5 worse things a patient can do ...

  1. what would you say are the 5 worse things a patient can do while admitted in a hospital? 5 bad things that would make his/her stay worse than it needs to be and makes more work for the staff or makes things more difficult than they need to be?
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  3. by   Dplear
    1: they can die...absolute worse thaing they can do.

    2: see number 1

    3: see number 2

    4: see number 3

    5: see number 4

  4. by   julieK
    I think the worst thing a patient can do when admitted into the hospital is to expect things to get done on his/her schedule. Some patients act as though it is nothing more than a visit to the doctor and when it takes a few hours for orders to get written and then another one or two for the meds to get started they can't understand what could be taking so long and don't realize how things in a hospital work.

  5. by   BabyRN2Be
    From a nurse's standpoint, I guess it would be morphing into a Fluff my Pillow Personality, getting on the call light once every 10 minutes, demanding that personal needs be met above their medical needs (I need a pint of Ben & Jerry's despite my blood sugar being 275). I think that this leads to a possible "cry wolf" scenario... when you really need help, your nurse may not take you seriously.

    This may not be the absolute worst that you could do, but if you want to do your absolute best to tick off the staff, demand that everyone cater to your whim and fancy... after all, this costs way more than your average stay at the Ritz Carlton and you deserve the best, baby! </sarcasm>
  6. by   MandyInMS
    Ohhhh the dreaded 'pillow fluffer' who doesn't seem to realize the pt with CP in the next room needs my attention first..lol
    My pet peeve..pts who are admitted to the hospital, but don't want to follow the MD recommendations/orders..I mean, I understand everyone has rights and should be involved in thier own health care planning..but, if you aren't going to do what the Doc says...GO HOME and do what you want..it's a lot cheaper
  7. by   cursenurse
    1. constantly on the call light for no good reason-one man told me he was lonely when i answered his light
    2. get tired of using the call light and just yells "nurse, nurse!" q 5 min.
    3. spitting(i always get these)
  8. by   KMSRN
    Dying is not the absolute worst thing - some people come into the hospital to die. An agonizing death might be the worst. Or being resusitated to a persistent vegetative state.

    I think one of the worst things a patient can do is come into the hospital and refuse all the meds and treatments that are ordered. What's the point of being in the hospital?
  9. by   Havin' A Party!
    From the patient's point-of-view (and not necessarily in any order), some of the worst things that can happen to him are:

    Die (presuming he doesn't wanna).
    Lose his mind.
    Incurable cancer.
    Lose function of major organ or system.
    Lose function of special senses (sight, hearing).
  10. by   Witheney
    Thanks for the replies so far. Most interesting. I would hate to do anything in a hospital to tick off the nursing staff. After all, one wants them on one's side.
  11. by   Jay-Jay
    Back when I was fininshing my pregrad, had a patient come in with COPD/chest pain, possibly pneumonia (don't recall details exactly.) Of course, she was a smoker. After Ventolin q. 4 h. around the clock, she was starting to feel a bit better. It was the end of a reaaaallly long night shift, and with the previous mask, I found I had to keep an eye on her to keep her from removing it. Well, 6 am. rolled around, and sure enough, I came back to check on her after finishing my med pass, and the mask was on the floor. I tried to put it back on her, and she said: "Don't bother. I don't want it." I tried to explain why she needed it, and she got nasty with me, then tuned me out.

    One of the few times I recall swearing at a patient while still within their hearing.... :imbar The other patient in the room heard me, too.
  12. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    One of the worst things is thinking of something new that they need every five minutes.
    I'd always ask pts "Do you need anything else before I go?"
    They say no. Then a couple minutes later- "Oh yeah, could I get some more water, another pillow/hand me my purse" or whatever.

    Another thing is not calling when you really need something. Just love walking into a room, finding someone in severe pain, or SOB and they didn't call for assistance.

    Also, pts that get up by themselves when they know better, and then fall. They say "I didn't want to bother you. I know you're busy."

    And now I'm going to be a lot busier filling out the incident report, restarting the IV that pulled out when you fell, and calling the doc and your family to report the fall.

    Pts who bring all their meds form home and take them willy nilly, without telling you, or asking if they should.

    Example- pt comes in for routine surgery and is placed on PCA pump MS04, then takes blood pressure pills they have in their purse and bottom out their pressure.
    They often do this before you get a chance to talk to them about their usual routine meds.
  13. by   BGSUstudent
    1. Code
    2. Fingerpaint with their poop and then rub it on your arm when you are cleaning them up
    3. Decide that they want to trade beds with their roommate so they can be by the window
    4. Put the call light on for something and also send a family member to find you to ask the say request
    5. Spit
  14. by   moia
    Being a pig...spitting,swearing,peeing on the floor when they have absolutely no excuse for it
    I once asked a guy(back when I still cared) why had he peed on the floor ...he said he was on the phone and couldn't reach the urinal...he was dead serious...I asked him if he was in his own home would he make the same choice, he laughed and said of course not and worse he asked me why did I care the cleaner gets paid to wash the floor...he was laughing...I told him if he did it again he would be responsible for cleaning the floor and I told him I would be letting his doctor know...never happened again. Now I just get housekeeping..I just don't have the time or energy.

    I don't care about swearing anymore as long as it isn't directed at anyone and isn't racist I just ignore it.

    The spitter is worse...no matter what you do...kleenex..garbage bag at bedside they don't seem to care...In fact I have had them tell me it was my fault...you said I had to cough...well yeah but I didn't say cough up some nasty crap and hork it onto the floor so anyone can step in it...

    The vomiter...you know..the one who is pale green and you have a basin right in their lap and they ignore it and puke off the side of the bed...after you have asked them 3 times if they feel sick..would they like some gravol...oh no I'm fine...then right after you get them cleaned up and the gravol in they demand a drink of water and get really nasty when you say no...this is after we have done the complete mouth care thing so it's not because they need to get rid of the nasty mouth...they really want a drink of water and refuse to get the connection.
    They will whine and moan and carry on and get their entire family involved until you give in and give them some ice chips...which ofcourse 10 minutes later they vomit up....when I still cared I would do the whole clean up again and the whining would restart...now I know better...I just get rid of the worst of the soiled linen wrap some towels around them and fill the water jug and tell them clearly if they insist on continuing to make themself vomit thats up to them..I tell them this is the only water I will be providing for my shift...you can drink it now and be sick or you can ration it carefully and not...the choice is theirs but I wont be coming in every 15 minutes to clean up the mess.So far this has worked quite well...the patient will occassionally keep drinking and vomitting if family is present but I find the family stops wanting to clean up pretty quickly and they usually won't give them any more water...it's better to have the family do the discipline anyway..they have WAY less patience than most nurses.