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KMULL002 is a BSN and specializes in Ortho, Neuro, Surgical, Renal, Oncology.

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    Need Your Help! Join the Fun.

    Sure, keep them up. I don't care. Thank you by the way. 🙂 Sure keep them up. Thank you. 🙂
  2. KMULL002

    Need Your Help! Join the Fun.

  3. KMULL002

    Post offer physical

    Thank you so much. I feel better.
  4. KMULL002

    Post offer physical

    I have recently moved from Florida to Kentucky. I've been offered every position I have applied for. The position I want gave me an offer contingent on my physical. My concern is that I won't pass the physical due to my history of diabetes and back pain. My diabetes is managed very well with insulin, diet, and exercise and my back pain no longer exists due to radio frequency ablations. Does anyone out there have any input or experience with this? I'm concerned about failing the physical I have to take this Monday 10/19/20 at 2pm. Thank you.
  5. KMULL002

    Not rehirable

    Amen. Thank you so much
  6. KMULL002

    Not rehirable

    Yes within the last 3 years. Prior home health(2 yes) case mgr and prior to that hospital(8 yrs). Florida. Thank you
  7. KMULL002

    Not rehirable

    I resigned without giving the required month notice because my husband's job is taking us to another state. I needed to sell my house and pack my things. Prepare the fur babies. Does not rehirable mean that I will not get the opportunity for employment or not be able to use my employer as a reference because of this? Would a potential employer refuse to hire me due to this? I am worried now and would like to know if anyone has any experience with this matter. Other than me not being rehirable I have nothing on my record/file. Concerned about the move and not being able to obtain employment in the new state. We are moving to a rural area where there is ONE hospital in the area and that is where I want to work. I left medical/surgical/orthopedic. I have neuro certification. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I hope all is well with everyone here today.
  8. KMULL002

    Precepting student for first time

    Hello all, I am precepting a student in her last class of nursing school on my med/surg/ortho floor for 96 hours. This is the first time I will precept. Any tips or words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely and respectfully yours, Karen Mullis.
  9. KMULL002

    Can someone PLEEEEASE explain INSULIN DRIPS?

  10. KMULL002

    Has Nursing hardened you?

  11. KMULL002

    The Problem with Nursing

    Until you become a nurse your opinion does not matter to me. I am not condoning anything you have mentioned just trying to make you see more than your side. For some people, whining is the only way they know to deal with the stresses of our career. Nursing is a caring field if you make it one but if you focus on all of the negatives then you too will be a whiner. Some people wear balloons and teddy bears as a way to express their individuality and it does not make them less competent than anyone else. You have an inflated narcissistic attitude. In regards to #5, your statement is broad and general and you have given no proof to substantiate it (just your opinion, which for me, does not matter because you aren't a nurse and you do not know what you are talking about). Finally, you are the person or people you talk about. You are a basher.
  12. I'm not sure about the differences in pay regarding LPN's and RN's as all I have ever been is an RN. I have gone to school with LPN's and worked with them too. My current Magnet hospital does not employ LPN's and only use RN's with BSN degrees or higher. It's my understanding the difference is LPN's are taught how to do things and RN's are taught how and why. Also, there may be liability issues. The differences in responsilibilities in LPN's and RN's depend on what environment you work in, the laws, and nurse practice acts. I hope this helps. Good luck on your acceptance into the nursing program and your nursing career. Follow your dreams just make sure it is what you want before you spend all your time and money pursuing your nursing career.
  13. KMULL002

    Having another nurse check insulin doses & other med Qs

    My magnet hospital has a PYXIS(machine with drugs in it) where we have to have another nurse witness our withdrawal of insulins. Not only does the witnesser have to have her badge and/or id # but we scan our fingers too. It's a big waste of time but it is there because people have made mistakes.
  14. In the margin of the book, rephrase and/or write the summary of what you read. This helps with retention.
  15. KMULL002

    My First Code

    For me, my first code was traumatic and the patient was admitted for something completely unrelated to the problem at hand. I was not sure what my role and/or responsibility was but I did my job by explaining to the ER doctor what was wrong with the patient and I performed chest compressions on the patient until the code team arrived. I was cool calm and collected during the experience but afterwards when it was all over I became emotional. I started crying. A very insensitive ICU doctor told me "get used to it you're in healthcare." That was an insensitive remark but I do feel it's kind of accurate because not everyone's life can be saved. I cried because this was my first code and the result was death of a patient that was close to my mother's age. I cried just because. Luckily my director phoned me just to make sure I was okay and my employer also has employee assistance counselling. I saw the counsellor because I wanted to be evaluated on how well I deal with stress and apparently I do a good job. There have been many codes since my first and I have not lost my kind caring spirit but I have always remained professional because in times like those the patient, family members, and/or friends are looking to me for the answers but sometimes all they need is someone to cry with. I have always been impressed with how well my coworkers come together as a team for patients in crisis.
  16. Coworkers. They're overworked and overstressed