For those have already taken NCLEX


What was your time frame for completing the exma. Or when it shut off. I realize numbers of questions you get does not matter. But it took me a little over an hour. And when I completed the women who was monitoring the place.. she says "wow you are a quick test taker" HAH thannnnnkkkksss. I think its just me and how i take tests.

But im curious, how long did you take?

About an hour and thirty-five minutes-75 questions. That's about normal for me. I want's trying to do anything quicker or slower than how I normally test.


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Curious, I did the same thing.. I didnt over stress about time -- Just took the test to my ability and at my normal pace. It was just funny -- this women knows im taking a stressful test and says "WOW that was fast". Of course she probably ment well by it but still. Hah.


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I wasn't fast. I think I remember it being about two or two and a half hours. My head and eyes hurt from the strain of looking at the computer screen. I was more unhappy about that than the test itself.

yeah, I really think the NCLEX isn;t the time to try "new" testing strategy or pacing. If you did well at a certain pace in nursing school and got good grade, then it will probably work on the NCLEX.

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I took a little over an hour and a half and had 75 questions. One of my friends finished hers within 25 minutes and had 75 questions :eek: Her results were on hold for further review lol...but she passed! she's just a very fast test taker, I guess.


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It took me about 2 hours for 75 questions


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first time i took nclex ..265 questions was about 5 hrs 45 mins..... 2nd time i passed with 75 questions which took me 1 hour......first time was just the worst experience eyes and head hurt during the definately made me fail....but i was more ready the second time....and yes the guy said i was @ 815, out @ 915


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About 1 hour and 15 minutes for 75 questions