bad eggs that perpetuate the myths..and people remember a bad nurse, sales clerk, doc, lawyer etc and forget the hardworking people have stepped up to the plate and done their job

    nurses do have a tendancy to believe that the path they took after graduation is the best for all others just human i guess
    most nurses do their best at a rough job and they deserve all the pats on the back and a paycheck that reflects the work that they do every day and the money/effort that went into their education
  3. by   amy
    men only go into nursing to chase women
  4. by   collegemomrn
    Elevated to the level of their incompetence. (magaement)
  5. by   villenio
    "are you fillipino?"
  6. by   Mommy TeleRN
    Quote from nrsang97

    Nurses who got all A's are the best nurses. (So not true)
    Or how about the opposite? if you made good grades you are just book smart and have no clinical skills?
  7. by   scattycarrot
    Have we had the...'every nurse wants to marry a doctor because they make lots of money' yet?
  8. by   TrudyRN
    Gee, I never realized how ridiculous so many people are and how many have such terrible attitudes.

    The part about marrying a rich doctor - hmm, not a bad plan, actually. I wish I had done that. And he wouldn't have to be young. I've seen a couple of instances where a young, lovely nurse has come onto a job and snagged an older doc who was in mid-life crisis and was cheating on the wife in one case and another who was a recent widower. Both couples are doing well, so I hear. The May-December couple - he's old and sick now and she stands to inherit. I can imagine the fireworks from his children.
  9. by   gentlegiver
    Quote from kmblue39
    Nurses eat their young.
    Having experienced this, I am sorry to say it is true. However this "young" developed teeth and bites back so it doesn't happen to much anymore.
  10. by   Pumpkin1621
    [quote=irishgirl;2209627]i am enjoying reading these myths.

    i hate the bedpan myth. i get told, "why do you want to be a nurse all they do is clean bedpans."

    every nurse wanted to be a doctor but couldn't hack it, is another myth i hate.

    i was told when i was a little girl, "don't have a card that says you are an organ donor or they will let you die and use your body to save many other people." this myth is directly related to nursing, but i find it humorous now.

    :smiletea: sorry this was so long, and thanks for reading.
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  11. by   Cattitude
    Quote from firstyearstudent
    Nursing is a tough degree!

    As for busting the myth that nursing school is a tough degree, why don't you wait until you actually experience it.
    Good advice and you may want to take it yourself :spin: . The prereq's may be a lot different than the actual nursing courses. I found them much easier.
    Nursing school is tough, not super hard just tough. Of course I also worked full time and that may have clouded my judgement.

    Still, I think you should decide AFTER you finish nursing school, not before.

    Good luck and I hope you sail through!
  12. by   Diploma'82
    I use to get asked when I was going to marry some good looking rich reply was...the good looking ones are already taken, they aren't rich because they have to pay so much for malpractice insurance and the first time they were mean to a night nurse (me having been one), I'd probably beat him to death with a lamp (haha)!
  13. by   TazziRN
    Hospitals take care of its employees.

    They do.........until you're in the middle of a problem, then they drop you like a hot potato.