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miss81 has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Surgery, Tele, OB, Peds,ED-True Float RN.

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  1. miss81

    narc waste a little long

    Yes, but at the rate we go through bottles of Propofol we'd never have a cupboard big enough. haha
  2. miss81

    narc waste a little long

    They're still not locked drugs where I work. Ativan is used left, right and center but it's in the patient's own drug drawer. As far as I know we don't have any issues with that. But I guess I may not hear about some occurences. AND it's not uncommon for nurses to keep narcs to use for later. Especially Morph for chest pain, 10mg mixed 1:1 in a 10cc syringe and you keep it to give 2mg at a time...
  3. miss81

    Epic (Nursing) FAILS!

    I Was helping another nurse change out a pt in the ER. Once we had him changed he said, "oops, sorry!" The nurse I was with asked, "Sorry for what?" The patient said, " for pooping again." We looked everywhere but could not see any bowel movement anywhere. The other nurse said, "No, you must have just broke wind 'cause you never moved your bowels." He gave us a look but we just carried on and left the room. A few minutes later my coworker went to pull out his pen and what should he pull out instead? Big ol' turd. The patent did have a bm after all and it must have just fell directly into my coworkers pocket. He was mortified but I could not stop laughing.
  4. miss81

    "Alphabet Soup" After Nurses' Name?

    Nobody says a word about the lawyers, doctors, profs/instructors and other professionals that have these credentials on their name tags, but when it's a nurse we "eat our own". Geez, be proud of how far our profession has come! If you don't want to write it than that's up to you, but anyone who has worked hard for that education deserves to be acknowledged for the extra knowledge they have accrued! My 2 cents... Miss81 RN, BN, MN(s) ... hehe
  5. miss81

    Questionable staffing in L&D vs Nursery

    This is what we do at our hospital. We don't really have a nursery, just an area with a few isolettes for sick babies. Our babies are taken to there mom as soon as the admission assessment is completed on the baby. With the exception is after a c-section, in which case we will watch the baby in the isolette for a few hours only. The mom's have a support person stay with them to help her care for the baby. I mean the care that the baby needs is not nursing care... changing diapers and feeding... no reason a family can't do it with some teaching!
  6. miss81

    How to compute age of gestation

    Hope this helps... Do you mean Naegele's rule for calculating EDC/EDD? EDD = LMP - 3 months + 7 days (obviously adjust year accordingly) Or... Are you referring to calculating gestational age from LMP? "If the mother has a regular period and knows the first day of her last menstrual period, gestational age can be calculated from this date. Gestational age is calculated from the first day of the mother's last menstrual period and not from the date of conception. For women who have irregular menstrual periods or women who cannot remember the first day of their last menstrual period, it can be difficult to determine gestational age using this method. In these cases, an ultrasound exam is often required to determine gestational age. American Pregnancy Association or... We also us fundal height OR McDonald's Rule starting at 20 weeks gestation: Measure from symphysis pubis to top of fundus. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_PqGgBbHMxFA/TTPCz5IA5LI/AAAAAAAAAcg/HC5rX0oI920/s1600/pr7_fundal_height_measure.jpg
  7. miss81

    Professional dilemma

    Are you an RN? LPN or a tech? I don't understand how you can be a Registered Nurse and not give IV meds. Pulling a doc out for the OR to give an IV med seems crazy to me. You say the nurse next to you had an intubated pt, how can anyone care for an intubated pt and NOT be able to give meds?
  8. miss81

    How are things normally handled when census is low?

    Where I work they can't "call us off." They either float us to another unit to help or offer vacation leave to people who want it, so they are still paid. Otherwise, we work with an extra nurse on the unit if we are not needed anywhere else or if nobody wants the night off. I'd be worried that I'd be loosing so much money being called off all the time!
  9. miss81

    Help! L&D Interview tomorrow!

    I was asked about what to do in a precipitous delivery situation, a shoulder dystocia, a PPH and I believe something about a baby born not breathing with a HR
  10. Mines a Lilac color, so it's pretty recognizable. I'm a float nurse so I leave it all over the place and someone usually finds it and emails me to tell me that I left it there. Once, a nurse found it and used it for a few days, when someone who knew it was mine asked her about it she said that nobody had "claimed it" so she was taking it for herself. I got an email telling me where my stethoscope was that same day and I went a took it back.
  11. miss81

    Where are nursing jobs?

    I wasn't thinking that you were looking for a place to drink and drive:) We all make mistakes, live and learn from them! Well, 5 years is not that long of a time, keep the north in mind! Good luck with the job search.
  12. miss81

    Where are nursing jobs?

    Lots of RN jobs here in Eastern Canada, pretty good pay (depending on experience) and moderate cost of living (really depends on which Province you live in AND rural vs urban). Good work environment around here. We do have pretty cold winters tho'... Don't know if you're interested in Canada but you can message me if you want more info!
  13. miss81

    white underwear under white scrub bottoms?

    Funny, I just realized that I don't have one single white uniform! Thank good too 'cause white sucks to keep clean!
  14. miss81

    white underwear under white scrub bottoms?

    Wow... I can't believe Universities are dictating what UNDERWEAR you wear! My program was NEVER like that. I mean, I can understand them being upset if you came in with green with purple poke-a-dots but to be so petty, flesh colored vs white, thats foolish! I'm sure that there are other issues that they could waste energy on... geesh!
  15. miss81

    How is there a shortage?

    We are unionized so the health boards cannot change the pay, even for new grads! Thank goodness too...
  16. miss81

    How is there a shortage?

    There is a shortage when I am (canada). Our hospital actually had to go to several foreign countries (far far away) to recruit RN's. No LVN or CNA shortage though. And we will take new grads with a heart and a half! :heartbeat Here, many of the nurses that were suppose to retire in the last few years have not or are coming back casual (the hospital usually asks if they will do at least some casual shifts). I guess it depends on your area's circumstances!