"Nursing" a calling, a career, or a combination of both

  1. Did you enter nursing as a calling, a career, or a combination or both, or something else?
  2. Poll: Did you enter nursing as a calling, a career, a combination of both, or none apply?

    • I entered nursing strictly as a calling

      8.33% 12
    • I entered nursing as a calling and a little as a career

      36.11% 52
    • I entered nursing strictly as a career

      18.75% 27
    • I entered nursing as a career and a little as a calling

      31.25% 45
    • None of the above, please explain

      5.56% 8
    144 Votes
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  4. by   RNKitty
    I wanted to be a massage therapist, but felt I wanted a Bachelor's degree first, and nursing seemed the logical precurser. Then I got hooked on L&D. It is not a calling, it is not a career. A career would take up too much of my time. It is simply a job I love. When it stops becoming fun, I shall leave (beware management - you need me more than I need you!)
  5. by   fergus51
    I say career primarily, but if there wasn't a little calling component I would've quit a long time ago!
  6. by   micro
    I changed directions in my paycheck and career, at age 27...... had worked with children in day care and then with adults with mental retardation.......(actually loved the last.....), but thought I need to change!!!!!!!

    calling.........yes, have felt since youngest memory to be a dr.

    of course since youngest memory to have the 2.2 kids and the white picket fence.......

    but of course, neither of these came true, none to the cause of Mr micro!!!!! He great, my a&p not agreeable!!!!!

    But since I have always been geared to work with people, computers, numbers, sales and retail not for me!!!!!

    You do what you got to do!!!!! Is that a calling?
  7. by   Huganurse
    Both equally.
  8. by   Jenny P
    I entered nursing as a calling: first time I ever saw any nurses, I wanted to be one to return the favor of the 2nd nurse I ever met. She snuck us 5 kids (ages 2 to 9) up to see our Mom-- as it turned out, for the last time, after the battle ax 1st nurse I'd ever seen told us kids weren't allowed in the hospital units.
    Somewhere along the way, it became a career also.
    (And I do like getting paid for my work.)
  9. by   VAC
    I entered nursing as a career, not as a calling. Although, I think being a nurse is as much 'what you are' as 'what you do' I don't think anyone can be completely in it for the money or they won't last. Nursing is a job that I am free to continue or quit if I choose. I think of a calling as being for the priesthood, religious mission or something else you dedicate your life to, not as something you are paid to do. Hope that made sense.

    How did You answer the survey, wildtime????
  10. by   RNed
    Originally, I was an x-ray tech. Wanted to continue school and thought what can I do that would be easy. There was a nursing program and I signed up. I did find it fairly easy when compared to others becasue I was already working in the hospital, new the working environment and had previously done many of the classes.

    I do not consider nursing a calling. I consider it a job. I have passsion for the job, however, no more than my carpenter, plumbing and banker friends. I do not view nursing as being superior to other forms of work nor a calling. Each of my friends feel strongly about the service they perform and view it as helping society and others. Not much different than nursing.

    I view a "calling" more in the stricter sense. Someone willing to sacrifice their own good, benefits or well being to benefit others and that scarifice is given freely.

    No check, no nursing, I am not willing to scarifice my families well being to be a nurse. I can care for others only after I know my family is safe, cared for and secure. After those things are complete, I am a nurse.
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  11. by   funnynurse
    I entered nursing as a calling first. Every since I was little I have always known that I would be a nurse some day. It probably had to do with my diabetic grandmother who was a frequent flyer at the hospital. We were always there visiting her! As a career it is good, you choose to work in an area just right for you! If only we could be paid what we are worth.....
  12. by   ERNurse752
    I voted career, with a little calling...
    I've always been interested in health-related things ever since I was little. At first, I wanted to be a doctor, but I don't have the patience to do all the time involved in medical school, residency, etc. I considered PA school...paramedic school...but I finally decided on nursing. Make more money than medics (in general), and the opportunity for graduate degrees is there...plus, nursing is good b/c there are so many different specialties to get into. If you're doing something and don't like it, you just switch...many different environments as well. I like variety and change. I can't imagine working in the same place, doing the same thing for my whole career. I couldn't imagine doing a job where I wasn't helping people...it feels good to be needed I guess. Making a difference in someone's life is a pretty powerful thing. Of course, my paper-pushing friends are making a heck of a lot more money than I am too, hehehe.
  13. by   night owl
    I entered the nursing field as a calling first. Always wanted to be a nurse ever since I was about 4 or 5 years old. Probably due to my father getting leukemia and I was always trying to take care of him with the help of my mom. After entering the field, I knew I'd be making a career out of it. 25 years later, I still love being a nurse and screw management and all of their bull....!
  14. by   CashewLPN
    Well... I went to nsg school on a good advertisement from the program director.... 'If you do this program, you'll never have to flip a burger if you dont want to'
    After a while, we got to the clinicals, and turns out that I liked the work.... (a little grody when we got back for our afternoon classes, and pooped out)

  15. by   mustangsheba
    Nursing is a calling for me. It really has nothing to do with wanting to help people. For me it is a visceral response to a health need. When I'm confronted with dis-ease, I have always instinctively started through the nursing countdown: assess, etc., etc. It doesn't matter where I am or what other jobs I'm doing, the nurse in me is always hovering close by. And when I engage in other jobs for very long, I start feeling anxious and restless. When I return to nursing, it's like coming home. Part of this is probably that when we do something well, we tend to want to continue doing it. Part of it must be Karma.