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    Do you all have bedbug policies?? We do not and are in need of one!!
  2. T-ROD

    Heard a heart murmur

    My son has a murmur that he has had since birth. Cardio always told me that when he is ill you will be able to hear it the best. Normal days you really don't. Definitely something to notate and keep in the back of your mind. You did right by contacting and passing on the info.
  3. T-ROD

    Pure curiosity :)

    I have the BLS instructor. PALS would be great to have!
  4. T-ROD

    buying supplies with your own money

    Oh gosh! I have a very grateful district and our school clubs (PTO) are great here. With that though I have purchased almost all of my "office" related things that I feel make my job easier. Once my mass purchases for the year are done I typically purchase the little things, wipes, snacks, reward gifts, that such stuff with my own money. It is easier than writing up a rec form. Check into your local organizations and see if they offer any programs. Our local electric company provides an abundance of items monthly for me. Lions club are always great resources! Also check like the local health dept. They will sometimes update their items and you can get a lot of good things that way. Bless you for all you do!!!!!!!
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    Midwest nurses... Caught in the polar vortex?

    Near Springfield, MO. We was out on Wednesday but was here yesterday. Its brutal!!!!
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    Lice, Lice and more Lice...................

    We are no nit here as well. I only had one family that I had real issues with and I just stood my ground. Policy is policy. They ended up getting SS called because of other reasoning and this was brought up. I very limited issues with this family now.
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    The panic before the storm

    I live in Missouri and on Monday our weatherman posted us in a blizzard warning. Each day has changed and now we are on the line of blizzard and maybe a blizzard. With our weather we never know!!!
  8. T-ROD

    ODD WEEK!!

    First off welcome back to everyone!!!!!! Its good to hear from you all. Well my week has been filled with several odd complaints lately. These have been the two most interesting ones. 1. 815 Monday- Kid has privates smashed on bus! 2. 12 today- Kid having an allergic reaction to something on his face and now his privates are swelled. WHAT IS IT WITH THOSE PRIVATES THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!
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    A Feather in my Cap!

    When I worked group home I had a resident that was crashing fast. I had always told my new nurses that if anything bad was happening to get in front of the cameras. We had cameras in the day rooms and lunch room. I did just that. My med cart was right under a camera and my patient sat in her w/c right next to me. I sent her out by ambulance and though she did survive it was a big to do. We had two employees that got terminated the same day. They reported a hotline that the resident had been neglected. Case was filled. I had to do interviews and so did everyone else. Anyways!! That video proved that I tended to her every 2 minutes or more and had done every nursing intervention I could've possibly done. Including time I placed 911 call. Documentation backed every move!!! Thank god for those cameras!!
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    May the odds be ever in your favor...

    Today has indeed been a rough one!!! We only have 2 1/2 more days!!!! On the plus side we have goody day everyday!!!! YAY for food!!!!!
  11. T-ROD

    Random Lice talk!!!

    My good ol friend mister louse showed up on a kiddo today. Policy followed. Call, send home. No problem!! Then THE CALL!!!! "Umm, mam I am so and so step father and I don't see anything but dandruff in her hair." -Sir, I located more than one live louse on her head. "Well I have looked and I didn't see anything. I know what I am looking for I am a medical professional!!!" I am a nurse! -Well sir, SO am I and I know that she has lice. I will be happy to check her in the morning before school. Thank you! CLICK!!(by him) Just another day when I pulled my louse jar out and sprinkled them across some lucky random kids head.!!!!
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    Yep, same boat here!! I ordered mine August 20th. Still no Epi!
  13. T-ROD

    FARAWYN, School Nurse to the rescue!

    Or we can always just cover it with a band-aid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. T-ROD

    FARAWYN, School Nurse to the rescue!

    Yep!!!!!!Chop it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. T-ROD

    We can all relate!!

    My brother in law creates comic strips. This is one he made for me. Yes I am nurse Dill.
  16. T-ROD

    Help Please!

    When I started here at the school I took a 40,000 a year pay cut. I was driving 60 min and working 10-12 hour days. No weekends. I never saw my family!!! Now I drive 5 minutes and have off every time my children do. Money is great!! But it doesn't compare to the time I have with my family now!! This decision was a no brainier for me. Good luck in your decision making!!
  17. T-ROD

    Random Lice talk!!!

    UPDATE!!!!!! Mom brings child in this morning!! Says while I am searching through her hair. "We did end up finding several bugs in her hair after we treated." I just smiled!!! Step dad never came in.
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    We can all relate!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Thatd great!! Printing and hanging!!!!
  19. T-ROD

    Vomit Emergency

    We have this here as well. Something else I have learned. If you offer them water to wash out their mouth and they refuse it. They probably did not vomit!! Sorry!!!
  20. T-ROD

    Random Lice talk!!!

    FOR SURE!!!!!
  21. T-ROD

    All us School Nurses can relate

    My brother in law creates comic book strips. This is one of his characters. He made me one for my office!!!
  22. T-ROD

    Why do you love being a nurse?

    I have worked in the pediatric field for many years now. My first 10 years was spent at a group home for disabled kids. I got asked the same question nearly every day. "How do you work here?". I loved it!! Could not see myself anywhere else. Yes there was the daily poops, parents screaming, pharmacy mess ups. But there was also smiles, giggles, and thank yous as well. (Just not as many). Now I work at my children's school as the nurse. Again I love it. I get peed on, pooped on, puked on. I see lice a lot!! I get yelled at by parents for stupid stuff that does not pertain to me. BUT I have kids that come here just to see me. Hugs everyday!! I took a 40,000 (no exaggerating) yearly pay cut to do this??? Yes!! Everyday is not gravey!! But those small parts within each day when a little one says "dank you nurse". Makes it all good for me. Point being! This field is not for everyone. But every job has bad days and good days. Does the good out weigh the bad for you??
  23. T-ROD

    This makes me laugh everytime

    lololololololololololol!!! Gets me every time!!!
  24. T-ROD

    What brought you to where you are now?

    I had no desire to do nursing school. I went for Radiology and ended up applying for nursing because it was a lot shorter. I told myself if I got in the first time I would try to pass. I did. So I graduated and started ASAP at a home for disabled kids. Goals were cardiac but after a few days with the kids my heart changed. I stayed there nearly 10 years. Decided then I would wait out a position here at my child's school. It was a long shot cause it has only opened up maybe 5 times in 40 years. Waited 1 year and it came up. I applied and here I am. I love every day here. School nursing is sure not for every one but it is right where I always wanted to be. Plus its 5 minutes from home as opposed to the 60 before.
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    Assessing the student on drugs

    I typically do a set of vitals. Check pupils and tracking. We have a community police office on campus so if we think its possible they go see them. Honestly every kid I have ever checked if they was guilty would fes up the minute the b/p cuff goes on or they show no signs of anxiety or nerves. I think honestly its used more as a scare tactic when I come in. LOL!!!