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Forced To Resign Being The Only Asian in a CVICU unit

by joanjacob28 joanjacob28 (New) New Nurse

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I was hired in a CVICU unit las November 2019. I am the only Asian in the unit. This is not the first time I worked in an intensive care unit where I was the only Asian. My last job. I stayed for a year until I was offered this position in a CVICU at a different hospital. At first everything was going great, I was getting stellar reviews until COVID happened. Since we are CVICU, we are not getting any COVID patients but our census has dropped significantly because of the cancelled electives. From then on, I was told I couldn’t work at the unit anymore because of the mistakes I’ve been making which are all lies. It was all made up. I was given a choice to work in a different unit but it’s not my specialty unit so I decided to resigned. It felt like they got rid of me because of my ethnicity ?

I am not an RN, but I am sorry that has happened to you. Majority races complain all the time when minorities stick together. I have heard "Asian Mafia" or "Filipino Mafia" one too many times at my job. Not only is it racist, it is unfair. When you are an minority, sometimes other minorities will be the only one who will stick up for you when things go down. Sorry you didn't have that protection, no matter how scant.


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This is clearly discriminatory and unlawful, assuming that this is the whole story. Are you leaving anything unsaid? What errors do they say you made? Minor ones? What about rehab services in a hospital? I know a hospital rehab dept.staffed mostly by Asians from several nations--in a large metro multi-ethnic city. Apply elsewhere, and check first (visit) whether Asians work there.

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Looks like you are still within the 6-month probationary period, so there could be other reasons. Did you feel that you were discriminated against before this happened? I would confront someone and tell them what you suspect. Make them prove that they are releasing you for cause.

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I'm sorry. I can understand how you feel. Asians are often the target of microaggressions and both intentional or unintentional alienation. The ethnic stereotypes are alive and well, and overt. It's possibly worse in nursing because Asians are such a minority in this field. This comes not only from the majority but other minority groups that have more representation in nursing.

You could start with your state's websites and look up labor laws. In some states, you can request personnel records which you should do immediately before your employer has a chance to tinker with your records.

It's complicated because they offered you another position but then you resigned. So it's going to be very hard to prove anything.

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