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I'm a first year RN student in an A.D,N program. I've got a wonderful husband and two beautiful kids. My nursing journey has been a long time in the making and I'm so excited to finally start working my way towards an RN degree!

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  1. Kaychell

    Hospice QAPI Tools

    We are a super small hospice (Staff of 5, census of
  2. Kaychell

    Hospice QAPI Tools

    We are a super small hospice (Staff of 5, census of
  3. Kaychell


    I have a Litmann Lightweight and I love it!
  4. Kaychell

    what textbook is everyone using?

    We use Kozier & Erb for theory and Perry & Potter for lab
  5. Kaychell

    Prioritizing Nursing Diagnosis

    I would think impaired mobility due to circulation issues that come with impaired mobility. You have risk of a clot. Are they on any kind of anticoag. meds? Like Lovenox to prevent DVT?
  6. Kaychell

    Your Daily Life-Schedule

    I agree with the previous comments, take it one semester at a time and ALWAYS have a back-up daycare. I'm married with 2 small children (5, 2), my husband leaves the house at 6am and my school is a 72 mile one-way commute. I also spend the night in the town that my school is in on the night before clinicals so I don't have to get up and drive at an ungodly hour on clinical days. Oh, and the kids stay the night at my moms on Monday nights to help us out. Here's my daily routine for this smester: Sunday night:I get everything together that I'm going to need for Monday and Tuesday since I don't come back home on Monday nights. This includes school stuff (books, papers, laptop, etc), clinical stuff (name badge, pen light, steth, bandage scissors, notebook, pens, etc), iron my scrubs and lab coat, pack my bags (jammies, socks, tank top under my scrub, undies, hair dryer, shampoo, makeup, etc). Monday: 5:15-Alarm goes off, up to get dressed, hair, makeup, load the car. 6:15-I get the kids up, dressed, fed, backpacks together, etc 6:45-Oldest gets on the bus headed for school 7:00-Load the youngest in the car and I take her to my mom so mom can take her to daycare (daycare opens at 7:30) 7:15-I'm on my way to school for the hour and a half drive. 9:00-I'm in lecture class until 11:00 11:00-Out of class, 2 hour break to study and eat lunch 1:00-Lab until 4 or 5:00 4 or 5:00-I head to the hospital to pick my patient for clinicals the next day, I stay here and get all my info that I need (allergies, history, meds, etc) 6 or 7:00-Leave the hospital and go back to the library on campus to write up my careplan and do my med cards for clinical. 8 or 9:00 pm-Leave library, go find food, go to friends house and crash on her guest bed. Tuesday: 5:00am-Alarm goes off, get up, take shower, get dressed, get all my crap stuffed in my pockets for clinicals, get my clipboard and all my careplans and stuff together 6:30am-On my way to hospital 6:45am-Wait in the lobby for the clinical group and have a little pre-clinical day conference 7:00am-Get report from nurse and am on the floor for the day 3:00pm-Report off, go to post conference 4:00pm-Drive home Wednesday-No class, I spend all day running errands, housework, etc or if it's a test week, I spend from 8-5pm in the llibrary studying Thursday-No class again, I spend most of the day in the library studying Friday- 5:15-Alarm goes off, up to get dressed, hair, makeup, etc 6:15-I get the kids up, dressed, fed, backpacks together, etc 6:45-Oldest gets on the bus headed for school 7:00-Load the youngest in the car and I take her to my mom so mom can take her to daycare 7:15-I'm on my way to school for the hour and a half drive. 9:00-I'm in lecture class until 11:00 11:00-On my way home and done for the day We have a back-up daycare just in case daycare is closed. We also have back-up people (friends) to take the youngest to daycare just in case my mom isn't in town or is sick or something. I am away from my family ALOT. I miss ALOT of things. However, the weekends and evenings I'm home, we make up for it. It's a sacrifice, but it's one that will pay off in the end. I LOVE what I'm doing, it feels very very right. We take it one semester at a time.
  7. Kaychell

    online Anatomy and Physiology

    I took anatomy online through EduKan (I already had taken phys.). My school accepted the online anatomy without a problem. EduKan is a kansas based program that links a bunch of Kansas schools together and offers the classes online. I'm in Oklahoma and went through Dodge City Community College for anatomy. I had a bunch of students in the class that were in california, michigan, new jersey, etc. Anyways, they have a ton of science classes they offer online.
  8. Kaychell

    Notes for Nursing?

    I take notes during lectures, then two days a week I spend A LOT of time (read 8 hours/day) in the library reading the chapters, making flash cards, relistening to the lectures, rereading the lecture slides, using my Saunders NCLEX review book and then doing the practice questions on the website and CD that came with the textbook we use. I found out that study groups do not work for me AT ALL. I made my lowest test grade of the semester the week I tried a study group. Anyways, this method has worked out for me REALLY well. I've got a strong B in the class and a good grasp of the material.
  9. We say "Mr or Mrs ____". We have one who's last name is kind of difficult so she goes by Mrs. and the 1st letter of her last name. 'Ex. Mrs. B"
  10. Yesterday was my first clinical at the nursing home. I observed a contractured bedbound patient being given a bed bath. The aide bathing the pt, did a quick bath and had some difficulties bathing the patients contractured hands without causing a significant amount of pain. I would like to select this patient to take care of next week. I'm looking for any suggestions you all might have on bathing the inside of the pt's hands without causing a lot of pain. One hand is significantly contracted (fingers balled into a fist). Do you all have any tips or suggestions? I would like to be able to give a really therapeutic bath to this patient.
  11. After working at a university and now going into nursing, I agree that both should be paid $50/hr. Nursing and educators both have to deal with a public that is less than pleasant at times. Kids with an attitude or families that are a bunch of crazies. However I know that a lot of people are getting into the education game only because of the hours, 8-3 M-F 9 months a year, with holiday breaks. And those people are turning out to be very poor educators that don't deserve $50/hr. I've also met some nurses that don't deserve the $50/hr either. You take the good with the bad!
  12. Kaychell

    Do you know how to find all the pulses?

    Now we haven't done any dressing changes or anything like that. The week before last we learned how to put on sterile gloves, isolation techniques, restraints, bed baths, bed making and handwashing. Last week we learned pulse points, BP's, temperature taking, and respirations. I think next week we learn ambulation.
  13. Kaychell

    Exam Stories

    We had a quiz yesterday and one of the questions was a definition and we had to state the word that belonged to that definition. When was studying for the quiz I was so focused on being able to spell the words in the definition correctly that I forgot to study the word that belonged with the definition. Totally missed that question, I was so mad at myself! I will never forget how to spell necrosis tho!
  14. Kaychell

    How did you do on your first test

    I got an 86 on our first exam and a 90 and an 86 on our first and second quizzes. Don't over study Get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before Eat a good breakfast (protein and carb, not snicker and diet coke) Don't hurry through test Go with your gut Use the ABC's, then safety, Maslows, or nursing process Do some practice NCLEX questions online, even if you don't know anything about the info their asking, you'll at least get used to the format of the questions.
  15. Kaychell

    Clients? Are they no longer patients?

    Our prof. told us that it was patients, then went to clients, and now it's patients again. I think I read in our text that it went from patient to client because patient sounded like people were being included as an active participant in decisions regarding their health or something like that.
  16. Kaychell

    Fundamentals Test Review

    There's a ton of websites that have review questions. www.nursingcrib.com www.atitesting.com (if your school uses ATI) http://caring4you.net/tests.html Do a YAHOO search for NCLEX practice questions and a bunch of websites should come up. Also if your textbooks came with CDs, they may have ?'s. As well as at the ends of the chapters of your textbooks will have ?'s too. Saunders has a good Q&A book (the orange one).

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