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anybody got any interesting "some dude" sightings to share? you know who i'm talking about -- the guy that always gets blamed for shooting some innocent citizen who was "sittin' on my front stoop... Read More

  1. by   chiefswife
    "I was sittin on my porch minding my business when Some Dude shot me in the knee." Direct quote from an ICU pt I had a couple of years ago. Also..."I don't know her, she my baby mama" Same pt...I wonder if her other name is "Crazy *****"???:chuckle
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  2. by   mama_d
    We recently had a mid-50's female admitted w/CP from the county jail. Apparently "some dude" who was dating "this crazy *****" she knows told her if she ever got caught with the crack he gave her, just tell the cops she's having chest pain, since they don't have enough resources to stay at the bedside and we can't call when they are discharged she'll be able to get away with it.
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  3. by   lpnflorida
    yah well, some dude went and shot someone in both arms while they were sleeping... darn rotten " some dude"
    [font="tahoma"]once in every blue moon, there really *is* some dude that just up & strike! just check this out! the victim was sitting there, minding his own business...dozing on & off during the train ride when ~

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