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Ever have a patient or family member who, the first thing out of their mouth is "I am a nurse!". Then they proceed to brag about their illustrious career, showing off their knowledge, grandstanding... Read More

  1. by   T-ROD
    Most of my doctors are doctors I worked for or with in my past so they know that I am and know what to expect out of me. So that kinda stinks LOL.
    I just want to be a normal patient sometime. BUT I 100% trust them so I would never change.
    In a setting like ER or somewhere that I am not known I never announce it unless I am with out a doubt that what is happening is not right.
  2. by   Have Nurse
    Amen. I feel the same.
  3. by   GenieToBe
    Quote from KelRN215
    I tell this to my Mom all the time too but she also doesn't listen to me when I try to give her actual advice. Like a year or so ago she was taking ibuprofen for her knee or hip or something but was only taking 200-400 mg because that's what the bottle said. I told her taking less than 600 mg was useless. Then a few months later she saw her doctor and told the doctor "my daughter is a nurse and told me I need to take 3 ibuprofen if I want it to do anything" and the doctor told her "your daughter is right."

    And then she didn't understand why the Orthopedic Surgeon she saw recommended surgery when she went to him for a consult. I was like "Because he's a SURGEON. How many times do I need to tell you to go to a Physiatrist if you don't want to go the surgery route?"
    My parent's are the same....

    Few years ago, my dad went to the local GP for a cough that persisted for some time. The doctor examines him. Rx mucosolvan and cough syrup. My dad tells the doc, "My daughter instructed me to take that. I did. Not working. My daughter recommended me to get a Ventolin inhaler from you."
    At this point, the doctor asks my dad "What does your daughter do?" "My daughter is an I.C.U nurse!"