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Each year I give our staff the annual flu vaccine. I find many people are hesitant to take advantage of this opportunity. Will you get your flu vaccine this year? If not why? Cali:nurse:... Read More

  1. by   Roland
    I have reservations about the plethora of vaccinations which are routinely administered to both adults and children. Among my concerns:

    1. Allergic reactions which can precipitate the type of events recorded in the National Vaccine Adverse Reporting database maintained by the CDC. Although these are supposedly "rare" most experts estimate less than one in ten cases are actually reported to this database. Even so, billions have been paid out in compensatory damages to parents and children who have been "injured" by vaccines.

    2. Contamination of vaccines with viral or prion based organisms. Such as was documented with the early Polio SV 40 contamination. Who is to say that current vaccines are not contaminated with newly discovered (although not definitely established) agents such as nanobacteria, virions, and or prions.

    3. I believe that God gave us a wonderful immune system which if properly maintained via appropriate rest, nutrition and exercise is generally capable of fighting most pathogens without assistence. Some have speculated that one reason that many Health care workers seem to be suffering from HH-6 infection (Human Herpes Virus Six which has been linked by SOME research to chronic fatigue sydrome and improper immune response) might be related to over vaccination.

    Of course I DO believe that vaccines PROBABLY save many more lives than they take. However, I believe that EVERY vaccination decision must weigh the relative risks from the pathogen being vaccinated against, and the risks of the vaccine itself.
  2. by   midwestRN
    I know it's a killed virus, but a co-worker took it at work. Within 3 hours she had 101 temp. Was off work x 3 days. Coincidence? I'm not convinced. I've worked in ER for 3 years. Hadn't had it yet. I think we may build up an immunity due to frequent exposure to everything. Anyway, I will be eating my words if I get sick, but I'm not taking it.
  3. by   Rustyhammer
    I haven't had a vaccination since my smallpox shots many years ago.
    I don't take them. I'll take my chances. I'm not really one to get sick.
  4. by   live4today
    I came down with the flu every winter season for as long as I can recall.....including the one year that I finally succumbed to getting a flu shot. So.....having the flu shot or not having the flu shot......I still caught the flu. So, I'll probably go ahead and get a flu shot anyway. It can't hurt....even if it doesn't help.
  5. by   prmenrs
    We are required to get a flu shot in the NICU to protect or pts from us--if there's a shortage of vaccine, the NP from employee health actually saves some for us and comes to the unit to "shoot"us. I have also had pneumonia x2, and am prone to asthma, so I've had the pneumonia shot twice now (got pneumonia many years ago, got the shot then, got it again last winter, so got it again after I was well.

    I have never smoked, but I was raised by 2 smokers, and believe that to be a factor with my "lung health". Bummer.
  6. by   recnurse1
    I usually get one, I work in a school, where moms refuse to keep their sick kids home... they tell them to come see me and if they should not be in school I should send them home! By then they've been in the bus with all the other kids and then the whole school gets sick! Besides, I seem to have a lot of bronchitis and sinus infections every year, so yes... I've been getting it the past few years.
  7. by   shygirl
    I know I should get one, but I'm afraid to! I heard alot of people get the flu after getting the shot.
  8. by   NicuGal
    I always get one! The one year I didn't I got that stinkin' flu and was out of work for 5 days! DH didn't get his last year and he got it. I know that it only covers one type, but at least that is one less thing I have to worry about!

    I usually get a fever the next day, nothing big, just a low grade one that last 24 hours, and then I am right as rain after that.
  9. by   misti_z
    I have had it the last two years and have not had the flu in those 2 years, before that I got the freakin' flu every year!!

    Not sure if I will get one this year or not. Anyone know of contradictions in geting the flu shot while pregnant? It is on my list to ask to OB doc at my appointment.
  10. by   baseline
  11. by   boggle
    I know the flu shot is designed to protect me from the flu strains CDC predicts for this year, and sometimes other strains become more common..

    ...and, yes I may have a mild reaction...achy, mild temp for a day or so,..


    This is not a bad cold !! I'm talking about flat in bed for 3 days, every bone and muscle hurting, cough ? oh what a cough!!, fever, chills, felt awful for another week, then just moderately lousy, missed way to much work, got secondary bronchitis afterwards.....
    small fortune in doc visits, OTC remidies and prescriptions...

    I want the odds in my favor.

    Something I notice around here though, folks call a case of gastroenteritis "the flu" then say " that flu shot didn't work, I was throwing up for 24 hours..."

    We have some educating to do!!
  12. by   panda_181
    I worked on a Long Term Care facility and it was highly recommended but not mandatory (and free for all hospital employees). I got so sick the next day and then I was fine after that. So I had it last year to see what I would be like...if I was sick again I wasn't going to get it this year. But after having it I was told by some people that the long term effects of this flu shot are not so good...but I haven't read anything about it myself.
    Last year we lost a large number of residents to pneumonia...after they had the flu shot. Either it was due to that or a different strain than was in the shot...who knows.
    And I rarely get sick anyway...just a head cold every now and then. So why bother?

  13. by   Flo1216
    I got the vaccine for the first time last year and I swear I got the flu on one side of my body the next day. At least that is what it felt like. What was weird that every year since I can remember I have gotten the flu. The one year I get the vaccine, I got everything BUT the flu. Gastroenteritis, sinusitis, strep. But no flu. Usually I get my flu and I am fine in a week. I got the vaccine and it was like the flu was punishing me with other illnesses.