Any Good Doctor Stories?

  1. There are a lot of posts about the things MDs do that anger and frustrate us, but does anyone have any stories about some of the nice things they sometimes do. Our cardiac surgeons have a Christmas party and a Labor Day picnic for all the staff every year. Those that can't attend because they have to work recieve a gift. One of our pulmonologists brings us pizza or other takeout several times a month.
    I worked on a medsurg floor for several days last week because our census was down, and had a patient who was recovering from abdominal surgery. His surgeon was out to someone else the first day I was there, and the patient complained to the surgeon that the nurses made him wash himself. The covering surgeon told him, the nurses are here to help you get better, not to coddle you. You didn't have surgery on your arms. Do it yourself. The next day the patient's surgeon was back, and he tried the same complaint about the nurses not washing him His surgeon told him he expected the nurses to be maids, and they are not, they are professionals. He told him the only way he was going to get better is to take care of himself. Both of these surgeons have supported the staff many times in the past when there have been problems with patients or when administration has been unreasonable. I have also had many docs tell me that they appreciate the care I give my patients. Anyone else want to share some "good" doctor stories?
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  3. by   Anagray
    One of the residents who comes on my floor sometimes always takes the time to say hello to everyone. The first time I saw him standning at the nurse't post chatting with a monitor tech, I was in shock.
    Another doctor, who I never met before, actually helped me to transfer the patient and made sure everything was OK before he moved on to paperwork. The next week he saw that I was swampped with work - I had 4 bells that needed to be answered.
    He took care of one of the patients for me, so I can get to the others. I think that was very nice.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    We have an ob who is prolly one of the most eccentric types I have ever met. but you know what he does for the all-female staff on our floor each HOLIDAY????? Sends up a HUGE box of yummy chocolates (what lady does not LUV chocolate???)....also, he has bought us a DVD player for educational purposes out of his own purse. And this man also bought several fetal monitoring books and educational materials for us.....what a guy. And if this all is not enuf....

    He also sings happy bday to the newborns as they are born and takes pics w/his camera of the happy new family and sends them copies. Also, he always shows up with a gift cert. of some sort for the new family at the hospital on the day of discharge. WHO COULD NOT LOVE THAT???? GREAT THREAD ---I love positive things! ;-)
  5. by   Lisa2902
    I worked for a physician owned surgery center who provided us with catered lunches everyday. We also had an annual clambake (all the food and "beverages" you wanted) and as well an annual christmas party that was totally the best I've ever attended. They also had a separate children's christmas party for all the staff and doctors children.
  6. by   ICUBecky
    i was just out of orientation (maybe like 2 days) and my pt. started going down the tubes. the fellow MD was there, and he was by my side the whole time. he helped me mix and hang my drips, helped me calculate drip rates, chart, do anything and everything. ultimately, my pt ended up coding and dying. this was my first one alone, and ended up crying and being totally stressed out. he put his arm around me and said "it's okay, you worked hard, did your best and this won't be your did great". well...needless to say i was completely shocked at what this guy did. to this an attending...he still helps out anyone and everyone. you can call him at 3 am, and he never gets mad and asks if he NEEDS TO COME IN!! no lie!

  7. by   fedupnurse
    We have a pulmonologist who saw me at a hospital (not the one I work in) with my father. He made it a point to come over and say hi and since then always asks "how's Dad doing?" He has cried with us about sad cases and he is forever picking up the phone and calling the VP of medical affairs to tell him how awful he thinks staffing is on our unit. He is always patient and concerned and never difficult to deal with, even on night shift.
    We have other docs who will foot the tab when days orders out. They do this without expecting any favors and such.
    There are definetly some great docs out there. What's that saying in public relations "If you are happy you will tell one person and if you aren't you will tell ten." I am the opposite when people ask me for referrals to docs. I always tell them who I would go to and why.
  8. by   Brownms46
    What great stories...! I have met many docs who were wonderful to work with...but I guess the one that sticks out in my mind is a OB/GYN whom I worked with on the ROADS team. He was there working off loans from school...and I was on contract. He became a very good friend...and we had great laughs together! He would take us all out to He loved to eat...:chuckle. We would even chase each other around the small trailer we worked out of...:chuckle. He had the best bedside manner of anyone I have met. One pt said when she came in...she had the worst headache ever...and he had her laughing so much...she forgot all about the headache..

    I asked him to be on a committee with me for Headstart...and even though his family had come down to visit him....he still came to the meeting! I haven't seen him in years...but he promised if he ever saw me in line...if we went to having socialized medicine...that he would pull me out of line...
  9. by   labornurse
    We have a couple of great Obs on our unit. They don't get grumpy when called in the middle of the night, no matter how many times they are called. They are always respectfull of the nurses. One of the Obs brings in treats for the nurses on nurse's day and has a Christmas party for all the staff every year. He always compliments the nurses in front of the patients. There was an incident where one of the expectant dads was acting like a real jerk both to his wife and to all the nurses. Very insulting. This Doc told the dad in front of everyone, "there is only one right answer on this unit and it is 'yes ma'am'!" The dad was still a jerk, but a quiet one and didn't insult the nuses anymore. They always come in without argument when we call and are ready to jump in and help no matter whose pt it is. Needless to say we think we have the best docs in the hospital!
  10. by   mattsmom81
    One of our cardiologists makes early morning Saturday rounds and calls us on night shift about 5 am to total up I and O's and gather labwork for him.

    In return? He always brings donuts.
  11. by   h2ogoddess
    What great stories about MD's, I knew there had to be some great ones.
    Warms my heart to read these stories.
  12. by   fergus51
    My favorite doc once slammed an agressive father-to-be against a wall when he was threatenning the nurses. I fell in love with him that day! Plus, he always brings sweets that his wife makes and shares the gifts his patients give him. He is a doll!
  13. by   SandyLV
    The Pediatrician I used to work with, shares her cleaning lady with her nurses once a month....and PICKS UP THE BILL...

    Needless to say...her nurses last a long long time...
  14. by   RNinICU
    We have a frequent flyer who has the most obnoxious husband. He is always trying to intimidate the nurses, complaining about his wife's care, and expecting special treatment. One day when the nursing supervisor was actually apologizing to him for some percieved offense, the admitting doc intervened, told the supervisor that we should not have to take his abuse or hers, and told the patient that he would show the nurses some respect, or he would write an order that the husband would not be allowed to visit. He has been respectful ever since.