Any Nurses From Pennsylvania out there?

  1. I'd like to talk with any nurses from Pennsylvania. Feel free to e-mail me at or post in this forum.

    I am an ex- home health nurse. Just quit in July - majorly stressed out. Just started a home business - much more relaxed now. Would like to make some nurse friends from Pa or elsewhere for that matter!

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  3. by   NRSKarenRN

    Philly burb reporting in... also in homecare. PM if you care to yack. Also check out our Home Health and Nurse Entrepreneur forums.
  4. by   renerian
    Hey are you planning a PENN get together? We are doing one in Ohio. So far 15 are coming.........

    What is your home business?

    I was in home health for 11 years and I hear you on the burn out!

    I am starting a new job as a medicaid case manager on Monday. Hopefully the no weekends, holidays, nights or oncall with stop the burn out.

  5. by   BadBird
    Pittsburgh here ! I am working Critical Care Agency now.
  6. by   jdomep
    Lancaster County student here...

    What are you doing now?
  7. by   RNConnieF
    Suburban Philly here.
  8. by   rnherbal
    Cathy in Douglassville, Pa again. You all are asking about my home business. I would love to tell you but would probably get kicked off the board - they might think of it as recruiting??? I don't know. Am I allowed to say I am not sure? I guess I could invite you to email me - Sorry, I am really new at this board stuff so I want to be sure I stick to the rules. Anyway, if anyone wants to chat my email is
    Why don't we schedule a Pennsylvania group get together? Is anyone interested in doing that???? I would love to.
  9. by   Reabock
    Another PA resident here, but not in the city, in the sticks. Work at the only hospital in the county, luckily not far from home, on a med-surg floor. Joanne
  10. by   renerian
    I may be able to come to a Penn get together if you did one. Would depend on the day.........

  11. by   JailRN
    Grew up in Penn, outside of Phila, went to school there, and the day after our wedding, moved to LA. Let me know it there's a reunion planned, trips to the East are always fun.
  12. by   caroladybelle
    I am taking a travel assignment in Philly in January...... How long does it take to get a licensure by endorsement??

    I wanted to see some history and some will be my first time north of the Mason-Dixon line, except for trips through NY.
  13. by   RNConnieF
    LOL, we hardly ever get snow now, except for when we get 3 feet all at once! If you want history, Philadelphia is the place for you. Go see the Liberty Bell, Congress Hall, Christ Church, the Zoo (the first in the nation), Betsy Ross House, the Poe House, the Munter Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Franklin Insitiute and on and on and on. There is more to see here than you will be able to do in 6 months. PM me when you are in town, we'll get together.