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Hey all, I am the only full time night nurse on our unit, therefore I get many calls from the supervisor....asking if I can come in extra because they are short, too busy, or someone has called in... Read More

  1. by   meownsmile
    I dont go in ususally,, simply because they will not call on a week that it would pay you overtime to go in. Give me a chance to make it worth my while and maybe i will.
  2. by   bethin
    If you're tired, you're tired. I used to work 60 hrs. a week when asked and still go to school. Well, when it was time for my yearly eval I got an unsatisfactory next to "comes in when asked". I stopped saying yes that day. I'm not going to be taken advantage of. Plus, I wasn't getting time and a half because I'm weekend option.
  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I will work extra when:

    I want to.
    It fits my schedule
    I need the money.

    If I have other plans or do not want to do it, I simply say "no".
  4. by   HappyJaxRN
    I used to work extra, but I realized that I can only take 3- 12 hour shifts per week. I'm usually completely drained by the time I finish my last 3rd 12 hour day. Our jobs are so physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding and I'm finding that I give 100% plus some. Don't feel bad. You know your limitations.
  5. by   live4today
    Quote from IloveSnoopy
    Hey all,
    I am the only full time night nurse on our unit, therefore I get many calls from the supervisor....asking if I can come in extra because they are short, too busy, or someone has called in sick. I actually just got one of these calls lastnight..uggghh. They called at 9:30pm and wanted me to be there at 11pm. Granted...i would make time and a half..which is nice..BUT...I already work every other weekend and like my weekend off to really be my weekend off...u know? If I can know far enough ahead of time....I'll go....but like lastnight...I had gotten up early yesterday morning...was busy all day...and was actually ready to go to bed when they I said no. I guess I should just go because when I say no...I spend the next few hours feeling guilty for not going in. How do you guys feel about this and do you usually go? We have some nurses that always, always come in extra and then there are a few myself I guess....that cherish their days off away from work and very seldom come in extra....(but then feel guilty about it ) Just curious on what everyone does at their facility... Thanks
    You'll learn to say no. If you don't, you will have NO LIFE! Take a class on how to be more assertive so you can start standing up for yourself.

    As for me...when I am scheduled to work............I work! When I am NOT scheduled to work...........I do NOT work, nor do I accept calls on my days off. And.........I feel NOOOOOOOOOOOO guilt when saying no! I do NOT lose any sleep over saying NO! Stop being a "yes" person, and start believing that your time off is valuable to your health, your sanity, and your family's health and sanity. You are worth the time off you receive. No amount of money is worth that kind of sacrifice. :icon_hug:
  6. by   teeituptom
    Welcome to the wonderfull world of nursing
  7. by   zambezi
    I do go extra frequently...however, I hate being on standby (even though it is more money!)...the main reason I hate standby is that they can call me in for any unit in the hospital...

    If they call me to come in for a shift, it is often for "CNI" pay...which is basically $11.00 more and hour a shift (and if you are OT, then you get time and a half plus $11.00/hr more- so pretty good money). They only offer CNI if we are more than 2 short in the unit...but I do get called a lot.

    If you always say yes, then they will always call you. If you make it clear you won't ever come in they probably won't waste their time (at least they don't at my hospital). Since I say yes on occassion, they often call but I don't get any grief if I say no.

    If we are so short that the actual staff calls me, I usually try to go in because I know they wouldn't call unless they were really, really hurting (which dosen't happen often, but it does on occassion).

    Lately. our scheduler has been calling me about a month before the schedule is posted to ask if I want to pick up any is nice because I can look at my schedule and tell her upfront....this does prevent the random calls as well...Or if I am open and willing to work, I will call and let the schedulers know that I can come in only if CNI is offered...just depends on my mood...
  8. by   SteveNNP
    I will usually work an extra shift a week on top of the 3 12's and one call shift we are required to do (1 12 every 2 weeks call) We have an inhouse nursing auction system, so we usually get awesome money if it's our 4th day. Everyone on my unit has been working our tails off since we have been horribly understaffed recently due to illness, FMLA, etc. I usually go in if I feel rested, have no plans, or have slept all day anyway. If I don't go in, the babies will suffer, not because they don't get good care, because the other RN's are taking way more than the recommended load of patients. NICU isn't a unit you can just float someone in to. They usually only call when desperate, and understand if you've already worked 60 hours that week. They only call because they have to at least ask.
  9. by   pricklypear
    I've just learned to say "no" if I don't feel like going in on my one of my nights off. I don't feel like I need to give an excuse - haven't slept, been drinking, whatever. Extra pay would be great, but it's not offered at my workplace.
  10. by   TweetiePieRN
    I used to feel guilty about not coming in for an extra shift. Now, I just say no. I have a child now and he's my first priority. I will only pick up an extra shift on my terms...sometimes they will offer you $15.00 on top of your pay and this is when I will usually say yes...but only when it's convenient for me and my family.

    I have some coworkers who work their tail off on so many extra shifts! They seem to be more burned out and not really enjoying their job much. I still enjoy my job and would like to keep it that way.
  11. by   IloveSnoopy
    Thanks for all the unique responses...I feel better now. You guys are time away from work is my time away from work. I always remember what another nurse once told me...she goes... "Ok, you feel guilty for not coming in, you feel guilty when you DO go in and leave your family behind...your family needs you too"...the nurse that said this is now the asst. Ok..thanks everyone....
  12. by   bluestar
    Quote from teeituptom
    I go when its for my benefit as well as theirs. Particularly if my wife tells me to do it.
    I can dig it brother.
  13. by   LoriAlabamaRN
    I know what you mean... as night shift supervisor for an LTC facility, when 7a-7p nurses call in, I get the dubious pleasure of calling all unscheduled nurses starting at 5am. I get to feel like a horrible nuisance for about an hour and a half. I actually prefer the answering machines to most nurses picking up, that way I can just leave a message and not have to get snapped at by a tired person whom I have just woken up on their one day off. I can tell you though, when someone agrees to come in and work that entire shift, they are NEVER forgotten by me, and I make sure administration knows that they helped us out of a jam. I have come in on my own days off several times, I don't work Friday or Saturday nights, but when our weekend supervisor calls out I have gone in anyway- at least the floor nurses get overtime for working extra shifts! I'm salary so I don't see a penny for working those hours. No overtime at all! I also get no holiday pay (I am expected to not come in on holidays) but I come in anyway. Otherwise the floor nurses have to cover call-ins and deal with crises while they are trying to pass out meds, and I don't want that to happen. One good thing though, the floor nurses know that I am not getting paid for that and that I do it for them. It makes them more likely to help ME out when I need someone to come in during the night. Kindness really does pay off!