And while we're at it-things you'd LOVE to ask/tell management and get away with

  1. cos they really get me going!

    Why is it that when the nursing staff ask for new equipment it is refused, but if we get the doctors to ask for it we get it. I HATE having to play that game, it's so unprofessional. If we need it, we need it, regardless of who asks for it.

    Why do you cave in to the doctors, why not back up your unit managers some times when they tell the doc 'no, you can't do that' (not necessarily so bluntly). You're just rewarding bad behaviour, and it'll just get worse.

    Don't think I can be bought off with a burnt sausage at a staff BBQ after I've been racing round like a mad thing because you think we're overstaffed. (see below)

    Do not walk through PACU in our quiet time, please come through half an hour later -and help- when we are packed and most of the pts need one on one care, and we've had to stop theatres bringing out pts for the third or fourth time that day

    And, no, I will not have any respect for you when you've been here for 4 years and you still don't know who I am as you present me with a long service award-it's not that big a hospital, make an effort!
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  3. by   kerric511
    ooooohh boy .... Here comes a can of worms.

    I'm gonna have to think about this one!

    Probably something along these lines, to our Chief of Staff:

    "Tonight the ER has doubled as Ringling Brother Circus, we're short-staffed, I've been puked on, peed on, nearly stabbed, baby sitting drunks, running like a chicken with my head cut off, I woofed down a burnt, stale grilled cheese thats been under a lightbulb for 5 hours! I have charts coming out my ___. I'm sorry there's no coffee in the break room, how may I suggest you make it your damn self?"

    I would like to make a motion that extra staff be put on during full moons? Who's with me????
  4. by   pennyaline
    I wouldn't waste my breath with anything eloquent. Just:

    "If you're not going to help, f... off."
  5. by   hellerd2003
    I'd like to point out that they have created a new management career ladder-- thus increasing the number of managers in our hospital-- but when I ask for a CNA to ensure that we can give adequate patient care, I'm told it's not in the budget. Just curious to find out how many CNA's they can pay for if they cut out a manager or two? Too many chiefs-- not enough indians . . .
  6. by   TheCommuter
    Dear Manager,

    How would you like it if your mother or loved one had to lay in her own feces and urine for too long before a staff member could finally come along to clean her up?

    Why do you purposely keep the place understaffed?

    Why do I believe that you're lying through your teeth when you state that you care about the patients?
  7. by   cherrybreeze
    "I realize you think you look busy, and are trying to appear to be part of the team, but all you've been doing is pushing empty beds and stretchers around the floor for 20 minutes....go home."
  8. by   Hoozdo
    Here's one I did say and got away with.

    ICU manager during staff meeting is going over Press-Gainey scores. Med/Surg has a very low score. Manger complaining, "well management can not figure out why the scores are so low.

    I said "did management ever think the staffing ratio of 8-10 pts to 1 nurse will certainly affect the quality of nursing care in med/surg." She just glared at me and the whole room was stunned that I had the nerve to say that. Heck, it's obvious that horrible staffing ratios will impact the ever so important Press Gainey scores. What's the mystery.
  9. by   CTMMaine
    @ pennyaline and Hoozdo.
  10. by   kemper1974
    1) Hellllllooooo....let me see you do my job, because you are so far removed from reality you have no clue
    2)You really believe that staffing has nothing to do with acuity or patient satisfaction?
  11. by   mommiof2kids
    1. So you want me to work 2 thanksgiving and christmas holidays in a row? and the new grad gets both off? What the f*&$.
    2. Do you really think I give a s*^t about the "drink station" being messy? I don't have time to clean up after other people. I have 6 patients to take care of. If I wanted to clean up, I'd go home and do it.
    3. What makes you think that I want to come to a "mandatory" staff meeting on my day off? It takes me 45 minutes to get here, the meeting is 30 minutes and then it takes me 45 minutes to get home. Day care is $15.00/hour. So my 30 minutes on the clock doesn't even begin to cover how much this is costing me.
  12. by   Morning-glory
    How about "do it yourself!!"?

    In my LTC days, I was asked to do all kinds of things that were not my job, not quite my job or actually management's job. "For Pete's sake I'm busy, leave me alone"
  13. by   wonderbee
    You want me to do x amount of tasks with x amount of staff. I can only do half of those tasks. Choose.
  14. by   CathRN
    While working as a staff nurse on a very busy neuro floor, I was quite blunt with our nurse manager when she was complaining during a manadatory staff meeting that our press gainey (gag!) scores were too low. I told her that on holidays, weekends, etc, that the floor runs much better when there isn't manglement around. And since that is a fact, why don't they cut out so many office positions and put more people on the floor so that maybe the blasted press gainey scores would improve.
    I got into so much trouble for that, but it felt so good to say it.