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Over the years I have taken Celexa and most recently Paxil for my depression. I am now on Wellbutrin. My Celexas quit working, and my Paxils made me gain weight!(Like I needed that!). Anyone else... Read More

  1. by   jadednurse
    Originally posted by teeituptom
    Sorry, I dont buy it. Drugs are just an easy answer. Just ask any ER nurse what they think of doctors prescribing antidepressants to just anyone who wants them. WE get them all in the ER sooner or later. Medication reactions, overdoses, suicide attempts, etc. And they are all on drugs. Obviously not the answer.
    WHOA! Way to lump everyone into one stereotypical bundle...
  2. by   Nutty RN
    I am a psych nurse and we give alot of Wellbutrin. It can't be taken late in the day because of insomnia and it does suppress appetite. Good luck to you!
  3. by   happygray
    I was on prozac and others the last one Paxil I stopped taking it I am sick of taking meds. I am taking Glucophage, Synthroid,Trilisate, Toprol,Enapril. I think there are more.
  4. by   carpe_de_em
    Originally posted by Kayzee
    I'm thinking of going off the drug because my anxiety is better, and I am not depressed. --confused: [/B]
    I have had great luck w/ decreasing my meds--after 25 years of Treatment Resistant Depression. But not through the usual means.

    My experice is that if you don't have the tools and skills to handle the "nouns" (people, places and things) you will not do well without anti-depressants.

    I found those tools, but in a surprising place. I have gone off of major psych meds within 1 year of finding these tool.

    e-mail me if interested.
  5. by   BarbPick
    welbutrin is made of the same drug as the diet pill tenuate, in a slow release doseage. The way it works is it makes you "care less". It creates an elevated mood but at the same time , it breaks compulsive behaviors. Think about this for a moment...have you noticed you have opened the refrig door and look and look, and nothing appeals to you? That is the welbutrin working. It takes an edge off the sharp feelings and you "care less" about work about what so and so said. Try to work with your welbutrin, you will be amazed how much more you get done, or stop doing.
    Be well
  6. by   P_RN
    Tenuate and Wellbutrin are NOT the same. Tenuate is Phentermine. Wellbutrin is Bupropion .