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Hi everyone, We are in the process of planning a site redesign and adding a few new features to the site. We value your input and I would love to hear some some suggestions of things that you... Read More

  1. by   BrandyBSN
    I LOVE this BB!

    The only real suggestions I can think of are...

    1) It would be nice if the yellow textboxes and scroll bar to some color OTHER than concentrated-urine-yellow

    2) Web based email would be great, but is there any way that you could add the ability to check email via a pop3 account? So that we could receive the email through our usual clients/programs, such as Eudora, Microsoft Outlook, Pegasus, etc?

    3) How about enlarging the avatar minimum pixel size? Right now, it is set to 50x50 pixels, which is a little small. how about 100x100 pixels?

    Overall, Fantastic! (other than the urine-yellow )

  2. by   prmenrs
    Surfing @ work--it's dangerous where I work--they hate it. Afraid of viruses or ? knows what. If you see someone coming in a skirt and heels, you need to get off FAST!

    Not that I would EVER do anything like THAT @ work. EVER!

    So, I'm echoing a quick logoff feature someplace handy.

    Thanks Brian.
  3. by   NurseDennie
    To pmenrs,

    A word of warning: If the powers that be really HATE you being on the internet, etc., etc., just logging off or shutting down when you see someone coming MAY not do the job for you.

    There are programs available which will track everything that is done on a PC. Some of them even can track each and every keystroke. It can't necessarily tell which user is making which keystroke if it's a shared PC (see what I'm saying?) but if you sign something then it definitely can.

    Just to see what's built into Windows, you can look at your history in your browser, or in your "temp" file on the PC itself.

    Sorry this doesn't really fit in with this thread, but I wanted to "headsup" pmenrs


  4. by   semstr
    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for asking our opinion!
    I think this site is the best there is!
    I am hooked, can't think of any changes, would like to get more foreign nurses hooked, problem is the language.
    I am sitting at this moment with 3 colleques watching me, and telling me what to write (in German of course!) they want translations. LOL (they know what that means!)

    No serious, it would be nice to have a special thread with all the abbreviations and "nursing" language for the ones like me, who don't know them that well.

    Keep it on Brian, take care, Renee
  5. by   Talino
    Instant messaging perhaps on those who are logged on?
  6. by   sharann
    Hi Brian and thanks for asking.
    I like this site very much! My one suggestion
    would be to consider getting rid of any of the
    forums (sections) that haven't been posted to
    in more than 3 or 6 months. It takes up space
    which could be used by creating a new forum
    such as suggested earlier, sub-forums.
  7. by   prmenrs
    Most of us know to delete the temporary internet files and history from the computers in the unit.

    Management is a real pain, isn't it?!

  8. by   nurs4kids
    Originally posted by prmenrs
    Most of us know to delete the temporary internet files and history from the computers in the unit.

    Management is a real pain, isn't it?!


    Deleting from the computer does NOT put you in the clear. Your on a network more than likely, the IS people can track your every move. They can even set your boss up so he/she can track everything. Believe me, there is NO way to trick them. We've had several fired and others warned for "improper use". Our facility doesn't mind us surfing, that's usually up to the discretion of the boss, BUT they do mind porn sites and illegal bootleg music and movie sites. BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   prmenrs
    Yeah, I did have to give it up for Lent last year--and I've maintained--my addiction is now confined to after work!!

    The computers on the nsg units don't have speakers, so music isn't an option.

    There are some people still trying to get cheap plane tickets, etc., but I've been warned, and stay off now. I do miss it, tho.

    Boo Hoo.

    Thanks for giving me more reasons to BEHAVE MYSELF!!
  10. by   Brian
    Thanks again for all the wonderful suggestions!

    As most of you have noticed, this week the BB has had some problems, and we had to disable the search feature for a few days. Well hopefully we have crushed all the bugs that were reeking havoc on the BB and causing many sleepless nights (for me anyway) Thanks for your patience!

    FYI, in case anyone is interested, the BB problems were related to portions of the BB database became corrupted, which have been repaired, there was no virus activity involved

    I wanted to let you know that I have implemented a few of your suggestions.

    - Avatars now can be 100x100 pixels in size.
    - I have added a log-out link at the upper right-hand corner of every BB page

    Many other suggestions will be implemented in the site redesign over the next few months. Thanks again!

    Please keep the suggestions coming! They are very helpful in continuing to provide you with the best Nursing BB

    Have a good day!
  11. by   canoehead
    When I log on and don't have time to read all the new posts, or if I skip some- say I don't want to read them daily but would be interested in weekly updates- if I mark all posts read then ALL the posts are marked, even the ones I didn't read or didn't get to.

    I also skip some posts because they have become so long that it takes me several minutes to reach the end of them so I can read the new comments. And even then, the go to new post feature will not ake me past each page, I have to hit it again and again to find my spot.

    So my suggestion is to list the comments from newest to oldest instead of oldest to newest. Anyone going to the thread for the first time can scroll down easily to the bottom- easier than trying to find your spot halfway through. I'd also like to suggest a marker that we can move when we have read each post that would cue the computer, and us, as to where we stopped. So with the marker we would easily find our place on threads we don't read daily, and the computer could continue listing threads that still have new comments to read. I'd also be able to log off halfway through my list of unread threads and know that the ones I didn't get to would still be there when I logged on again.

    Make sense? I still think this board is the greatest.
  12. by   hoolahan
    WoooooHoooooo! Bigger avatars!! Now I can put on BIG beautiful "hot Lips!" LOL! Just kidding! But, I do like the idea of bigger avatars, I had to pass up a lot of cool avatars that were just out of range. One of these days when I get more time, I'll find another cool one.

    Speaking of images, is there any way to imbed images into the posts, rather than have an attachment? I know it would take longer to load the pages, but it would be cool. I saw someone, a "regular", can't remember who, had a way-cool image like a thermometer with outside temps. How do you do that???

    I also like the quick log off. I never have worked anywhere with net access, but I have surfed at the library from time to time, so I would like that.
    Edit note: Hey! Just noticed the log out feature at the top of each page is already there, you are good Brian!!

    I have said in the past I think there are too many forums. I suggest combining public health, Home Health, case management, Parish nursing, and Hospice, into "Nursing in the Community" and Cardiac care, coronary ICU, all the cardiac-realted forums could be combined. Ambulatory care, surgical nursing, recovery room nursing, OR nursing, could be combined in "Peri-op" nursing. These are a few examples. That way each may get more traffic, and we will be able to ask nurses in similar situations for advice.

    To me, sometimes less is more. But I LOVE this BB!! Don't make rewards for any number of posts, we are all grown-ups and when we like something, we will participate. Quality vs quanitity

    Brandy, LMAO! "concentrated urine color". Got to agree with you there!! Now of course if Brian asked what color they should be, I am sure everyone would have a different color. I personally vote for a purple/lavender theme. (Uh oh Brian, I may have started something here!)
  13. by   NurseDixie
    I would buy tee shirts or mugs, etc, that has "" on them. This site is great for nursing students. I use it all the time to get help with things for school,etc.