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:angryfire uggh! I'm very frustrated. Why do i have to wait just to get into the RN program :angryfire I don't know what to do if i don't get in again this coming semester. I feel like my life is being held back because of this. :uhoh3: I want to finish school already :crying2:


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:angryfire uggh! I'm very frustrated. Why do i have to wait just to get into the RN program :angryfire I don't know what to do if i don't get in again this coming semester. I feel like my life is being held back because of this. :uhoh3: I want to finish school already :crying2:

How long have you waited?. On avg., people wait a year to get into nursing school. Some are lucky and they get in immediately after they have completed their prerequisites. I have a friend who is finally starting nursing school in the fall after a year and a semester of applying and getting denied. She was getting really frustrated and I encouraged her to keep applying. She literally gave up on nursing and she was actually accepted into a social work program to start in the fall and then she recieved her acceptance letter in the mail. As you can imagine, the social work program has become ancient history, and she is very excited and can't wait to start the nursing program.

I guess you've figured out the moral of this story. Never, never, never give up. You've worked hard to get to where you're at (prerequisites and all). I promise you, your hard work will not go to waste. If you applied at one school, try applying at multiple schools in or around your area. Hope I was helpful. Good Luck!!!!

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If it makes you feel better 290 people applied to the 20 avaible seats at my program....I will be accepted in umm say 3 years?! if that! :o


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thanks for your advice, makes me feel a bit better. :)


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It all depends on your school too. My school has 160 total seats (64 fall, 64 spring, 32 part-time), and we go on a point system, so we know pretty much going in what kind of a chance we have. Of course the points go up each year, but the counselors tell us what the points were last year and we can pretty much make a good guess from that.

Too many schools do a lottery based system. I think I would have gone crazy if we were in that type of environment!!


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My school only has 70 seats per term. I was on the wait list for 2 years...I finally start this fall.

I completely understand your frustration. The only good thing was that I got all of my pre-reqs and non-nursing classes DONE so now I just have to concentrate on the nursing courses.

Hang in there...just keep pluggin away at'll happen.

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Thank God my school admits people based on GPA, I didn't have to wait. Actually I think that makes more sense to admit based on GPA.

I really feel for the rest of you still waiting. Don't give up ok?

My school's admission policy was strictly based on when you applied...until now. It really would have helped me a year and a half ago when I first applied, but I'm finally starting 8/22.

I know it's frustrating, but don't give up. Are there any other schools you can apply to? Perhaps to a BSN program? In some cases, due to the wait, you can finish a BSN in practically the same amount of time. I didn't have that option, because my husband works at my CC, so I get a discount...making it so cheap it was ALMOST worth the wait! Also, one thing I did, since I'm considering getting my BSN down the road, is while I was waiting I took all of the additional requirements for a BSN. That way, I'll be ready. At least I didn't feel like I was wasting my time while I waited.

Good Luck!


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Whatever you do don't give up! Try taking additional classes towards your BSN while you are waiting. You might even find it quicker to apply for a BSN program. I hope you get answers soon. Good luck!


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Hey, my school has only 40 seats! 150+ applied. We also go on a point system, so even if you've been waiting for years there's still no guarentee you'll get in. I'm glad it's that way, though. Personally, I think the best (or most likely to complete the program) should be chosen. That's not to say that people who aren't chosen wouldn't make good nurses, but of course, academic achievment is really the only thing they have to go on. Keep working hard and doing the best you can and you'll get in!

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I have waited 2 years already, I can sympathize. All of my pre-req's are done and I am sitting and waiting with nothing else to take. I have a 4.0 but it is a community college so first come first serve I guess.


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our schools here is lottery system..On one of the school that's outside our district, it goes by points. My gpa is 3.14 and i was place on the waiting list because they can only accept 20 student that are outside of their district. This semester I will try again since my gpa raised up. I'm done with all the bsn requirement all i really need is the program. I did not even think about applying straight for the BSN program because one of my friend who has a 3.7 gpa, even her was number 67 on the waiting list.

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