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Hello all, I'm starting this thread for the new applicants for the hrsa nursing scholarship 09-10. Tor prettylady, I think its a random selection. Its the luck of the draw.... Read More

  1. by   khervey
    I'm kind of confused. When I received my finalist e-mail, it stated that if you are chosen, you will be notified via mail. So I began running to the mailbox each day instead of checking my e-mail twenty times a day. I mean I'm still checking my e-mail multiple times a day but I expected the notification to come in the mail since that's what the letter stated. Anyone else get this feeling from the letter.
  2. by   angelp71
    the selection process is totally random from the 'first preference' category. they even award everyone in that category to be able to go on to second preference. it basically comes down to that 0 EFC. at this point, its totally random. the rude girl at the call center told me emails are sent but regular mail is the official notification. i guess theres a chance that they missed the email but could send a reg. mail. i wish there was a way they could just tell us on the phone if we got it or not (after the 30th). oh well. 1.5 more days of nail biting...
  3. by   angelp71
    sorry, i meant to say they DO NOT award everyone in the first category. money runs out.
  4. by   2010NRS
    I heard that they are going to mail out the letters tomorrow and we should know within a week. Hope this gives you all some hope.
  5. by   MassagetoRN
    Can anyone log in to the HRSA website? I saved the link but when I pull it up, my browser gives me an error message. It doesn't even take me to the HRSA website. Does this mean selections have been made?
  6. by   deevee12
    that's weird.. i just logged in about an hour ago... and now the site is not working. hopefully we hear good news soon!
  7. by   2010NRS
    I can't login to the site they give but I can to the correct one. It doesnt matter either way. They will send letters out tomorrow per the call center. Please do not call them and ask again though. They are overwhelmed and this information is from them.
  8. by   MassagetoRN
    Ok, I searched through this thread and found the link, and was able to log in. The modification link is still active.... sigh...... I updated my email address for the umpteenth time....
  9. by   deevee12
    it works now. they probably received more applications this year as they are waiting til the end to finalize awards.. booo
  10. by   khervey
    2010 NRS:
    You got this from the call center? So that means that now we don't know when to expect a letter by since they won't arrive by the 30th?
  11. by   MassagetoRN
    They also got more money a month or so ago, so processing those extra recipients is probably whats taking longer than last year....
  12. by   2010NRS
    Yes apparently it will be after the 30th. They are dealing with a LOT of people.
  13. by   angelp71
    wow. this is really grueling...