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didi768 has 25 years experience and specializes in VA, Ortho, Med/Surg.

LPN over 25 yrs.

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  1. didi768

    Is it too late

    My license is current but I'm not LOL. I have not done home health since 2013. Many employers want recent experience. Am I dead in the water now?
  2. didi768

    Leaving Bedside Nursing

    Anybody want some popcorn while I'm up?
  3. didi768

    CoWorker using a patient's medication

    Her strong DESIRE to contact the DON? LOL. Now who is an assumer?
  4. For any LPN or RN that is doing shift work in home care in Tampa Florida, are there any agencies worth applying for? I have not nursed in 5 years and I'm not sure they would hire me anyways and if there had been a lot of changes in tube feeding pumps or trach care I might be a bit behind on the education part. I used to work for maxim but their yearly onlune In-Services were god-awful and extremely time consuming. But basically I am looking for home care agencies that are worth applying for in Tampa. Thank you in advance.
  5. didi768

    Am I washed up?

    The last nursing I did in Tampa Florida was pediatric home care which I got very bored at even though it was pretty easy. The problem is I haven't worked since 2013. I might have to go back to nursing but I don't know if any facility would hire me now because I haven't done it for 6 years. What do you guys think?
  6. didi768

    UF Accelerated BSN Summer 2020

    Is anybody here in Tampa?
  7. didi768

    Leaving Bedside Nursing

    Why do people have to treat people the way they do? Especially the way the experienced nurses treat new nurses. That's what scares the crap out of me to go back to school. I'm an LPN and there's no way I can do four years of RN school I can't even look in the lab microscope and put my glasses back on to look at the teacher LOL, and I can't get above a D in anatomy!!
  8. didi768

    Quitting my 1st RN job

    That was meant for Soliloquy, meant to quote, sorry.
  9. didi768

    Quitting my 1st RN job

    You are so correct. Many are scared to death to post on this site for this exact reason. They really do eat their young.
  10. didi768

    Florida Hospital 2016 New Grad RN

    oops, that was for Cookie Cruz
  11. didi768

    Florida Hospital 2016 New Grad RN

    Depends on who you ask. Maybe both?
  12. didi768

    Florida Hospital 2016 New Grad RN

    Is the recruiter Raj?
  13. didi768

    LTC vs Assisted living

    Hi, what state do you live in? At the facility you did not pass meds at, was that b/c they had med techs? Would it be bad to call and ask if they have med techs? I don't want to sound like I don't want to pass meds but it's so hard with zillions of patients each night.
  14. didi768

    Did I ruin my interview?

    HOLY SMOKES, that drive though!!
  15. didi768

    Practicum jitters

    Geeze, I'd think coming in 20 minutes early would excite them. Just do not be 1 minute late or they go nuts.

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