Foley cath anchoring device


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I currently work on a med-surg floor and many of the patients have foley catheters. I am just curious what different facilities due to anchor the foley to prevent accidental removal. I have to do a project for school otherwise I would not bother everyone.

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Stat-lock placed on thigh.

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Stat-lock placed on thigh.

That. Good skin prep is key for them to stay put, but lately, I've been noticing the plastic lock disconnecting from the part that sticks on the leg! DOH!


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We also use the stat lock to the thigh unless it is on a pt with edema to the area then they are contraindicated. It is important to use the skin prep before application and alcohol to remove them. I also noticed the plastic swivel part was coming off (usually the confused patients) the rep for the company told me it is designed to come off so that the adhesive portion does not come off and damage the skin.

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stat-locks unless there is a contraindication

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stat locks unless surgeon wants tension on the foley- then it's a leg strap with a velcro holder for the catheter and marks on the leg where the strap is supposed to be


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super glue? :D

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super glue? :D


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Foley kits come with skin prep and stat lock....I always use it and think it's many people don''s a bother.:o