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T-ROD has 13 years experience.

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  1. T-ROD

    Do You Like Being A School Nurse?

    I wouldn't be anywhere else!!!!!!
  2. T-ROD

    School Wellness Commitees

    We have this here. The chair is our Elem. secretary. I am on the committee as well as the PE coach, the principal, the school board president, our nutritionist, our meal director, one student, and a parent. We just discuss what has happened in district and new clinics, or meal options we may be offering. We meet once a quarter. Nothing to big. Our chair is also over our Myinteria accounts.
  3. T-ROD

    Vision Screening

    I use the light box still for screening. We did just receive a new Pulsoptix screener and I love it! I can test a child in less than 10 sec and it gives me a complete print out of issues noted. Easy pass or fail. So nice!!!
  4. T-ROD

    Financial assistance

    I am in the process of updating our screening items. Thanks to the local Lions club, I was able to purchase a new Pulsoptix machine!!!! YAY!!! Its amazing!! We need a new tympanic machine desperately!! Do you guys have any ideas on how to obtain that kind of money! Grants maybe?? In Missouri!!
  5. T-ROD

    THAT GUT FEELING???!!!!!??

    HEY everyone!! Update on my kiddo!! It is a seizure disorder triggered by migraines. Currently taking meds and so far he is better. Still having daily spells but not nearly as severe.
  6. T-ROD

    Happy Nurses' Week, my loves!

    I very much lucked out on my school for sure!! Around here we are included in on all the teacher related extras this week. Pies, chick fila lunches, and jeans all week!! But today!!!!!!!!!!I was so blown away!!! My K-6 building went above and beyond. I am a die hard Game of Thrones fan and my Bear Family knows that and man did they come through!!!! I am so blessed to be here!!!!!
  7. T-ROD

    THAT GUT FEELING???!!!!!??

    I am very grateful for this mom whose words to me were, "I have 100% confidence in your gut. If you say there is something wrong I believe you!" She is also an amazing co-worker. I am honestly not sure on that tox screen. I just spoke to mom and he is still not right. Speech is better but still much delayed. Pupils remain huge. They have an appt with Neuro.
  8. T-ROD

    THAT GUT FEELING???!!!!!??

    We have all had it on multiple occasions. Some days we choose to ignore it and other days we can not act fast enough. This was my day yesterday! I am so glad I went with my gut!!!! Student walks in mid morning. His first words are "Hey!", (first red flag! This kid is never not polite), proceeds after a few minutes with, "UMMMM, I need this (pointing at his arm) there is an ummm you know an umm bite. Can you fix it? OK!! This kid is more mature than most seniors I know and hes is 7 and he can't explain to me what is wrong. Red Flag again!! I cover his bite and send him to class and call his teacher ASAP. She states she has not really started doing much with them yet but will watch him. Great! Maybe I am overthinking this?? (my thoughts at that point) Give it maybe 25 minutes. Teacher calls me and at that moment I knew!! YES!!! something is not right. Mom is an employee here and of course she gone on a field trip today!! I do an exam. Can not walk a toe toe line without watching, unsteady and bumping into things, unable to really say what he wants without deep thoughts on what it is(confused), dropping things, and his pupils are dilated. VS good, low grade temp (99.5). I call mom and inform her of what I see and my urge that he needs seen now! Dad arrives in 5 minutes and notes an issue 5 minutes into the drive to ER. Mom updates with ER doc being phenomenal!! Ran numerous test and did a CT(which showed no masses up that high). No real answer as of this morning. He is set up to see Neuro today for an MRI of the brain stem to rule out a tumor there (which is where the doctor feels there may be). Labs associated with tumors are on the high end of normal. He has a strong H/O migraines and had one Sunday which left him asleep for over 16 hours. Parents and Doctor did notice an improvement as the night went on, but his doctor was convinced something is wrong. Pupils remained dilated! I have not spoken to her yet this morning. My gut said something was not right and for a brief moment I doubted myself!! WHY do we do that!! LOL!! I knew there was something off!!!! FOLLOW YOUR GUT!!!!!! 9/10 times it wont fail you!!!!
  9. T-ROD

    Bed Bugs- parents don't think it's a big deal

    So we have been dealing with the same issue here only its 4 siblings. We started off with parent calls. No help! We then began the hotlines. Again no help. So after a few months of this and no help for every bug we found on a child we placed a CPS call. We hotlines 16 times in one day. CPS got us a case worker directly who come to find out had never been notified of the incidents from the gentleman we was reporting to. CPS was able to get the family help and we are on a call basis with this case worker also in means of helping the family. Until the house was worked over the children were provided clean clothes here in my office and would wear them only here. Afternoons they changed into their home clothes. I had a plastic tub with a lid that we kept their clothes in. We have had no issues now for about 3 weeks.
  10. T-ROD

    The Gypsy Rose Blanchard Story

    This actually happened in Springfield, MO. Which is the next town over from us. It was all very disturbing to say the least. The amount of funding that was poured into the family over the years was crazy. Some stories you never forget and this one is very high for us around here.
  11. T-ROD

    Overwhelmed new school nurse

    This is only my second year. I will tell you that it was wayyyy better than my first. The nurse that I replaced did little to no training with me and basically I was left to learn it on my own. I run two buildings with roughly 850 kids. I have actually loved this year!! I have gotten into a routine and was able to really get in and figure things out my own way. Yep, there are days that are boring or crazy busy I never sit down, but for the most part I enjoy each day. If you like it hang in there a bit longer. It does get better!!
  12. T-ROD

    What's the oddest thing you've done for a student?

    The oddest thing for me has to be unwrapping a young ladies hair from the wheels of a scooter board. It took a few hours and lots of help!!
  13. T-ROD

    Oh the little things!!!!

    Today was a big day!! I got BOTH of my offices new mattresses and covers!!!!!!!!!! It is the little things in a school nurses life that make one very happy!!!!!
  14. T-ROD

    Countdown to Spring Break.....

    UGH!! We only get 1 day off this year because of make up snow days!! Next year we are protected!! We are all dying at this point!
  15. T-ROD

    Must Have Supplies

    My upper building I use burn gel also. We keep liquid band aid also.
  16. T-ROD

    Must Have Supplies

    I typically go through cans of disinfectant in my rooms. I pretty much use it like its perfume in here!! LOL!! I also keep a lot of steri strips and butterfly band aids in both offices for those probably going to need stitches cuts.