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  1. Nursing Faculty Shortage and Salaries

    I have also seen the tide turning in regards to the "nursing shortage." It's been interesting. What is happening, at least in some parts of the country, is that experienced nurses who were retired are coming out of retirement and re-entering nursing....
  2. Platt college?

    I would have to disagree with you. Platt College is accredited by the American Association of Technical Schools. The nursing school is also fully approved by the state board of nursing. Take a look at the school website and look at their information
  3. LVN school Dallas???

    Any recommendations on Platt, DNI, Concorde?? I'm looking. Need to know the good and the bad, TIA
  4. Hesi Exit Test

    the school that I am faculty at uses the HESI as a means to gauge how the students are doing, and a tool to evaluate curriculum. We do not use as a requirement to move on to the next level or to graduate. We do not use it as a grade either. I do know...
  5. Would Love to Hear Worst Student Nurse Fumbles

    giving my first shot as a student nurse, my instructor insisted that I use the 1 1/2 inch needle on a very thin man. So, scared to death, I go in, have the man turn over so I can give in his glut. okay, here we go...put the needle in and hit...bone! ...
  6. Student wants advice about professor from Nurse Educatiors

    Goody Nurse, Please don't take my comments as rude or insensitive. This is just my opinion. I'm wondering if perhaps the class is expecting all of the information to be handed to them? I know that I experience this with the students in my classes. As...
  7. Website for students

    The school where I'm teaching does not have a student portal. I've been having issues with students keeping up with lectures, and wanting tons of copies of my power points. Has anyone created a website just to give students access to lecture notes, c...
  8. Student wants advice about professor from Nurse Educatiors

    Speaking from a "new" instructor's standpoint, I'd like to address your questions. First, power points are supposed to be minimal. The intent is to highlight the important areas and then fill in with lecture. That being said, it is difficult to keep ...
  9. Discussing scheduling problem during interview

    personally, I never mention scheduling issues when interviewing for a position. I find out what shifts are available and the weekend requirement and then I either accept or decline the position.
  10. Momma, Who Are Those Children In My Room?

    I'm suprised that my post touched off such a debate. To be honest, I never really thought about any of the points that y'all have brought up. My point in this post was that my experience with this young lady and her family forever changed the way tha...
  11. Momma, Who Are Those Children In My Room?

    I began my orientation with other, more experienced nurses. After a few weeks, I was on my own. Once I became familiar with the chemotherapy, protocols, diseases, and families I came to love working with oncology patients. They are an amazing group o...
  12. I do not care anymore

    Sounds to me like you are burned out. Take a vacation, clear your mind and then find something else in nursing that you're passionate about. It'll do wonders for ya
  13. Do you need a MD order for IS?

    I don't know if you technically need an order or not. However, I would CYA myself and get one anyway
  14. help

    I am so sorry that you are both going through this difficult time. Is it possible that your boyfriend is going through the stages of grief? Do you have a church or spiritual leader that you can seek guidance and support from? Men tend to handle situa...
  15. ? giving small amount of Morphine

    It never hurts to dilute morphine especially if pushing straight into the PIV. If you're pushing into a line with IVF infusing...I usually push at the next higher port on the line. It goes in a bit slower and dilutes with the IVF as it goes in. I don...