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Hey, guys, I need some serious calming down. A lot of y'all remember the thread "All is not well in the kingdom", where I talked about the horrible job and subsequent termination I had had. I... Read More

  1. by   nursemarion
    Angelfire it sounds promising. That is the one reaon why I did not go on for NP but got an MBA instead- I did not want to have to work for a doc! In PA at least NPs are pretty limited. every once in a while I really wish I could do more for people, but finding a doc who id actually easy to work with must be an enormous task. Hope this one goes somewhere for you!
  2. by   fayejum48
    No you are right you can take legal action. I have talked with a previous employer a great manager about a coworker that got fired. She told me you cannot say anything bad about a person when someone calls for a reference. You can say no comment and that will give them a hint they were not a great employee. She said you can be taken to court for saying negative things about a person.
  3. by   JohnR,RN,CMSRN
    I agree TOTALLY with ALL above comments and would add that if you DON'T get the job that you actually have a civil suit in your favor as well since that person ILLEGALLY cost you a potential salary/wages, etc.
  4. by   kwkrnc
    Ok, again I believe this has been asked and answered though some of the answers were not in your or anyone elses best interest. So, may I sugget this get closed out. We have some very real issues in nursing and health care that impact everyone and the entire system. I think it is time to turn to more important issues.
  5. by   LilPeonNo1
    amen sister!
  6. by   nursemarion
    I think references and calling/giving/asking for them is an issue that affects everyone. If you don't want to read the new posts, don't read them. Employment is something we ALL have in common and it is not only important, it is the only reason we are nurses- because we work as nurses. Everyone has the right to have their say whether anyone reads it or not.
  7. by   coffee4metech
    I agree this has been resolved lets move on , congrats on the job!!!!!
  8. by   Batman24
    Quote from AngelfireRN
    Thanks again, all. I have good news! I went on another interview today, and it went quite well. The doc is only now considering hiring an NP, and after our chat, he said he was 90% sure he wanted one now. I offered to work as an RN for him until I get certified, and also because I have one more semester to go for my FNP (have completed ACNP classes, sit exam next month), and also because I have lots to learn about his specialty. He seemed to like the fact that I offered that option, was willing to take call, see hospital pts, and do the H&Ps. I never minded doing nursey stuff at the old clinic, like shots, blood draws, vitals, etc. I even learned to run the lab equipment.

    That was part of the beef between me and Doc, she would alternately praise me for knowing how to do things, TELL me to do things :"Why don't you draw his blood?", or lambast me for doing it, "I need you doing NP stuff!"

    Oh, well, it's the past now. At least I know I CAN do it and that the nurses at my new place might appreciate the fact that I'm NOT all uppity and think it's beneath me. The doc I interviewed with said that, in his opinion, wherever I landed, be it there or elsewhere, he thought I would be a great asset, that he could tell by talking to me. I'll take that as a positive sign.

    Thanks again all, I think it'll be OK. I really appreciate all this, I want y'all to know.
    Ohhh...I pray you get it!! This sounds like a great match for all involved. I'd rather you not have to take the other job but it's always nice to have options. At the very least this should give your confidence a boost and we can all use that sometimes. I have no doubt you'll be an asset wherever you go.
  9. by   traumaRUs
    What might be important to one poster, might not be to another poster. That's why there are a gazillion threads (or maybe more - lol). So, if you find yourself in a thread that you find uninteresting you have many more to choose from.
  10. by   AngelfireRN
    Thanks, trauma,Batman, and cxg.

    For the others, it's a free site, why not start threads about what YOU consider of interest. I may think it's interesting, too, but if I don't, I certainly won't ask the mods to close it, just because I don't agree with or am weary of the content. That was low.

    I got a job today!!!!!!!!!! My father's cardiologist hired me on the spot when I went with Daddy for his checkup. I had precepted with him and he had wanted to hire me then, and seeing me jogged his mind. As soon as I pass boards, I walk in! Yay!!! Thanks again, all!!!!!!!!!
  11. by   elthia
    congratulations, I'm happy for you!!!
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    Congrats.. but nail the asses of the hospital and the one that slandered you.