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this may come across as mindless venting but it really isnt...... I work on a med surg unit that of course gets many patients of the non med surg variety, I have come to accept this but right now... Read More

  1. by   misti_z
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER

    You have to protect yourself Wendy! Ben Affleck doesn't want a girl that's face is all messed up from being beat up by a nut case!
    LOL Heather!!!:chuckle

    Hey Wendy, you're note under the pic--I'm guess that is a reference to the No Doubt song? I love the song.
  2. by   NRSKarenRN
    he refuses all treatments and meds and even vital sign assessments, MD covering him medically has seemingly given up after taking social works advice and discharging him home months ago only for him to have beat the heck out of his wife and return the next day to us.
    All of the above advice is great. Send letters to VP Nursing, Chief Administrator and HR about your UNSAFE, HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT! Document behaviour incidents and concerns re staff safety; patterns of pt behavior escalating. Inform PTB above that next incident, YOU ARE CALLING POLICE.

    Pt does NOT belong on your floor. Hope you get help soon. NO person should be alone in a room with this out of control patient.
    REinforce with staff need to STICK TOGETHER on this issue.
  3. by   aus nurse
    Being a rural hospital and with todays focus on community mental health care (least intervention necessary) we now have a 2 bed mental health suite on our medical floor Which means we find ourselves in your position too Wendy. We also have many dementia patients who can be mobile and aggressive. My commiserations to you, I know it can be very traumatic. It is truly not an appropriate place for this type of care.
    Great advice from all here. Where I work we try to incident report as much as we seems to change nothing but at least it is documented. Charting in the medical records is a must too. We now never ever hesitate to call the police in when our safety is threatened. You and others are being assaulted by this patient.
    I agree with nurse ratched too...good point...why on earth do you keep getting this guy????? I would refuse to take him too.
  4. by   nursegoodguy
    Document and report everything he does to his doc and make out any sort of behavior incident reports...
    There was a case that I knew of where the patient was taken off their mood altering med and they attacked the nurse. She sued the doc, the facility and I think even the patient was pulled into it.
    trust me you get them in LTC too and for a very long time!
  5. by   nimbex
    excellent advise from all! please follow it. As NRSKaren stated this is a law... hostile and unsafe work environment. Document as everyone stated using the terms "hostile and unsafe work environment" and demand action...

    We had a patient climbing out the bed shouting "I'm gonna kick your a**" to her nurse. The nurse called security and was told this behavior from the patient was ILLEGAL and called a sheriff to take her statement. The sheriff than told the patient one more word and a warrent for her arrest would be issued. Shut her up quick.

    Administration and the patient can't have it both ways.... If he's incompetent... he goes to psyc. when medically stable... If competent he faces the LAW..... PERIOD.
  6. by   soundsLikesirens
    Might I add....when you get through with all this charting and documentation, be prepared to find another job.

    Hospitals don't like nurses who protect themselves and their licenses, at least the one I worked at didn't!

    You might as well start looking now.............
  7. by   KC CHICK
    We had a 5 nurse "HALDOL PARTY" the other night w/a physically abusive, combative, confused patient.....sure did the trick. 4 to hold the pt. down and 1 to give the injection.

    Can they do that w/his psych meds that he's refusing to take??? Chemical restraint anyone? Have the docs documented his psych behavior.....can they order what you need in order to deal w/him?

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  8. by   StrawberryBSN
    i assume case management is having a helluva time placing him somewhere, that's why you and the other poor nurses are still taking care of him. i say refuse the assignment. he tried to assault you once, that's reason enough. take an immuno-compromised patient and yell "can't put my compromised patient at risk with the mrsa going on" whatever you do, be carefull wendy! this man doesn't sound good at all

    want me to come in with my street clothes on and throw soup at him? hahahaha....sweet...but just kidding.
  9. by   JailRN
    , You do not have to put up with this crap' In Calif, we have a charge 243 penal code, assault and battery of a nurse, doctor, police officer in their line of work and it carries a higher penalty than a regular A+B. You need to document, document, document, file police charges, THEN see what your supervisors have to say. If this kook attacked his wife, he should be in a jail cell, or infirmary of a jail, certainly not a gen floor if a hiospital without police guards. BUT< if everyone lkeeps looking the other way this behavior will escalate and who knows WHAT will happen next, lets see --beat up his wife, threw hot soup at someone, water at you, what next, a knife??? THEN the hispital will try and do damage control.

    Be smart, refuse and get another job-someone forgot to tell your hospital that there's a nursing shortage, You can work where they will actually protect you 9and the hospital ) from a suit, hostile work environment, criminal neglect, etc. Good luck and let us know what happens.
  10. by   disher
    I think you need to discuss this with more than the charge nurse, talk to the NM and attending MD, if they say they are unable to move the patient or provide protection until they can D/C him. Call ONA (if your hospital's in the bargaining unit) and speak to the legal advisor.
  11. by   live4today
    Happeewendy.......CALL THE POLICE to come to the unit where you work. Tell them you would like to file assault charges against the patient as well as file charges against all those in line of being able to help you, but have refused thus far for putting you, other staff, and other patients in harms way. I bet they will MOOOOOVVVVVEEE the patient then......they won't like having the city cops on the unit as they stand at the nurses station and fill out those reports from you. Trust WILL work like a charm. :kiss
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  12. by   KaraLea
    Originally posted by nursegoodguy
    Document and report everything he does to his doc and make out any sort of behavior incident reports...
    And if that doesn't work, Guiseppe and Rusty will come and bust his but for messing with you...
  13. by   sjoe
    Having worked med-surg, psych, and corrections in the past, you got some excellent advice above. I would only add that this is not simple assault, but assault and battery. Don't wait for the next incident, make a police report now, formally advise (in writing) your supervisor that this patient is a danger to anyone on your ward who deals with him, that you refuse to take the assignment, and (if you can get some cooperation) have it signed by all the RNs on your staff. Regardless, you are now aware of the danger, and if you choose to re-enter the dangerous situation, you can hardly blame the institution which can alway say "Well, if she REALLY thought is was so dangerous, she wouldn't have come back. So obviously she didn't think it was dangerous. And so why should we have?"
    My best advice, in addition to doing all that, is look for another job with a different facility. If this one cares so little about your feedback, they care very little about you and this won't be the last such problem you'll encounter with them. At least in a corrections facililty that is reasonably well-run, you always have a guard/officer/deputy with you for protection.