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coming up! anyone else had or having one soon? it's a quarter of our grade, so i'm all over study stack and my books. we get very little, if anything, from lecture (other than the ppt slide printout), so i'm not expecting mich that isn't in the book.

she gave us a study guide:

  • the role of florence nightengale (sic) in the nursing profession
  • the role of ana in nursing practice
  • what makes nursing a unique profession--how is it different from other health care profession?
  • the importance of accountability in the nursing profession and how is it maintained
  • the role of the nurse as a client advocate
  • the role of allied health care professionals and how their work combines with nursing
  • the basic premises of the ourstate nurse practice act
  • the difference between licensing and certification
  • what is the role of the ana's code of ethics--basic premise of the ana's code of ethics
  • definitions and examples of legal terms.

  • what is personal space and why it is important to recognize as a nurse
  • differences between aggressive, assertive, and nonassertive techniques.
  • therapeutic communication techniques!--what is "therapeutic" and what is "non-therapeutic"
  • examples of using validation communication
  • developmental aspects of communication to consider as a nurse
  • memorize and be able to use the abbreviations!
  • charting--narrative vs focus-dar
    • documentation of only what you observed as the nurse

    [*]other types of documentation, i.e. kardex, flow sheets, etc.

    [*]legalities with computerized charting

    [*]traditional source chart records

    [*]incident reports: reasons for and how to fill them out

that doesn't seem bad to me at all. i was actually expecting a lot more to have to cover. i mean, it's not going to be a breeze, but i think it's doable, especially with a long weekend (woo!).

how's your fundamentals class going so far?

I had my first test on Monday. It was nothing like yours though! Ours was on medical asepsis, infection control and hygiene!

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Isn't it funny the different orders classes go in? We haven't even covered that yet.

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Ours was on nursing theory, holism, delegation, healthcare delivery systems, nursing role, body mechanics, hygiene, infection control, skin integrity, wound care, and nursing math.


How was your test? Our first test is on those same topics, plus Activity and Exercise and it is on Wednesday. I always hate the first test and not knowing what to expect! And, apparently there were a lot of problems last semester with this professor and her tests (she made her tests from an older edition of the required text). I'm hoping this has all been cleared up now!!

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My test wasn't too bad. I got an 84% (21 out of 25 questions right). Some were tricky, but overall, it was not nearly as bad as I was expecting.

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Our first test was friday, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Ours covered handwashing, legal, teaching, communication, restraints, informed consent, ehtics, prioritization, CPR and delegation

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My test wasn't too bad. I got an 84% (21 out of 25 questions right). Some were tricky, but overall, it was not nearly as bad as I was expecting.

Great Job! Keep up the good work.

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are any of you required to take a comprehensive examination and the end of the semester for fundamentals?

We is 100 ? and 25 will be new material and the other 75 will be cumulative.

I am studying for my first fundamentals, and was hoping for assistance.

On the chapter on nursing process, what is the definition of goals?

What is the definition of client outcomes?

What is the difference between goals and client outcomes?

Just nervous about first test.

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