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  1. Hello, Welcome to the most rewarding, wonderful, demanding and sometimes most stressful career. You should hold your head up. No doubt you studied and worked hard to reach your goals and you are in the early phase of a BIG learning curve...due in large part to the theory vs. reality of nursing. It makes me sad that we still have those among us who seem to be unable to support either new grads, travelers or simply new to the facility colleagues. I hope these experiences diminish but let me add this.....remember that the way any individual responds to us. usually has little, if anything, to do with us; but, is about them. The older I get the more true I realize this is and the easier it is to simply let these things go. That said...please do not hesitate to advocate for yourself as there will always be someone who feels the need to diminish someone else in order to feel okay about themselves. And on a final note, after all these years and most of it spent on the 7p to 7a schedule I can honestly say there remains a disconnect between day and night shift nurses as they have challenges unique to each. I've always said the only way we will ever 'cure' the problem is to have nurses work each shift until they 'get it'....All the VERY BEST to you as you sound like just what we need more of...bright, critical thinking, hard working folks who joined our ranks for the right reasons. Namaste, Kathy P.S. Let me encourage you to join our professional organization, the American Nurses Association. I hope you will find, as I did, a strong and supportive environment and perhaps a mentor that you can discuss your concerns with. It makes a world of difference.