Anyone else addicted? - page 3

Ok y'all, I have a confession to make...I AM ADDICTED TO ALLNURSES.COM!!! I want each any everyone of you to know that I appreciate your views, opinions, questions and concerns that you post on... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81 BB, and a big cup of caffeine get me going every morning...LOL!

    I LOVE all the dialogue...even when my panties get into a cyber wad.
  2. by   proud2bme

    YOU CRACK ME UP!!!:roll
  3. by   secondcareer
    Guilty as charged. I usually eat my meals in front of the computer so that I can continue to read all the threads.
  4. by   micro
    i am thinking of renting a laptop so roadtrip will be tolerable........
    almost pushing 1000 post........
    micro needs help...........hehehehehehehe
    membership fees go to help the poor addicted withdraw..........

    hey amy, crack me up.........

    VAC, oh, no not you........hehehehehehehehe
  5. by   l-andre
    It started last year, just to try, you know...
    And I got addicted...
    Then was forced into rehab (to computer for months!!!!!)
    Then, I just got a glimpse at the board, and there I was.
    Some things are just hard to get over!!!
  6. by   BrandyBSN

    BrandyBSN - two more tests, one more presentation, and I am DONE!
  7. by   jackee
    I am a 3rd year nursing student in Australia......and have just found this I wish it was 2 years ago.
    I have found the PERFECT place to visit when the study gets just too much.......and as it is all about nursing, I don't even have to feel in advance..........I am addicted also!!!!

  8. by   kaycee
    guily as charged
  9. by   TracyB,RN
    I am also addicted, but hey, there are much worse things to be addicted to. Oh gosh, that sounds like I am making excuses for my behavior, LOL
    Originally posted by TracyB,RN
    there are much worse things to be addicted to. Oh gosh, that sounds like I am making excuses for my behavior, LOL
    I believe the first sign of addiction is rationalization of the addictive behavior?


  11. by   nurs4kids
    Typical night in my house..
    kids to bed around 9pm..can see that look in hubby's eyes..that, "oh, yes!! they're asleep and I'm gonna get lucky!!!"..

    The look in my eyes..."reflections of allnurses puke yellow colors" my mind, "gawd, when is he gonna give up??!!"

    From the bedroom, "are you coming to bed???"..
    From the computer, "uha, just gonna finish reading this thread"
    twenty minutes later, again from the bedroom, "How many pages is that thread????"
    From the computer, "I'm almost finished...." <go to sleep, please>..
    Finally torn between what I SHOULD do and what I wanna do...guilt overcomes me. Reluctantly, I sign off and as I enter the bedroom, I hear snoring

    NO, I'm not addicted!!!!
  12. by   l.rae
    I swear I only have 2 hits a night! Help I'm under the influence. I love this BB. Sitting in bed with the lap top now. I actually woke my hubby up lol the other nite and he got perturbed and went to sleep in another room. Didn't care, kept on reading and grinnin.
  13. by   nursesteph
    I'm a newbie & having a great time, even when I don't reply I enjoy all the discussions. Wish I had known of this site before. I just feel like I'm in a big room full of friends & co-workers, thanks you wonderful nurses