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Well, ours started today. Very nice cooler that holds a 6-pack that has a netted beach bag on top. Hospital colors and logo, of course. Inside was a beach ball, a bottle huggie and a frisbee..all... Read More

  1. by   Zinnia
    Our hospital combined Nurse's week with Hospital week. We received an unbrella with our logo,that was nice. And had Sundaes made for us by Administration types at 0130. You can tell they are all pumped up by the sacrifice they are making staying up soooo late!.
  2. by   Zinnia

    A fourth grade student,a son of one of our nurses, got a $25 gift certificate for not being sick for the whole quarter in school. I am a 14yr employee of my hospital and got a $15 gift certificate for showing up on my scheduled shifts for the whole year! The ones that use their sick time (for extra days off) laugh at me for being so dense.
  3. by   I1tobern
    Well, we don't have nurse's week either. Not a nurse yet, but I work ER and I don't have to tell all you already nurses how nurses bust their tails to keep the beat!

    But, we did get a nice chair with hospital logo. By the way, watching 'my' nurses work makes me want to hurry up and finish so I can start making a difference too!
  4. by   ohioln
    At the temp agency I work for, we each got a blanket with the agency name on it in the corner. One year we got a carry all bag. They give out nice gifts.
  5. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Originally posted by LoisJean
    Hi, All!

    For Nurse's Week my boss gave me a week off with pay, a months worth of tanning plus full body massage; an all expense paid trip to the big city to do some shopping for summer clothes; three new books related to Home Health Care- (one with some really cool patient handouts) AND 3 white scrub warm-ups with the logo and business name above the left hand pocket.

    My business manager gave me a big bunch of flowers with a card expressing his appreciation for my contribution to the business and he's taking me out to dinner.

    Now that's what I call 'appreciation'.

    Lois Jean
    Is this for real?
  6. by   Barb(Old Biddy)
    We had a reception for each shift with beautiful homemade cakes, punch etc. The DON gave us a long stemmed red rose. Otherwise, our bags and gifts were things solicited from businesses, doctors, employees friends, families.They weren't paid for by the hospital.
  7. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    We got pizza. Cold pizza by the time most of us were able to eat it.
  8. by   teeituptom
    Hi ya'll

    I think ours was cute. A 5 by 7 pseudo silver picture frame embossed with silver stars. To affirm our commitment to the STAR SERVICE CUSTOMER TREATMENT.

    Like I said its cute
  9. by   nursingblahblah
    Quote from jadednurse
    ??? That struck me as kind of funny...ah, my sick sense of humor again!:roll
    I too thought that funny
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