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Mikey31079 specializes in long term care, alzheimer's, ltc rehab.

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  1. Mikey31079

    Calling Out for EXCEPTIONAL Snow Conditions

    Hey everyone...I'm a UC in the ED...I just went through this here in the Columbus area...I packed a bag with the charger for my electric wheelchair and my prescriptions, hopped on public transit and went to work...people still need us no matter the weather. The bus driver said "Oh honey, I'm so disheartened that a handicapped person such as yourself has to be in this mess." I unzipped my coat and showed her my hospital badge and said "I'm essential personnel, hun, this town could be hit with nukes and I still have to work." She cracked up lol. also, I spent the night in the hospital because it was so bad 270 couldn't even be plowed until well into the next day. As long as I had a place to plug in the chair and close my eyes I was fine...also got free meal passes for the cafeteria
  2. Mikey31079

    The Grinch of allnurses.com

    Hey everyone, I have to say, I do LOVE this time of year...digging out my Christmas scrubs, playing music on my computer at work, Christmas movies (except for the Hallmark ones...I tried but I just can't lol)...but the biggest complaint I had...I went to Big Lots to do some shopping and they had Christmas decorations...a whole wall of them...in AUGUST!! Who buys a Christmas tree in the summertime?? I'm also feeling a little Grinchy because I'm the only unit clerk scheduled for our ER on Christmas Eve (normally we have 3). BTW...Davey Do...that's a pretty kitty you have there :-)
  3. Mikey31079

    Inane scripting

    Same here...I work as a UC...I'm normally on the observation unit but if we have very few patients I have to float...the other day I was like..."obs..no wait..5..no wait...2 north this is mikey how may I help you?" The supervisor came up to the floor laughing so hard she was purple in the face and said "did you figure out where you're at yet?"
  4. Mikey31079

    4/2 WILTW: Disney Edition

    I love these threads and read them every week, but never posted one until now. Re: Disney-Ixchel, I understand how you feel about the rides. I have cerebral palsy, so I can't ride very many of the rides either, but on the plus side...Downtown Disney is the bomb!! Especially the Days of Christmas store (open all year). Now, as for what I learned at work (as a UC/MT): When a bariatric patient breaks the bed (on purpose...long story) and you have to call the company for a new one, it takes FOREVER! Add that to the patient and his wife hitting the call light and calling the nurses station literally EVERY. TWO. SECONDS. to remind me...I just could not even after a while. Dude, I know your bed is broken, YOU know your bed is broken, the whole hospital knows your bed is broken!! If I could poop out a bed for you, I WOULD! This guy was calling the switchboard operators and harassing them to death too...I bought them donuts after my shift cause I felt bad. That can be one more thing I learned this week: Switchboard operators are your friends, especially if you buy them food! :-)
  5. Mikey31079

    Secretaries who believe they rule the unit or hospital

    HAHA, I would never do that!! And thanks for the compliment! :-)
  6. Mikey31079

    Secretaries who believe they rule the unit or hospital

    Hey Everyone! I'm a unit secretary/monitor tech...I'd like to say a couple things here :-) For the most part, I work with some pretty awesome techs and nurses. But there are some that sometimes I have to keep on about some things...for example, if I tell the PCT I need weights by 6am, it's because I need to update census for day shift then. And PLEASE let me know if the bed scale isn't working so I can call maintenance, or if I need to, order a new bed. Most are good with that, but there is one that I had to remind a few times (she got huffy and I ended up doing it myself.) One more thing...I can't speak for all secretaries, but sometimes I have to guard the office stuff because some nurses think they need like 10 black pens in one shift, or someone takes 3 pads of post-it notes. At my facility, we're only allowed to reorder once a week and we only get a certain amount with each order. And also, the one post I saw (forgive me, but I just woke up from pulling 6 nights in a row and I'm too tired to dig for it right now) about UCs being "low class" Not cool. Not cool at all.
  7. Mikey31079

    Select specialty hospitals

    I work for Select as a UC/MT and float between all 4 sites in the area. If you do end up working for Select, you will learn a lot, but I can tell you there are days that staffing will truly suck and I've seen RN's get up to 7 patients at one site. Also, the main Select hospital where I am take LVADs, the rest of them do not. I've found the ones I truly enjoy working in are the ones that are within a hospital (we have 2). And just a word of advice: the monitor techs do not appreciate it when you ignore their calls (not saying you would do that, but there are some that do...just a little mini-vent) :-)
  8. Mikey31079

    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    And from last night's LOVELY pick-up shift: Look, honey, I know you're upset because you had more patients than the other tech. I know you're frustrated, and trust me, I get why. I was a tech for 15 years before I took this job, so I understand. However, when you brought this up to me at the beginning of the shift, I advised you to either work it out with your shift partner or go to the charge nurse if that didn't work (which she did not do). The time to complain would have been at START of shift, not by proceeding to have a full on meltdown 30 minutes before shift change. Or, if you must, do not then try to drag the unit clerk (me) in the middle by going "well, Mikey knew!" at which point I repeated what I said earlier, which is WORK IT OUT AMONG YOURSELVES or GO TO CHARGE! **smh** This one I wasn't there for, but I'm still shaking my head over it...In what universe is it even remotely okay to sit in the tele room, turn the lights off, pull out an Ipad, and proceed to get so engrossed in the movie that you lose all track of the monitor? It sucks that you two were caught by house sup and immediately suspended, but you brought it on yourselves. And you guys were cool too.
  9. Mikey31079

    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    I am SO glad to see this thread bumped back up! From spending the entire previous 6 week schedule in the telemetry room aka broom closet: Yes I know it's annoying to hear us page overhead to put leads on patients, but maybe if you would go in and fix it the first time you wouldn't have to hear it and we wouldn't have to hear your pissy attitude when we call and remind you. THIS one I DID say: Pt. shows asystole/leads off on the monitor. We could tell it wasn't a real asystole but we still have to call the desk. When we called, no one answered, so in that instance, we have to call an RRT to be on the safe side. Of course, someone calls back with an attitude talking about, "that patient is getting cleaned up, god!!" I immediately said "well, it comes down to answer the phone when we call instead of looking at the caller ID, seeing the word "telemetry" and staring at the damn phone without picking it up!!"
  10. Mikey31079

    What grinds your gears about your coworkers?

    Something that happened today...I'm trying to give report to this girl who was late by 10-20 minutes, then starts running around stocking towels in rooms and stuff. A=work starts at 0700, not 0720 B=just because I have 6 wheels to your 2 feet doesn't mean I'm gonna chase your ass down to give you report. On top of that, if we (the UCs) are not clocked out by 0707 we have to go fill out a form so we don't get an attendance point for clocking out late.
  11. Mikey31079

    Coworkers that act like spoiled brats...discuss

    Every once in a while when I get the chance I will grab some alcohol pads and or bleach wipes and scrub down the desk, the phones, everything. Also an update, the coworker in question has been giving me the silent treatment ever since this whole episode...not having to hear her attitude is fine with me though :-)
  12. Mikey31079

    Coworkers that act like spoiled brats...discuss

    Oh trust me, not only did I write it up, but the CNO got a VERY detailed voicemail from me about both incidents Sunday morning before I left the building. On a ligher note, I had an interview today for a transfer to another hospital within the system that's only blocks from my house...so hopefully I'll be leaving this wench behind! BYE FELICIA!!!
  13. Mikey31079

    Coworkers that act like spoiled brats...discuss

    That should have had a beverage alert!! **cleans Pepsi off the computer screen**
  14. Mikey31079

    Coworkers that act like spoiled brats...discuss

    Oops...I meant NurseOnAMotorcycle...sorry, I'm not fully awake yet lol
  15. Mikey31079

    Coworkers that act like spoiled brats...discuss

    As much I would have loved to have been the charge nurse (tongue in cheek), I'm the unit secretary. When she called about the float aide, she was calling me on med surg from ICU. The reason I asked her to pick her stuff up was because it is everyone's job to keep the units and nurses stations clean and also because I was not the one that left it there and she has been known to leave where ever she sits a mess. and to TU RN: I love Linda Richman, for some reason I was channeling her on the way home lol
  16. Hey all, I was gonna post this in the "things you would love to tell coworkers" thread, but I thought "gee, I can't be the ONLY one that works with people like these!" OK, I'll go first. I had a couple instances last night with the same coworker (CNA). The first one was when she called and asked if our float aide was available to help with a patient. I explained that he was not available at the present time, but that I would ask him to go over as soon as he was free. She gets rude and irate telling me "I didn't ask as soon as he was free, I asked if he was available. You are rude and disrespectful blah blah blah blah..." I politely asked her not to talk to me that way and repeated that I would let the float aide know to come help her. She got huffy and hung up. Second incident happened a couple hours later at shift change...She had left her papers and napkins and stuff cluttered on my desk area. Again, politely, with no raised voice or anything of the sort, I asked her if she would please pick up her stuff so everything was clean when day shift came in. She again got rude and irate, saying I was disrespectful and "I am not your child...you have no right to talk to me that way!" and then starts putting her finger in my face. The kicker was a few minutes later she tells the charge that a maintenance request needed put in. She says, "you need to ask Mikey for that" Then she gets pouty and says "Oh, then it just won't be done. I said "Nope, it sure won't!" VENT: Dear 50 year old CNA that acts like she's 2...do not, under ANY circumstances, call me rude and disrespectful when I have been anything BUT that to you. If you EVER stick that dirty, nasty, crusty-nailed finger in my face again I WILL snap it off at the knuckle!! It is NOT my job to clean up after you, and if you insist on ACTING like a child, you will be TREATED accordingly!!

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