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T-ROD has 15 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Pediatric.

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  1. T-ROD

    Any nurses NOT responsible for contact tracing?

    We do have 2 buildings. PK-6 and 7-12. They are within walking distance from each other. I spend so much time each day at each building and carry a radio that is district wide so they can reach me easily in an emergency. I do have 2 trained med-aides...
  2. T-ROD

    Any nurses NOT responsible for contact tracing?

    I am the only one in my district that does Covid things plus be the only nurse for the entire pk-12 district. I will say though that our principals are wonderful. They have helped me anytime we have had a mass tracing. Whether they are calling parent...
  3. T-ROD

    Grants for nursing equipment?

    I am in a pretty rural area as well. Last year due to virtual students we were able to us COVID funded money to purchase new hearing equipment. We can now do testing on virtual students outside of the school setting if need be. We also partnere...
  4. T-ROD

    Hoping They're Not the Last Words

    Wow!! I totally have so much respect and envy for you all on the front lines. I can not imagine going through this day in and day out. It to makes me so proud to have nurse behind my name. I work as a school nurse for a rural district. We have ...
  5. T-ROD

    Anorexic returning after hospitalization

    In our district if you can provide medical reasoning why remote learning is beneficial then we allow it. Is this not an option for her?
  6. T-ROD

    All covid, all day

    She was vaccinated and did have symptoms, but thought it was just her normal allergies. In our district we as school do tracing within the buildings. Health depts here only trace outside contacts.
  7. T-ROD

    Should I bring this up to my school health boss?

    I have no words............
  8. I have a been a school nurse now for 5 years. I have had a couple students with broken bones over this time (like 2). This year we are not even a month in and today I sent out my 3rd fracture! Guess this year is my breaks year! Bonus note...
  9. In our district we require a return to school date from the health dept. We do have 4 counties in our district so keeping track of which county is always fun. I will say that it has kept a lot of trauma down since we have done it this way. I only giv...
  10. T-ROD

    Itchy Casts

    When I was a kid we used a coat hanger or anything pointy that we could put down into it.
  11. T-ROD

    Vision Screening

    I use the light box still for screening. We did just receive a new Pulsoptix screener and I love it! I can test a child in less than 10 sec and it gives me a complete print out of issues noted. Easy pass or fail. So nice!!!
  12. T-ROD

    Financial assistance

    I am in the process of updating our screening items. Thanks to the local Lions club, I was able to purchase a new Pulsoptix machine!!!! YAY!!! Its amazing!! We need a new tympanic machine desperately!! Do you guys have any ideas on how to obtain...
  13. T-ROD

    THAT GUT FEELING???!!!!!??

    HEY everyone!! Update on my kiddo!! It is a seizure disorder triggered by migraines. Currently taking meds and so far he is better. Still having daily spells but not nearly as severe.
  14. T-ROD

    Happy Nurses' Week, my loves!

    I very much lucked out on my school for sure!! Around here we are included in on all the teacher related extras this week. Pies, chick fila lunches, and jeans all week!! But today!!!!!!!!!!I was so blown away!!! My K-6 building went above and b...
  15. T-ROD

    THAT GUT FEELING???!!!!!??

    I am very grateful for this mom whose words to me were, "I have 100% confidence in your gut. If you say there is something wrong I believe you!" She is also an amazing co-worker. I am honestly not sure on that tox screen. I just spoke to mom an...
  16. T-ROD

    THAT GUT FEELING???!!!!!??

    We have all had it on multiple occasions. Some days we choose to ignore it and other days we can not act fast enough. This was my day yesterday! I am so glad I went with my gut!!!! Student walks in mid morning. His first words are "Hey!", (first...