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ggabri07 BSN, RN

Emergency Medicine, Psychiatric Crisis
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ggabri07 has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency Medicine, Psychiatric Crisis.

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  1. ggabri07

    Rutgers BSN-DNP Program

    I am interested in the answers to the above questions as well. Any one have any answers?
  2. ggabri07

    Failed the pre-employment talent screening test

    Was it one of those personality based ones? Please clarify. If so, you did not fail....you just did match the profile what what they were looking for.
  3. ggabri07

    Suggestions please, New grad asking for help

    You must be persistent. Some hospitals are hiring new grads. I just started a new position at a Magnet hospital in NY and there is about 20 NEW GRADS in my orientation class ! Have you had someone review you resume? If not, I highly suggest it....It could be something on there that is not grabbing the attention of managers or recruiters. When I re-wrote my resume... I got TONS of calls. Are you sending e-mails to nurse managers....if so, do your e-mails sound desperate? Do your e-mails to them reflect the values of the company? No one wants a desperate nurse. Have you considered volunteering at hospitals that actually hires new grads? I spoke with one girl in my orientation class and that is exactly how she got in....she volunteered for a couple of months and then made her move.
  4. ggabri07

    Mount Sinai Medical Center Med/Surg unit

    After you have successfully interviewed and awarded the position it can take up 3 weeks for everything to get finalized. They have to do a background check and have you complete an employee physical. Also, as part of their background check they will contact two of your past supervisors for a reference.
  5. ggabri07

    NP to Interview

    Here goes the list of questions: What is their specialty and how long have they been in that role? What was their experience like transitioning from novice APN to expert practitioner? What helped in their transition? What did not help in their transition? Did they find it difficult to get their first APN job? What do they like most about being an APN? What advice do they have for you to assist in your transition?
  6. ggabri07

    NP to Interview

    Hello. I am currently an NP student and I have a project that is due in a couple of weeks that requires me to interview an NP. This can be done via e-mail or over the phone. I can e-mail you the list of questions: general questions about your transition and you can send a response. Please post here or send me a message if you would like to help. Thanks
  7. Please post here ( years of experience). Will reach out to you directly.
  8. Please post here(years of exp) and I will reach out to you directly. Opportunity in NY.
  9. ggabri07

    RN pay in NJ

    You can make 80,000+ if you are willing to work and commute to NY
  10. ggabri07

    Atlantic Healthcare Hire for Learning Program Morristown

    Hi. From your post it is does not seem like you were offered the position. It looks like they were trying to set you up for an interview but then took it back. They typically hire their own techs from within and will occasionally hire a recent grad from the outside with steller grades and experience. If you have been out of school for 1 year plus they will not accept you into the program. It is their policy.
  11. ggabri07

    Mount Sinai- Getting Hired

    Anyone has any insight on the hiring process at Mount Sinai? Do you have to sign any paperwork before the background check can be performed? Were you offered the position pending background check results? Did they call the references that you provided on the application or do they ask you for references when you meet with HR? Is the job offer in person or do they send you a mail or email with the job offer? Also how was orientation? I understand that it is 2 weeks of class and there is a med math and pharm test. Do they provide you with a study guide for the med math and pharm test? If so, do they give you the study materials when you get the job offer or 1 days before the test? When during the orientation are the tests given? Any insight on the above would be greatly appreciated.
  12. ggabri07

    Nurse Tech Job

    What a bummer. There is a way around that. I only recommend this if you have extra time on your hands. You can take ACLS online via AHA. It is about 10 hours of study and there is no time limit that you have to complete it. It consist of modules, stimulation case studies and a pre and post test. Once Part 1 is complete you have 60 days to complete the skills testing in person at a local aha approved center. Once you pass the skills test you will be given your cert card. I completed my ACLS and PALS certification this way. You can read more about this here: ACLS, Online Training Courses | OnlineAHA.org
  13. ggabri07

    How to answer "why did you leave"

    Career Growth
  14. ggabri07

    Did I accept an unsafe job offer?

    They are tooo desperate. The training period is a smack in the face for a new nurse You can get a hospital job with just a min of 4 months experience working in a nursing home. YES...there is always a risk to your license if it turns out to be unsafe......even in a hospital setting. Nurse to patient ratio is typically based on patient acuity. I would call them and ask them to give you a firm answer. You deserve to know.
  15. ggabri07

    Need help with finding a good place to start

    Look online for "LPN jobs" in your area and apply.
  16. ggabri07

    Good opportunity or career suicide for new grad?

    You have been out of school for 2 years with no nursing job based on your post. Take the job if the driving it not an issue. Learn as much as you can. When you are ready to leave and transition to a hands on clinical role....word your resume so that you outline more of your nursing skills as opposed to your supervisory skills. good Luck

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