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Hello All Florida Nurses & Travelers I want everyone to be Upfront & Honest With this One! Where is the Absolute WORST PLACE to work as an RN, Or as a Nurse in General In any part of Florida? I... Read More

  1. by   patients1st
    Having had worked at Baptist Health I can tell you it is no longer the best place to work. Magnet is a disaster! Patient to nurse ratios are often dangerous. Too many chiefs and not enough bedside. If you have a concern or problem management throws it back in YOUR lap to be fixed. In that way you wont express your concerns .It is brilliant! That is what Baptist is all about, false sense of RN's having influence. Their is no staff relief , per diem's and part-time are a rare thing and young moldable nurses are their preference. Not a good place if you are a mom with young kids. Propaganda is thrown at you at work and at home. It seems to me if you are "the best place to work" you shouldn't have to aggressively convince everyone that you are.
  2. by   Borntobenurse?
    Just to add something about the west florida hospitals, specifically TMH. Now in general about TMH, the cons are pretty simple. There is definately no such thing as a lift team. You are on your own, and you can forget about help or equipment. There is definitely the 'pt. comes first, heres another form we need YOU to fill out' attitude. And pay is probably the lowest in Florida (although it was raised to 19 for GN's now from 18 in 2011, tops out at 31). Also one of our 'genius' administrators decided that techs can't insert or even d/c foleys anymore cause they aren't "trained" (which of course they are).

    As far as the hospital systems go, TMH's claim to fame is they are better than CRMC (HCA). So thats like saying your a good person because you don't commit felonies, only misdemeanors.
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  3. by   WannaBNursey
    A a patient, I can say that the HCA hospitals are disgusting. I'm specifically speaking about Fawcett Memorial and especially Englewood Community. The doctors are the worst, they are distrusting of patients and nurses a like from what I've seen. A friend of mine went into Englewood Community with his arm cut through the bone and the doctors couldn't figure out if he had cut bone or fat!
  4. by   Rick68fl
    I got hired by an HCA hospital on the gulf coast as a new grad and while there are some things that I don't particularly care for, it is not a bad place to work so far.

    Pay: $22 per hr plus $4.50 night diff.
    Ratios: 1:7 on nights.

    The only real negatives I can think of are equipment related. A lot of the equipment is old, beds don't always work right, we don't have COWS/WOWS, etc.

    All of the night staff are wonderful though. Everyone helps everyone.

    I'm not in any hurry to move on.
  5. by   Pudnluv
    Can anyone tell me anything about Cape Canaveral Hospital? I'm thinking of applying for an ER position there? How about the other hospitals in Brevard County?
  6. by   Kiwi82
    Wow! I've heard so many bad comments about HCA. Are they really that bad?

    Can anyone tell me anything about Lawnwood Regional...the ER department? Is it decent...how is the staff? How is the area itself? Safe...good to raise kids?

    Please be upfront! THanks!