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Hi all, I'm a newbie and have been following your discussions for a few weeks and all I can say is WOW! I'm starting my prerequisites for the nursing program at the end of this month. One of the... Read More

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    I'm a newbie tooo!! You're so lucky that you're already starting your prereqs!! I too plan to begin my prereqs during the summer semester next year after I graduate. Well, I just want to wish you good luck!!
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    BIG welcome to all three of you. As you will find, everyone here is very helpful and willing to answer any question or just listen to you vent. Great to have you on board.
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    Sending a warm welcome to Nicky, Jessica, and IliNax

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    I'd say pull up a seat,take a load off, but when do we have time!!! lol

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    Glad to have you as part of the family. I did nursing school with 3 young children too, wish you well and stay in tough
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    Hey there!! Welcome to this board. Good luck with your studies.
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    Originally posted by njstudentnurse

    I guess the shortage isn't widespread and may just effect certain areas because I see a number of people posting about paying back student loans to go to nursing school. (Why make nurses pay for programs when they really need them???)The program I'm enrolled in will pay for your prerequisites and the nursing program in return for 2 years of employment at one of their hospitals. The starting hourly rate for new graduates is $25-28, plus full benefits, pension and a number of other perks. I'm hoping by the time I graduate and work my 2 years things will change for nursing(salary/benefits) in other areas because I am soooo ready to leave New Jersey!!!! Maybe Texas:chuckle
    First off WELCOME!!
    Second off, BEWARE of these "indentured servant" programs. You will need to sign a promissary note -- this is a LOAN!!!! Considering that 1 in 3 students will fail out (not just the lecture, you must pass clinicals too -- one false move there and you are out!) that may be a hefty repayment with no job as a nurse - a loan is a loan. ALSO, should something happen to you (and things DO happen) such as you hate the position (unsafe staffing, not the area you want to work in, not the hours that you want to work, illness etc.) you will be stuck paying back the money should you not be able to last the 2 years at that place of employment.
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    Hi, to the three of you. Gee a chair that is comfortable is a great thought. I'm using one right now that is not, hoping it will motivate me to spend time doing other stuff too:chuckle It does not work though, as I too, am addicted to this site.
    Enjoy yourselves, all three of you
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    Welcome all, good luck and much success with your journey into Nursing
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    Welcome to the BB y'all
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    Welcome And good luck in school.