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It seems as though I may have ruffled a few feathers here with some posts I made to a particular poster. Even though I apologized in advance to the poster in case I was commiting a faux paus, it... Read More

  1. by   ageless
    Reminds me of an expression..
    "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day...Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime"
  2. by   Jenny P
    Wow, has this thread ever gone astray! I've been working the past 2 nights; so haven't been on the BB.

    I'm gonna ad my 2 cents; then stand back for the flaming.

    I really LOVE to help students and other nurses who ask: "Could you help me with this? I can't find info on ____ "(fill in the blanks). "Why is this happening? I'd expect ____". Or; "this doesn't make sense to me;" or but I thought____". I usually bend over backwards to help someone who has shown some initiative in looking up the answers themselves, or is genuinely confused or interested in what is happening in a particular situation. I also appreciate anyone who comes out and asks me challenging questions to make ME think; but they better be able to help answer any questions on the topic that I may also come up with. In other words; show me you were thinking when you asked me the question first.

    But when someone comes and asks "what are the nursing implications..." without telling me THEIR thoughts and ideas on the subject, it just sounds like they are asking me to do their thinking for them. That's what bothers me. And if the language and grammar on the question doesn't match that individuals' own grammar and speech (as though it came straight out of a textbook); then it really bothers me and I've been known to get cranky with that particular person.

    I have no problem with students who ask me questions; just let me know that you have actually put some effort into the answer first.

    Now I'll duck and run
  3. by   Grace Oz
    originally posted by skm-nursiepooh
    ...that bob's referring to, but i have to point-out that asking a question on these bbs could be considered doing research. i promise that i will do some research of my own & find the thread that's pertaining to this issue once i've finished with this post. one might not be satisfied with other traditional methods of research. quite frankly, what's the difference between arriving at an answer using text or workbooks, films/videos, internet sites (this & other official &/or credible nursing sites) & online articles(nursing or otherwise). no one, i believe, would ask anyone else here to write or do their homework for them...jmho perhaps we may make too much of this issue ???
    hear hear moe, i agree with you!!!
  4. by   Robin61970
    I am just seeing how some have been made to feel...I can see both sides of the issue....while I am doing pre-reqs...I also believe in doing my own research, but I won't hesitate to ask for an opinion from someone who may know otherwise or have more infromation than I am able to find.....and nothing against any of you, but any research that is needed for class I believe would have to be documented as fact and not hey these nurses I know on this bulletin board said.....hhmm If I were an instructor that would not make me happy nor would I expect them to accept it as an answer.......I do feel though that while this subject has gotten off the beaten path that it has given most students a bad rap when we all aren't lumped into that's sad, but that is how it happens sometimes and now some will be hesitant to ask anything for fear of this whole thing happening again.....I'm not saying it's right, but it is true....hopefully this will blow over with not too many reprecusions(sp?)
  5. by   CATHYW
    i admit that i thought that you were a little rough on the newbie, what with multiple postings of the same answer, and all. there is absolutely no disagreement that students should do their own research. i mentioned this to you in a pm. along with being resourceful enough to figure out where and how to locate the information they need, it also sharpens their critical thinking skills. tapping into the conversations of experienced nurses to help with your homework is just plain lame! it would scare me to death to be taken care of by a nurse like that! you are obviously a true gentleman and a caring person. i offer my apology, if i came across too harshly to you.

    ...and people want to know if there should be male nurses! this is a perfect example of caring and empathy. you go guy!

    best regards,
  6. by   ceecel.dee
    As a newbie to this board (proven by my low posting number), I will be very careful not to ask an indepth question least my intellegence be questioned! Yikes! Sweet Nurse will never be seen here again! I guess we newbies must tread lightly and hope to post appropriately since older members compile our postings to judge our merit!

    PS I am not a student either, but you'll have to research my profile to figure me out!
  7. by   micro
    newbies, oldbies, and rugabies..........
    starting to sound like ms Peggy's magic mirror.........
    sorry, micro up too late and on a micro roll..........
    where is that chair.............

    actually, 2ndcareerrn,
    said it way cool in his open apology.........
    also others have said it well for students just as any of us to
    not totally rely on another nurse, etc
    students do have to learn,
    nurses that are out there, we don't and won't ever know it all either..............that is why we don't stop learning and educating ourselves.........
    but there are times that you do ask for input and if time is a pinch, well I know I will call pharm......etc........
    etc, and on and on,
    so students, don't take shortcuts, but it is okay to gleam from experience,
    nobody get bent here on these threads.........micro knows

    off to work again, hi, ho, hi ho.........:chuckle :stone
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  8. by   frann
    I really don't think this is the proper place for research for students.
    How would you know the answers are right? You don't know who these people are
    This board to me is for the exchange of ideas, and to have fun.

    I don't want to do someone's homework.
    Just not fun to me
  9. by   wildhoney
    Originally posted by frann

    I really don't think this is the proper place for research for students.
    How would you know the answers are right? You don't know who these people are
    This board to me is for the exchange of ideas, and to have fun.

    I don't want to do someone's homework.
    Just not fun to me

    Not the proper place? For questions?? I've seen plenty of improper posts from professionals here. Asking questions is a very small thing compared to some of the comments I've read here in regard to patient's they've cared for. To me- just because you don't mention the name of a patient doesn't mean you're maintaining patient confidentiality. I would never bring my personal stories to an online message board. I have come into contact with famous people through work, but I would never bring those stories here. I feel that is what's really wrong....asking a few questions is so minor in comparision. There are a few who have said some really nasty things about their patient's-- I hope i'm never their patient.

    If you don't like people coming here to ask questions I have a simple solution for you-- don't read, don't respond. Problem solved.

    Venting and "having fun" (as you say) is done here quite often. Asking questions is a form of all

    Proper? I ask myself what's proper and what's really not proper? IMO, this does not fall into an "improper" category. Belittling patient's behind they're back is improper. Quite frankly that makes me a bit sick.
  10. by   micro
    oh, i so much agree, wildhoney..........

    credence given to where it is due...........happeewendy.....said it and it is sooo true........

    if they bore, please ignore................there is a click on emblem for all...................please use................

    other than that.....keep on postin because this is the best bb anywhere especiallty for health care and nursing............
  11. by   ArenRN
    Why make a public apology? It would have been better to make the apology to Sweetnurse in the individual posts. Because there were several where she was chastised.
    Or is this a way to rally support in not answering questions from what some think are nursing students?
    I noticed that one person even pointed out that English is not the primary language of SweetNurse. Well...the questions she asked were in English in order for everyone to understand.
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  12. by   Agnus
    Originally posted by frann
    I really don't think this is the proper place for research for students....
    This board to me is for the exchange of ideas,...
    I agree, it is not a place for research.
    It is a place for exchange of ideas and that is part of the learning process.
    I have frequently presented student type (text book type) questions to nurses both as a student and as a nurse. To get the juices flowing. To stimulate thoughts sometimes others some times mine.
    Getting the mind going this way can lead to reasearch, better thinking etc. So I don't think it is inappropriate for anyone student or other wise to post these here. I find them kind of fun to try and answer myself. Stimulates my thought process. The person on the other end is alone responsible for what they do with the info they find here wether it is a result of a question they posted or something else they just read.

    Asking questions is good. It's the student who doesn't ask that I worry about. It is also the student who doesn't uses many paths to find answers that I worry about as well.

    I had a couple of students this week. I threw out a quetion to them. What is the maximum amount of an opiate that you can give for analgesia?

    When they did not know I told them with the rational. As I write this I am thinking that perhaps I should have just left them with the question to find out themselves. The exploration of this question might have stimulated all kinds of learning.
    OK just by the act of writing this post. i think I have learned something. Thanks for stimulating my juices.
    No kidding I did not plan to end this post this way.
  13. by   mattsmom81
    I would like to caution students reading here about putting too much stock in the info you receive on BB's.

    NCLEX questions are not like they used to be....there were lots of data questions on my old board exam, and from what I hear the test is now geared towards good judgment and safe practice; which cannot be memorized by QA sessions on BB's. There really isn't any short cut to good judgment...ya gotta go through the whole learning process to get there, as other posters have pointed out.

    That said, students...ask away but don't make BB's a major resource as you may be disappointed come NCLEX time.

    I agree with those who say students should NOT be made to feel they CANNOT ask questions. Perhaps we should set up a forum specifically for students to post questions to experienced nurses, and that way the nurses who wish to respond can go to that area?? What's everyone think?