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Y'all have heard of "Doctors Hospital" before. Wouldn't it be great if we on "allnurses" could own, work in, and run our own hospital? What could be our slogan? ALLNURSES HOSPITAL: OUTSTANDING... Read More

  1. by   EmmaG
    Quote from kellykul
    I do think by the ER sign they need a definition of what constitutes an emergency.
    And what doesn't.

    Ya know how they used to make you wash dishes if you couldn't pay your restaurant bill? Maybe something along those lines... come in for something stupid, and get handed a mop.
  2. by   EmmaG
    Quote from ERRNTraveler
    And for those who still don't get it & darken my door with their earache, we'll have the trapdoor!
    On one of my assignments, I developed an ear infection with wicked vertigo and N/V. I called our insurance carrier as there were no urgent cares in the vicinity and I was unable to get into a regular doc, and was told I had to go to the ER.


    I spent the entire time there apologizing to everyone I encountered. (I should have grabbed a mop LOL)
  3. by   NurseCherlove
    ALLNURSES HOSPITAL...home of the happiest patients and nurses on earth!

    Sign me up NOW!!
  4. by   Speechie
    Can i be your speech therapist? i'd love working for all nurses right now i report to a nurse that i REALLY respect and like...
    i could probably recruit your whole rehab department
  5. by   Jilaweez
    I just started NS, but save me a spot before they all fill up! This thread is hillarious.....but seriously....what if........
  6. by   CaLLaCoDe
    allnurses hospital, where there's an md on every floor 24 seven to be there for every code and every crashing pt crisis! where you don't spend half of your shift calling the doctor's exchange. page after page after page after page...****d...the patient coded! oh please, don't make me define ****d!

    and can we have showers, lockers and lounge. and please don't place the bathroom between the hall and where i eat dinner i don't like smelling everyone's post meal!

    Quote from emmanuel goldstein
    i spent the entire time there apologizing to everyone i encountered. (i should have grabbed a mop lol)
    that's just too funny! self deprecating humor's the bomb!
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  7. by   Christie RN2006
    The nurses at my hospital were joking the other day that we should play song clips instead of calling "code blue" overhead. They have started playing a clip of a lullaby when a baby is born, so the nurses decided we should play a clip of "another one bites the dust" when there is a code.
  8. by   Mikey31079
    Oooooh I love this idea! Do you need a nursing assistant? I'm very adaptable and I'll work any floor and any shift you need me.

    FYI: At one of the hospitals in my area, they actually have it to where a chime sounds whenever a baby is born. I had never heard of that before and i thought it was wonderful. Also, could we have a soda machine on each floor that we could operate with our ID badge so we don't have to dig for change?
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  9. by   josepye_08
    yes idont thinksdo