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  1. AZWildcat, how'd the interview go??? Hope it went well!
  2. yelnikmcwawa

    what is considered high acuity?

    Our floor acuity is not like an ED acuity. It just helps us to determine staffing needs and keep our patient ratios down. For us, the higher the number, the higher acuity. So a level 1 or 2 would be a walkie talkie with very little, to no skilled nursing going on throughout the shift. A 3 or 4 would have things like tube feedings, trach or wound care, behavioral intervention, frequent vital or neuro checks, cardio drips, etc. Funny how different this all is!
  3. yelnikmcwawa

    what is considered high acuity?

    LOL, okay, so clearly there is no standard acuity consideration
  4. yelnikmcwawa

    what is considered high acuity?

    Okay, so my hospital uses 1-4 I believe (maybe 5, but I've not seen that), and many of our patients score between 3 and 4, so would that be considered high acuity? I am not on an intermediate or ICU floor, but we still have neurologically compromised and cardiac patients so our acuities are much higher than a typical rehab or general med/surg floor. Just deciding whether or not it is fair to say that I work on a high acuity floor. Still learning all of this terminology ;-) Thanks!
  5. yelnikmcwawa

    what is considered high acuity?

    Hi everyone, just wanted to know what patient acuity number is typically considered "high acuity". Thanks!!!
  6. yelnikmcwawa

    GAPP at PCH - graduating Dec 2010

    It is still on their open positions list, but the instructions say they will accept applications from April 15th through May 8th, so it looks like if you wanted to apply, then you may be one day too late.
  7. yelnikmcwawa

    Which program do I choose?

    But pick CSULB if you want to become n NP! The two programs are different...one gets you an NP license and the other just a Master's. They're both good state schools and so name recognition is not an issue in this scenario. It all depends on your career goals. If you really want to be an NP, then go with that program because 3 years to get a Nursing degree and NP license is excellent!
  8. yelnikmcwawa

    Ryan House and HOV

    Oh my! Well, that's a bummer to hear but admitedly, your post made me LOL. Bet no one ever accuses you of not getting to the point . Well, it is just for a PRN position anyway. Guess we'll see how it goes. Thanks for the reply anyway! Anyone else got any lovley jewels of info ?
  9. yelnikmcwawa

    Ryan House and HOV

    Hi, has anyone here worked for Ryan House, or Hospice of the Valley in general? What kind of work environment is prevailent, is the pay competitive, what benefits are offered, etc.? I have an interview for them coming up . Anything I should be prepared for in advance of the interview? Thanks, I'm excited!!!
  10. yelnikmcwawa

    What are my options for Nursing Programs?

    140 miles from my home in central Phoenix and it took me exactly 2 hours from door to door. I bet it would be a bit farther tho, from Maricopa :-(
  11. yelnikmcwawa

    Mom sues and loses after her baby is given to wrong mom and breastfed

    I delivered in a birth center and my son never once left my room. Aaawwwhhhhhh...how different the practices of birthing are from birth centesr to hospitals! As far as I'm concerned, everyone else can keep their grubby little hands off my kid, and we need not be seperated for time to "rest". I kissed the sleep dream goodbye when I found out I was knocked up
  12. yelnikmcwawa

    What are my options for Nursing Programs?

    I live in Phoenix and couldn't move either, as my husband has a private practice down here and we have a son and own a house together too. I commuted to NAU and did their accelerated program. Mine was a 19 month program but it is now a 12 month program. It was not that bad...only had to be there for 1 or 2 days a week for 12 months, as the last 2 semesters were online and I had clinicals down here. I rented a couch with classmates so I had a place to crash when my clasess and clincals were back to back. Something to at least consider. I was not okay with waiting so long, and since I already had a BA, there was no need to do so!
  13. yelnikmcwawa

    Future Nurse Seeking Expert College Advice

    I would apply to every single program that you have the opportunity to and take whichever accepts you first! I live in Phoenix but was able to apply to NAU before any other school and I got in. I commuted up there and while it was time consuming, I'm glad I did it cause I'm out of school much faster than if I had waited. I make good money now and am glad to be done with school! If you can get a BSN...go for it. If you get into an ADN program first, then so be it. Chaimberlain will cost you an arm and a leg but the sooner you're out in the work force the better, IMO. Can' hurt to apply to ASU because while it is competitive, just remember that people do get in and you might be surprised at some of the doors that open up when you least expect it. Best of luck!
  14. yelnikmcwawa

    The HRSA Nursing Scholarship

    I had the scholarship and got work before I even graduated. Every hospital and SNF in my entire state are approved facilities, so finding work with the scholarship is no harder than what regular new grads face! Yes, you get paid the same wages as a new grad without the scholarship would. There is nothing that is done on the facility's part other than some paperwork they have to sign confirming that you are woking for them...they are not affiliated with HRSA. The work environment will be dependant on the facility in which you get hired at and is completely independant of your HRSA status.