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my husband was just diagnosed with a brain tumor and will have a crani on the 21st.. after the incision heals he will begin chemo and radiation.. we have two children ages 5 and 3, who witnessed him... Read More

  1. by   jaystrupp
    I want to thank you all for all of the caring. I know that us nurses do stick together..I feel how our priorities are changing everyday and we are seeing how important our children and our marriage are. We are no so worried if we are drivin the right car, or have the bigger house, or that our children are in name brand clothing because thoes things really don't matter.. What matters is the people and I am sorry that it takes such a hard diagnosis to make one feel that, but I do understand how this is going to make us stronger.. My husband and I are high school sweethearts.. we met when I was 15 and he was 16.. He went to the army when I went to college and no one thought that we would make it, but we knew that we were meant to be married.. We have been married 5 years now and our kids are wonderful.. Hunter and Hailey.. I have so much to be thankful for and I took it all for granted, until now.. My priorities are now to take care of my husband and my children the best that I can. Thank you all for reading my post and if you have been caught up with keeping up with the Jones, please listen to me--- it does not matter.. Give your spouse an extra kiss, hug or just rub his or her feet because every minute, every day should be charished...
  2. by   silvermoon
    Well put Jaystrupp.

    It will be tough but keep rubbing his feet and get loads of hugs with your kids and try not to do the nurse thing of the worst case scenario. Enjoy every moment with them. Cry when you have to but leave time for laughter.
    It's so hard not to let the illness become your focus. Don't give the tumour any more time than you have to.
    You know where we are if you need us. I'll keep you in my thoughts.
  3. by   Furball
    An acqaintance (sic?) was diagnosed with a brain tumor about 10 years ago. Prognosis was poor. He's been cancer free for 8 years. Don't give up, be strong and that INCLUDES crying when you need to. It's a very tough road. Don't be afraid to ask for help. You will find that most folks will stumble over themselves to rush and help out when asked.

    Take care

    love Furby
  4. by   Hardknox
    You sound like you are wise beyond your years. We will all be pulling for you. Come here often when you need support or just to vent and cry. We care.
  5. by   renerian
    I cannot say I know how you feel. I can only say when two of my family members were diagnosed with cancer, father and grandmother, we all pitched in and helped support each other. Do you have family close by whom can help you by listening to you or spending extra time caring for your children? I know they are scared too after seeing their dad having a seizure. Drawing from those who love you can help and bring some sense of normalcy to them. I also am one to recommend learning as much as you can about his care and treatment to help alleviate some of the fears of the unknown. Ask at the hospital about their I Can Cope Support group which hopefully, they know about in your area. If you derive much comfort from the church reach out to them so they can help you find your way. From my experience I had to do significant budget cuts to afford health care for my father whom alot of his medical expenses were not covered such as medications. Try to look ahead and see if you have any such places in your budget you can cut so in the future maybe money issues will not be as prominent a problem. I know that is so hard because I used all my savings caring for my dad and to live on for over six months. Can you cut back some of your work schedule to help support your hubby? ?Sometimes you can change shifts or something and get your family to help you take care of him when he needs it. I am not trying to tell you what to do, I am only trying to let you know the things I had experienced as barriers or big issues I and my siblings and mother needed to face. I hope some of this helps you.

    Hugs and concern,

  6. by   Furball
    I second "I can cope". My mom and dad loved it during their illness.
  7. by   emily_mom
    I just want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I see you're from WI too. PM me. Maybe if we're close we can chat. We're all here for you!!!

  8. by   jemb
    So sorry for this terrible development in your life. My thoughts are with you.

    Someone may already have given you this resource, but if not, check out www.braintumor.org for lots of useful and encouraging info.

  9. by   JedsMom
    Warm thought and prayers coming your way. So sorry your family has to go through this time.
  10. by   Wannabe RN Kim
    Although I am not a nurse (yet) I do want to offer my condolences to you and your husband. I also know what it feels like to have someone you love get diagnosed with a brain tumor. My fiancee had numerous brain tumors and he was only 20 at the time of diagnosis. If you feel like chatting with someone who has been through this personally please feel free to pm me and if you'd like my e-mail adress is: fido_the_dog25@hotmail.com

    Kimberly Warner
  11. by   howie122832

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! It's going to be a tough road ahead, but please remember to take care of YOU while taking care of your husband and children. You won't be any good to them if your not taking care of yourself. As someone said in an above post, when people ask what they can do to help, LET THEM... even if it's just running to the grocery store for milk for the kids morning cereal, thats just one less thing for you to think about. Please keep us posted!!
  12. by   suni
    you are in my thoughts and prayers. you might want to get lance armstrongs book it not about the bike. it tells his courageous fight against cancer and has some really goo d resoureces
  13. by   louloubell1
    I am so sorry for your families current trial. I will be praying for your husband, for your children, and for you. Be blessed.....