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  1. woahmelly

    Any PBSC 2011 fall hopefuls?

    As a current student I wish you all good luck! It's the toughest thing you'll ever do but totally worth it.
  2. woahmelly

    People in healthcare should speak Spanish, she said

    I don't think anyone is advocating providing less then stellar care to persons who do not speak English.
  3. woahmelly

    People in healthcare should speak Spanish, she said

    I've noticed that happens a lot. I'm in retail until I graduate so I can eat, and man, it's amazing how quickly people learn English when you play dumb.
  4. woahmelly

    People in healthcare should speak Spanish, she said

    Exactly, a simple "I don't understand" in the patients language of choice (provided you know it, of course) should forestall any further lengthy explanations.
  5. Actually, some of my teacher friends put their first name and middle initial. Their kids are always trying to find them. It's seems to be working for the teachers.
  6. woahmelly

    Nurse: 'I was fired for refusing flu shot'

    I apologize. I should cite my obscure references. ""As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1."[3][2] In other words, Godwin put forth the sarcastic observation that, given enough time, all online discussions--regardless of topic or scope--inevitably end up being about Hitler and the Nazis." Godwin's law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  7. woahmelly

    Nurse: 'I was fired for refusing flu shot'

    Hello, Godwin. We meet again.
  8. Easy solution. Don't be stupid. I know it's hard to use common sense for some people but it really is worth the effort. That said, I never once considered deleting my facebook account. I know what is appropriate and what is not. Don't play hooky and then post about it. Don't friend everyone you ever come in contact with. Keep your privacy setting to "friends only" Make sure you get notified when things are tagged with your name. Preemptive damage control is a hell of a lot easier then damage control after the fact.
  9. woahmelly

    People in healthcare should speak Spanish, she said

    I don't care if you only speak Urdu. The principle is the same. People choose to come to this country. If I were to decide to return to Russia, I highly doubt that people would go "Oh, that's an American. We should learn English and only speak English around her so she doesn't feel so alone. Then, on top of that we should make sure that she never has to speak Russian, because that would be too hard for that poor stupid American to learn." I was an ESL teacher in a former life. There are men and women who have been living here for 30 years without having to learn anything beyond please and thank you. Enabling any population in any way does nothing to promote the success of the whole.
  10. woahmelly

    People in healthcare should speak Spanish, she said

    That's not the point. Yes, we compared to the rest of the world the majority of Americans are linguistic neophites. However, that does not mean an immigrant (legal or otherwise) should not respect their new home country. You've decided to swim the river or (because you respect the rule of law) legally become a member of this country. It is not our responsibility to change for you. For the record I speak Spanish and Russian on top of English. Because I felt it was best, when living in those countries which speak them, to learn the language of the majority and NOT to expect them to cater to my ignorance.
  11. woahmelly

    Medicare To Pay For End-Of-Life Discussions

    Otherwise, I doubt most PCPs would do it, unfortunately.
  12. woahmelly

    Why Does Everyone Hate Florida So Much??

    Haha. I know! I think I might never make it north of the Mason Dixon line.
  13. Hey all, I ran across Somos Amigos Medical Missions® while looking for student opportunities. Anyone have suggestions of non-religious organizations which accept student volunteers?
  14. woahmelly

    Number of applicants increasing for accelerated BSRN

    Thanks for the stats. They are in line with what I am seeing locally. Every time the idea of BSN for entry level is raised I point to this simple fact. Unless there is suddenly an influx of instructors and a massive increase in the number of spots in BSN programs, the ASN will remain a valid entry point.
  15. This is a shame. At least nine people obtained licenses in the past year to work in Florida as nurses, even though the credentials they used to get them were fake, according to documents obtained . One person has been criminally charged. They were among more than 30 who applied for licenses with transcripts from the Academy for Practical Nursing and Health Occupations in West Palm Beach, even though they had not finished or never attended the school. http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/crime/at-least-30-people-apply-for-nursing-licenses-1131504.html