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I noticed that some of us here are career changers... or older students. Just wondering what you used to do before you got bit by the nursing bug? What made you decide to go to nursing school?

I'm an engineering clerk - I pretty much sit in front of a PC in a windowless office all day and type and/or read schematics and circuits. BO-RING! Nursing will be my first college degree, though. I've got about 16 hours of pre-reqs left before I apply to the clinical/nursing courses for a BSN program.

I'm a former pre-med who realized she didn't want to sacrifice her family for her career... I also consider myself very much a "people person" so figured that nursing would be a good fit for providing empathic care and being a healthcare professional. :)


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EX bartender, waitress, secretary, in and out of healthcare since I was 16 and numerous other "exciting" jobs. Decided that I might as well go into nursing since that's where I always end up. Besides, there isn't much hope of a good retirement pension in bartending!! LOL!

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Originally posted by essarge

EX bartender, waitress, secretary,

LOL! I have to say, I used to tend bar and wait tables too.... I actually LOVED those jobs and made pretty good money, but then I had kids and took a regular, boring 8-5. :(


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Let's see...I have been a data processor for both the Postal Service and the IRS, went in to insurance as a receptionist-then got my license and did assistant CSR work (I thought this would end up paying me pretty well...I was single at the time with 2 kids. But, you know, it never did pan out!), then I was a loan processor for awhile. Those are the biggies...but even when I worked in these different jobs, I knew that eventually I would go back to school for my RN. That was something I'd wanted to do from the time I was 18 and had my first child.:D


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I'm just finishing my pre-req's for an accelerated BSN. My first degree was in Theatre/Dance! I toured for a little bit with some regional theatre companies - that's what my husband still does. I went into theatre because I wanted to make art. I got out because actors have no real say over what they do onstage, life is constantly in uproar, I slept more in hotels than I did at home, money is either feast or famine, constant pressure to stay thin by whatever means necessary, rampant alchoholism and drug abuse. And for what??? A chance to hock tampons on TV??? A chance to dance in fishnets and high heels for a performance of CHICAGO in Bumf*ck, North Dakota??? THAT"S NOT MAKING ART!!!

I got a little crispy.

Currently, I'm working as a copywriter/proofer at a PR firm - this means that I sit in front of the computer all day and try to write exciting articles about boring products. It's alright. It pays the bills and the folks I work with are very nice. And there is a big window in my shared office.

I'm having a fun (challenging) time taking the pre-req's. I'm looking forward to being in school full time. I can't wait to be a nurse - to be doing work that creates concrete GOOD in the world. My dream is to work in labor and delivery (ever since I saw my cousin being born I have had a fascination with pregnancy).

Best of luck to all of us!



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Well, letsee....

I graduated with a BA in psych in the early '90s and went to work as an eligibility specialist for the county welfare department. Worked there for 4+ monts before I quit...that place was absolutely awful. Hated it!

Got a job w/ a temp agency & finally landed a long-term assignment at a cargo airline in their technical library. Worked there for 3 years (2 as contract, 1 as full-time perm employee). Loved the job...worked as a technical writer/secretary/whatever with a bunch of great people.

Then I moved to California to be with my then boyfriend (now husband). Worked a few temp clerical jobs before I landed a job as a office manager for a commercial real estate company. Hated it. Worked there for almost 2 years before the cargo airline back in Ohio called me with a job offer.

Moved back to Ohio (like it better here anyway) and worked as a technical writer making really good money ... for a month and one week, before they shut down airline operations. :(

Was out of work for over a year...then got the job I'm in currently. I've worked at my cousin's restaurant supply store since last November. Not a bad gig...don't get paid squat, but my hours are fairly flexible and I can do homework here when it's not busy. Biding my time here until I can score a job at a hospital ... hopefully sometime next year. :cool:


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So you've decided to take the plunge Manna???

If so I'm glad I'm not alone. I used to wait tables and things like that too, way better than what Im doing now which is computer/phone support for a large software company. I really hate it and cant wait to get into nursing :)

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Originally posted by agent

So you've decided to take the plunge Manna???

If so I'm glad I'm not alone.

Yup! The more I get into it, the more convinced I am that this is the right decision... not to say I don't have my fleeting moments of doubt - they are just becoming more and more rare. :)

You're not alone - I got ya (cyber)back! LOL

How does your family feel about the change to pre-RN agent? (I seem to remember they were a little uncomfortable about the pre-MD idea) :)


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Paralegal for a motorcycle finance corporation. Who knows, maybe someday I'll pursue a career as a Para-nurse. But I really doubt it. One of the things that I hated about my job was the endless documents, endless revisions, and endless sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen!:eek:



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I was in the Air Force for 5 years and worked in computers. When I got out I was a network technician (government contractor) for two years when I decided to go to school on my GI bill!

I decided to go into nursing after taking Human Bio and loving it.


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Here it goes, Subway Sandwich Artist, Medical Assistant, and currently Phlebotomist.


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Originally posted by caligirl

I decided to go into nursing after taking Human Bio and loving it.

ha! Thats funny.. I had the same exact experience which made me want to go pre-med..

Manna- I'm proud of you. I think you're making the right decision. My fam is actually VERY supportive of the RN route. They were not at all supportive of Northwestern and I also have fleeting moments of regret especially when I see a Wildcats logo or something like that.. uggh.

I'm excited though about the opportunity for me in nursing. I cant wait to dive right iN!

Are there gunners in NUrsing school ;)

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